1st Edition

Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: Anamnesis, Diagnosis, Therapy, Controls Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC, Leuven, Belgium, 13-15 September 2016)

Edited By Koen Van Balen, Els Verstrynge Copyright 2016
    338 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions. Anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy, controls contains the papers presented at the 10th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC2016, Leuven, Belgium, 13-15 September 2016). The main theme of the book is “Anamnesis, Diagnosis, Therapy, Controls”, which emphasizes the importance of all steps of a restoration process in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the structural behaviour of built cultural heritage. The contributions cover every aspect of the structural analysis of historical constructions, such as material characterization, structural modelling, static and dynamic monitoring, non-destructive techniques for on-site investigation, seismic behaviour, rehabilitation, traditional and innovative repair techniques, and case studies.

    The knowledge, insights and ideas in Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions. Anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy, controls make this book of abstracts and the corresponding, digital full-colour conference proceedings containing the full papers must-have literature for researchers and practitioners involved in the structural analysis of historical constructions.


    Seismic protection of earthen vernacular and historical constructions
    M. Blondet, J. Vargas-Neumann, N. Tarque, J. Soto, C. Sosa & J. Sarmiento

    Emerging city-scale damage prediction options for urban tunnelling
    D.F. Laefer

    Design in process, multidisciplinarity and synergy: Key issues of the structural restoration of Daphni Monastery
    A. Miltiadou-Fezans

    Sustainable approaches to the assessment and mitigation of seismic risk and of the effects of earthquake induced damages to historic urban centers
    C. Modena, F. da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi, F. Carapezza Guttuso, P. Iannelli & C. Rubino

    Structural research on brick-wood architectural heritages and their conservation issues in China
    X. Sun, G. Zhu & Q. Chun

    Multi-scale approaches for the assessment of time-dependent mechanical damage in masonry
    E. Verstrynge & D. Van Gemert

    Theme 1: Innovation and heritage

    Thematic Keynote: Lime mortars in heritage: Fundamental insights into carbonation reaction and its biocatalization
    Ö. Cizer

    Lime mortar with mixed in crystallization modifiers to mitigate salt damage
    S.J.C. Granneman, B. Lubelli & R.P.J. van Hees

    The Arch of Augustus in Rimini: The internal structure determined with a special tomography
    L. Giorgi & F. Berni

    Chemical demolition of unit masonry: A preparatory study
    A.S. Natanazi, D.F. Laefer & S. Mullane

    First steps to computer-aided decision-making in repair mortar recipes:Working on three fronts
    A. Isebaert, L. Van Parys, T. Descamps, M. Renglet &V. Cnudde

    A mixed methodology for detailed 3D modeling of architectural heritage
    D. Arce, S. Retamozo, R. Aguilar & B. Castañeda

    Predicting capacity and stiffness of glued-in glass fiber reinforced polymer rods in heritage timber frames
    C. Avez, T. Descamps, L. Van Parys & B. Roensmaens

    Challenges from building information modeling to finite element analysis of existing buildings
    G. Cardani & G. Angjeliu

    Exploring the use of image processing to survey and quantitatively assess historic buildings
    C. González Manich, T. Kelman, F. Coutts, B. Qiu, P. Murray, C. González-Longo & S. Marshall

    Fully automatic approach for the diagnosis of masonry arches from laser scanning data and inverse finite element analysis
    B. Riveiro, B. Conde, G.A. Drosopoulos, G.E. Stavroulakis & M.E. Stavroulaki

    Smartphone aided structural monitoring and measurements
    M. Skłodowski & P. Pawłowski

    Theme 2: Preventive conservation

    Thematic Keynote: Planned preventive conservation and the structural performances of buildings
    S. Della Torre

    Heritage building’s condition at maintenance campaign in San Roque, Cuenca – Ecuador
    M.C. Achig Balarezo, M.G. Barsallo Chávez, J.C. Briones & F.A. Cardoso Martínez

    Giancarlo De Carlo’s Urbino University Colleges: A conservation management plan for long-term maintenance and sustainable use of the complex
    M.P. Borgarino

    Historical analysis and diagnostic investigations in the knowledge acquisition path for architectural heritage
    L. Cantini, A. Bonavita, M.A. Parisi & C. Tardini

    Planning to live longer: A model for the maintenance-focused conservation plan of heritage building
    A. Cruz, V. Coffey &T.H.T. Chan

    Heritage inventory as the base for a monitoring system in the world heritage city of Cuenca
    V. Heras, M.G. Barsallo Chávez, C. Abril & J.C. Briones

    From tradition to innovation: Plaster at risk under severe climatic conditions
    S. Erba, A. Sansonetti, E. Rosina, R. Moioli & G. Suardi

    Base management heritage system: Methods of structural qualification and maintenance costs estimated over time
    M. Tena & J. León

    The need for conservation management in European 19th century urban housing
    D. Theodossopoulos

