1st Edition

Strategic Management of Diversity in the Workplace A Comparative Study of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia

By Emile Chidiac Copyright 2016
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    Strategic Management of Diversity in the Workplace discusses the strategic management of ethnic and cultural diversity by taking particular examples from Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom and the United States of America, in order to determine the salient benefits that organisations could derive when ethnic and cultural differences are seen as opportunities, not as problems, and are viewed as benefits rather than threats.

    Strategic Management of Diversity in the Workplace provides a clear demonstration of the benefits, conflicts and challenges faced by organisations. The renewed interest in multiculturalism in academic and policy circles revives the debate about issues related to the management of ethnic diversity in society at large and in specific settings, such as corporate Australia. This book specifically focuses on this problematic area by aiming to explore the practice of management and application of multiculturalism in the workplace. This book seeks to examine post-multiculturalism in Australia and explore whether it has affected the ways in which corporate Australia deals with issues of diversity and the lessons learned here are ones that apply across the business world.

    Strategic Management of Diversity in the Workplace would be of interest for researchers, academics, undergraduate and postgraduate business degrees students in the fields of Strategic Human Resources Management, Cross-Cultural Management, Managing Workplace Training and Managing and Leading People.

    Chapter 1: Multiculturalism

    1.1 Multiculturalism(s): A Short Introduction

    1.2 Multiculturalism in the US

    1.3 Multiculturalism in Canada

    1.4 Multiculturalism in the UK

    1.5 Multiculturalism in Australia


    Chapter 2: Diversity in the Workforce—Facts and Figures

    2.1 Diversity in the US Workforce

    2.2 Diversity in the Canadian Workforce

    2.3 Diversity in the UK Workforce

    2.4 Diversity in the Australian Workforce


    Chapter 3: Strategic Management of Diversity—Benefits and Challenges

    3.1 Strategic Management of Diversity

    3.2 Benefits of Strategic Management of Diversity

    3.3 Challenges of Strategic Management of Diversity

    3.4 Implementation of Diversity Programs


    Chapter 4: Diversity Management in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia—Legal and Political Analysis

    4.1 Diversity Management in the US: Political and Legal Analysis

    4.2 Diversity Management in Canada: Political and Legal Analysis

    4.3 Diversity Management in the UK: Political and Legal Analysis

    4.4 Diversity Management in Australia: Political and Legal Analysis


    Chapter 5: Diversity Management in Practice

    5.1 The Practice of Strategic Management of Diversity in the US: A Review of Case Studies

    5.2 The Practice of Strategic Management of Diversity in Canada

    5.3 The Practice of Strategic Management of Diversity in the UK

    5.4 The Practice of Strategic Management of Diversity in Australia



    Emile Chidiac is Adjunct Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. His research focuses on strengths and weaknesses of organisations, immigration, diversity, diversity management, multiculturalism, citizenship and Australian Constitutional Law. He is currently doing his PhD in Law at Macquarie University.