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Strategic Sex
Why They Won't Keep It in the Bedroom

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ISBN 9781560239703
Published September 30, 1999 by Routledge
162 Pages

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Book Description

With chapters from Ron Athey, Scott O'Hara, Tristan Taormino, Michael Scarce, and Kevin Killian, Strategic Sex: Why They Won't Keep It in the Bedroom explores sex in public--performed, depicted, or discussed outside the “appropriate” bedrooms and doctor's offices. This book examines why sex is brought into the spotlight, defying mainstream social codes of etiquette and obscenity. Sex activists and queer theorists will discover wide-ranging opinions and personal experiences from scholars, activists, artists, educators, sex workers, and pornographers who explore--and sometimes demonstrate--why they won't leave sex in the bedroom.

Surprisingly moving, humorous, erotic, and intelligent, Strategic Sex shares episodes of powerfully affected lives, thoughts, and behaviors. Sex is revealed as more than merely a blind, animal instinct but a tool which can be harnessed to specific ends. The chapters in Strategic Sex discusses interesting and informative topics by such individuals as:

  • Marti Hohmann with Annie Sprinkle--“Interview with a Metamorphosexual”
  • Sally Trash--“Making Porn Videos Work for Lesbians”
  • Carol A. Queen--“Porno-formance: Some Notes on Sex as Art”
  • Rafael Katz--“Moby Dick in the China Sea: Great White Pornography in Taiwan”
  • T. A. King--“Scenes from a Culture of Masochism”
  • Lawrence Schimel--“Pumping Iron, Pumping Cocks: Sex at the Gym”
  • Jaron Kanegson--“Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Dykes, or Fags?”

    The contributors--heterosexual, homosexual, male, female, and gray areas in between--relate and imagine ways of harnessing sexual energy. While some reveal goals as noble as rape prevention, improving women's health care, fighting racism, overcoming grief, and community building, you will find how others illustrate sex utilized for self-promotion or manipulation of groups and individuals. With a unique mix of fiction, analysis, performance texts, and personal essays, Strategic Sex ultimately presents sex as a powerful influence on dominant power structures within cultures and will make you question how sexuality influences your life--in both public and private places.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface

  •  Acknowledgments
  •  Pentimento of a Rock-Hard Cock
  •  Dialing
  •  Boylove (Dorian Key)
  • Pumping Iron, Pumping Cocks: Sex at the Gym
  •  Under My Skin
  • Captured Downstream: The Backlash from Urinal Screen Marketing
  •  Slipping
  •  Wholesome and Natural
  •  Bad Plumbing
  • Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Dykes, or Fags
  • Scenes from a Culture of Masochism
  •  Discourse: Dick
  •  Annabel's Cookies
  • Moby Dick in the China Sea: Great White Pornography in Taiwan
  • White Skinhead Seeks Black Submissives
  • Interview with a Metamorphosexual
  •  Porno-formance: Some Notes on Sex as Art
  •  Excercises in Manual Dexterity: Making Porn Videos Work for Lesbians
  • Caution: Sharp Object
  •  Hot Lights
  •  Index      

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