3rd Edition

Strategies That Work Teaching Comprehension for Engagement, Understanding, and Building Knowledge, Grades K-8

By Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis Copyright 2017

    Since the first publication of Strategies That Work, numerous new books on reading comprehension have been published and more educators than ever are teaching comprehension. In this third edition of their groundbreaking book, authors Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis bring you Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding, Engagement, and Building Knowledge. This new edition is organized around three section: Part I: Starting with the Foundation of Meaning, these chapters provide readers with a solid introduction to reading comprehension instruction, including principles that guide practice, suggestions for text selection, and a review of recent research Part II: Part II contains lessons to put these principles into practices for all areas of reading comprehension Part III: This section shows you how to integrate comprehension instruction across the curriculum and the school day, with a focus on science and social studies. In addition, this new version includes updated bibliographies, including the popular Great Books for Teaching Content, online resources, and fully revised chapters focusing on digital reading, strategies for integrating comprehension and technology, and comprehension across the curriculum. Harvey and Goudvis tackle close reading, close listening, text complexity, and critical thinking and demonstrate how your students can build knowledge through thinking-intensive reading and learning. This third edition is a must-have resource for a generation of new teachers – and a welcome refresher for those with dog-eared copies of this timeless guide to reading comprehension.

    Part I The Foundation of Meaning Chapter 1 Reading Is Thinking Chapter 2 Reading Is Strategic Chapter 3 Comprehension at the Core: Building Knowledge Through Thinking-Intensive Reading Chapter 4 Twenty-First Century Reading: Books and Beyond Chapter 5 Effective Comprehension Instruction: Teaching, Tone, and Assessment Part II Strategy Lessons (For a list of specific lessons, see page vii.) Chapter 6 Instructional Practices for Teaching Comprehension Chapter 7 Monitoring Comprehension: The Inner Conversation Chapter 8 Activating, Connecting, and Building: Why Background Knowledge Matters Chapter 9 Questioning: The Strategy That Propels Readers Forward Chapter 10 Visualizing and Inferring: Making What’s Implicit Explicit Chapter 11 Determining Importance in Text: The Nonfiction Connection Chapter 12 Summarizing and Synthesizing Information: The Evolution of Thought Part III Comprehension Across the Curriculum Chapter 13 Content Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Researching in Science and Social Studies Chapter 14 Researcher’s Workshop: Inquiry Across the Curriculum; Afterword


    In addition to Strategies That Work, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have collaborated on numerous Stenhouse videos for teachers that depict effective reading and thinking strategies in action in real classrooms. Anne has been a classroom teacher, a staff developer, and an adjunct professor. Steph has spent her career thinking and learning about reading and writing as an elementary and special education teacher and a staff developer. She is the author of Nonfiction Matters (Stenhouse, 1998). Together Anne and Steph created The Comprehension Toolkit series (Heinemann, 2016), a practical resource for comprehension instruction. Insatiably curious about kids’ thinking, they are teachers first and foremost and spend much of their time working with schools and districts to implement progressive literacy practices.