1st Edition

Strategic Management A Critical Introduction

By Richard Godfrey Copyright 2016
    196 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    196 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Regularly considered to be the cap-stone course on any business or management degree, strategy has developed into a wide-ranging and sometimes overwhelming field of study. However, in recent years the theory of strategy has come under increasing scrutiny for its perceived failures and detachment from real world practice.

    With an engaging and conversational tone, this new concise textbook offers an accessible and timely review of the theory and practice of strategic management, explored from a more critical perspective. In a refreshing change from much of the literature, Richard Godfrey takes a wider view of strategy, incorporating insights from the worlds of sociology, psychology and history to highlight the complexity and plurality at the heart of the discipline. The book also incorporates a number of extensive case studies on contemporary business strategy from the likes of Apple, Nike, Zara and IKEA.

    Written for both an undergraduate and postgraduate audience, the book challenges a number of underlying assumption and beliefs about strategy and seeks to add clarity and context to the field.

    1. What is Strategy? 2. Strategy: A Brief History 3. Strategy by design and an emergent critique (part 1) 4. Strategy by design and an emergent critique (part 2) 5. Constructing Strategy for the Multi-Business Firm 6. Constructing Strategy from the Outside-In 7. Constructing strategy from the inside-out 8. Creating Strategy through Value Innovation Case Study 1: IKEA: Daring to Be Different Case Study 2: Fast Fashion at Zara Case Study 3: Innovation and Change at Nike Case Study 4: Apple Inc. in 2014


    Richard Godfrey is Lecturer in Strategy at the University of Leicester, UK

    'This timely volume on strategic management offers a look into the history of the topic along with a tour of the main concepts that make up what we think of as strategic management from a variety of viewpoints. Overall, this is a concise volume with well-thought-out tie-ins to theory and practice in the real world that will give students a true understanding of an often confusing topic. Highly recommended for those schools of business that offer an undergraduate capstone course in strategic management and MBA program courses focusing on the topic. Summing Up: Highly recommended.' - C. Goodnight, Stockton University, in CHOICE

    'Strategy is no simple subject or object. Simple at best, yet elusive to define. It is, in short, mysterious and its apparent intimate relationship to success makes it somewhat magical too. There is no better interrogation of this heady mix than that provided by Richard Godfrey, who lucidly critiques its myriad dimensions, as he guides us to the very centre of strategy’s lair.' -  Simon Lilley, Professor of Information and Organisation, The University of Leicester, UK

    Godfrey provides a thorough and importantly critical introduction to the subject area of strategic management that would help the serious student of management understand how business and corporate strategy has developed and what they have to offer the contemporary practitioner.' - Dr. Gordon Pearson, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Keele University, UK