1st Edition

Strategies Against Violence Design For Nonviolent Change

By Israel W. Charny Copyright 1978

    "What would you do to advance the cause of peace in this mad world?" An outstanding group of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, sociology, political science, law, education, journalism, philosophy, and the arts answer this question, working with the concepts and tools of their fields to build a plan or model for behaviours that are likely to advance man toward peace and nonviolent change. They provide a rich sampling of the new ideas for human life that are needed if we are, in fact, ever to evolve into a more peaceful species. The book grew out of a series of sessions organized and chaired by Israel Charny at the annual meetings of the American Ortho-psychiatric Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The contributions are organized around three themes: the person, the community and the culture, and the world. Topics include a model for nonviolent strength to counter aggression by others; an examination of the psychology of Adolph Eichmann, with some startling conclusions about how men should cultivate their normal aggressive emotions and enjoy fantasies of violence; how the American democratic process can be turned unknowingly toward disastrous collective violence; and the problem of reducing the contagion of violence spread by daily newscasts of violent events.

    Preface -- The Person: Design for Nonviolent Interpersonal Relationships -- “Lovemate”: A Personal and International Foreign Policy for Peace -- De Sade and Eichmann -- In Nomine Diaboli: The Voices of Evil -- The Child and Nonviolent Social Change -- The Human Person and the War System: A Problem for Education -- Personal Commitment to Nonviolent Social Change -- The Community and Culture: Design for Nonviolent Communities and Cultures -- A Cultural Press for Peace -- Aggression—American Style -- Between “Order” and Violence: The Middle Ground -- A Human Language for Newscasts of Violence -- Conflict Education: A New Direction in Higher Learning -- Children for a World Community -- The World: Design for Nonviolent International Relations -- Dealing with Collective Violence [with Examples from India and Kent State] -- Intercession in Violent Intergroup Conflict -- Mundialization: World Community at the Doorstep -- Transition from Violence in the International System -- The World Order Models Project: Toward a Planetary Social Change Movement -- The All-Win Approach to Conflict Resolution: Tough-Minded Humane Power for Social Change


    Israel W. Charny is senior researcher at the Henrietta Szold National Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences in Jerusalem and associate professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University's Center of Criminology and School of Social Work.