Stormwater Runoff and Receiving Systems : Impact, Monitoring, and Assessment book cover
1st Edition

Stormwater Runoff and Receiving Systems
Impact, Monitoring, and Assessment

ISBN 9781566701594
Published July 25, 1995 by CRC Press
480 Pages

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Book Description

The primary focus of stormwater and urban runoff research during the past twenty-five years has been on the physical description and the chemical quality assessment of runoff events and the design and implementation of the best management practices to control these events. There is a definite need for more effective integration of receiving system issues in the management and regulation of stormwater runoff.
This book successfully brings together a diverse group of environmental specialists to address the issues surrounding the assessment, management, and control of stormwater, and more specifically urban runoff, from a receiving system perspective. The book's emphasis on the receiving system is timely, coming during a period when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is placing increasing emphasis on wet weather conditions through a new permit program for stormwater runoff and a policy on combined sewer overflows.
Stormwater Runoff and Receiving Systems covers biocriteria, assessment of receiving water integrity, and integrated watershed analysis-all aspects of current water quality management programs for both industrial and municipal areas. More than thirty chapters are divided into six sections, offering in-depth discussions on various issues relating to stormwater, urban runoff, and receiving systems; impacts; uncertainty and risk; study design; impact mitigation; and issues analysis. Anyone who deals with regulatory programs requiring stormwater effect assessment including more than sampling and analysis of chemical water quality parameters in effluents will find this reference particularly useful.

Table of Contents

Stormwater, Urban Runoff, and Receiving Systems
A Context for Understanding Stormwater Effects in Receiving Systems, E.E. Herricks
Urban Runoff in an Integrated Landscape Context, J. Cairns, Jr.
Section Summary, E.E. Herricks
Analysis of Effects and Management of Urban Runoff, L. Lijklema and R.H. Aalderink
Factors in Controlling Nonpoint Source Impacts, P.H. Davies
Stream Power: A Unifying Theme for Urban Fluvial Geomorphology, B.L. Rhoads
Stream Stability under a Changing Environment, B. Urbonas and B. Benik
Channel and Habitat Change Downstream of Urbanization, W. James
Ecotoxicological Approaches and Criteria for the Assessment of Urban Runoff Impacts on Receiving Waters, J.B. Ellis, R.B. Shutes, and D.M. Revitt
Biological Effects of Urban Runoff Discharges, R.E. Pitt
The Impact of Combined Sewer Overflow Discharges on the Biological and Chemical Quality of Receiving Streams: Two Case Studies from the Northwest of England, P.S. Davis, J. Seager, and I. Milne
The Environmental Impact of Stormwater Ponds, T.R. Schueler and J. Galli
Uncertainty and Risk
Section Summary, E.E. Herricks
Uncertainty and Risk: Receiving System Issues, B.R. Parkhurst and W. Warren-Hicks
Risk Analysis and Engineering Design in Water Resources, J.P. Heaney
Computing TMDLs for Urban Runoff and Other Pollutant Sources, L.A. Rossman
The Uncertainties of Urban Storm Water Regulation, S.J. Koorse
Study Design
Section Summary, A.C. Rowney
Integrated Watershed Analysis and Study Design, C. Richards
Quality Assurance Issues in Assessing Receiving Water, G.A. Burton, Jr.
Design of Assessment Programs and Use of Water Quality Indices, M.A. House
Impact Mitigation
Section Summary, J.E. Jones
Design Practices for Channels Receiving Urban Runoff: Examples from the River Thames Catchment, UK, A. Brookes
Urban Channel Systems-The Engineering Issues of Impact Mitigation, T.N. Debo
Analysis and Development of Fisheries Habitat and Stormwater Management Options for an Urban Stream, A.W. Johnson and J.E. Caldwell
Lessons Learned from a Decade of Stormwater Treatment in Florida, E.H. Livingston
Toward Ecologically Based Urban Runoff Management, R.R Horner
Sand Filter Design for Water Quality Treatment, E. Shaver and R. Baldwin
Issues Analysis (Federal, State, Local, Industrial, and International)
Section Summary, S. Tucker
EPA's Permit Program for Storm Water, M. Cook
Regulatory Issues Related to Natural Design Systems, J.J. Scherer
Stormwater Quality Issues Faced by Industry, D.R. Van Sickle
Stormwater Quality Issues Facing Local and State Government, D. Harrison
Regulatory Issues from the U.S. Perspective: NPDES Permits for Discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems, K. Weiss
Permitting of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)-Best Management Practice in the United Kingdom, I.T. Clifforde
Institutional Issues in Urban Pollution Managment in England and Wales, J.M. Tyson

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