    Quality management of structural repair of traditional timber roof structures
    N. Van Roy, E. Verstrynge, K. Brosens & K. Van Balen

    An operational preventive conservation system based on the Monumentenwacht model
    A. Vandesande & K. Van Balen

    Theme 3: Computational strategies for heritage structures

    Thematic Keynote: Computational modelling of masonry with a view to Groningen induced seismicity
    J.G. Rots, F. Messali, R. Esposito, S. Jafari &V. Mariani

    Parametric numerical studies on the dynamic response of unreinforced masonry structures
    C. Chácara, P.B. Lourenço, B. Pantò, F. Cannizzaro & I. Caliò

    Wind-induced response analysis of early traditional hall-style timber structure in the southYangtze river regions
    Q. Chun &Y. Han

    Assessment of masonry structures under lateral loads via 3D rigid block limit analysis
    F. Portioli, L. Cascini & C. Casapulla

    Modelling and seismic analysis of existing masonry structures
    J.A. Kollerathu, S. Krishnachandran &A. Menon

    Modelling of the in-plane behaviour of stone masonry panels
    D.V. Oliveira, A.S. Araújo, P.B. Lourenço, G. Magenes &A. Penna

    Limit analysis to assess the seismic capacity of Diocletian’s Frigidarium
    A. Sadholz, C. Muir & R. Perucchio

    Micro-mechanical modeling of masonry – Parametric study
    P. Roca, C. Molins &A. Drougkas

    A macro-modelling finite element technique for the realistic simulation of cracking in masonry structures
    S. Saloustros, L. Pelà, M. Cervera & P. Roca

    Geometric and material property scaling factors for a thin-tile masonry dome
    A.D. Sorensen & E. Erdogmus

    Two approaches to modelling the stability of the basilica of Vézelay
    I. Tarrío & M.J. DeJong

    Theme 4: Sustainable strengthening of masonry with composites

    Thematic Keynote: Pros and cons of mortar-based composites for strengthening historic structures
    G. de Felice

    Experimental investigation of bond between TRM overlays and masonry
    P.D. Askouni & C.G. Papanicolaou

    Bond behavior and tensile properties of FRCM composites applied on masonry panels
    A. Bellini & C. Mazzotti

    Innovative strengthening materials for the post-earthquake reconstruction of L’Aquila masonries
    G. Giacomin

    State-of-the-art review of out-of-plane strengthening of masonry walls with mortar-based composites
    A. Mordanova, S. De Santis & G. de Felice

    Bond behaviour of steel reinforced grout strengthening systems applied to the extrados of masonry vaults
    S. De Santis & G. de Felice

    Retrofitting of masonry vaults with composite materials
    L. Garmendia, R. San-Mateos, D. García, A. Gandini, J.T. San-José & I. Marcos

    GFRP to strengthen masonry walls: Numerical analysis and evaluation of the different mechanical parameters role
    N. Gattesco, A. Gubana & M. Melotto

    Numerical analysis of the in-plane behavior of TRM-strengthened masonry walls
    X.Wang, B. Ghiassi & D.V. Oliveira

    Glass fiber grids embedded in a cement-based matrix as strengthening of masonry structures
    Ł. Hojdys & P. Krajewski

    The interface behaviour between masonry elements and GFRM (Glass Fiber Reinforced Mortar)
    M. Leone, F. Micelli, M.S. Sciolti & M.A. Aiello

    Experimental investigation on the mechanical behavior of mortar-based strengthening systems
    F. Roscini, S. De Santis & G. de Felice

    How do brick microstructural and mechanical properties affect GFRP bond strength?
    S. Andreotti, E. Sassoni, A. Bellini, B. Mazzanti, M.C. Bignozzi, E. Franzoni & C. Mazzotti

    Theme 5: Values and sustainability

    Thematic Keynote: Towards sustainable restoration: Learning from the past, a challenge
    R.P.J. van Hees & S. Naldini

    A study of the sustainable rehabilitation and preservation of the world heritage Cumalıkızık village, Bursa-Turkey
    O. Köprülü Ba˘gbancı

    The Cathedral of Ica and the Church of Kuño Tambo in Peru: Two retrofitting projects following a principles-based conservation approach
    C. Cancino, D. Torrealva, E. Vicente, J. García Bryce, M. Soto, E. Cruz & K.Wong

    Spatial Anastylosis of Amazon Green Houses: Exploring rubber settlements
    A.L.R.M.F. Costa & C.M. Monteiro

    Analysis of building structures and valorization of cultural heritage in Jeddah (KSA)
    C. Jäger-Klein, W. Stumpf, G. Styhler-Aydın & G. Radinger

    Revitalisation of Horto Botânico and Vale dos Contos in Ouro Preto – MG, Brazil
    B.T. de Oliveira

    Constructing perpetual concrete funerary galleries in Brussels
    T. Verhofstadt

    Theme 6: Subsoil interaction

    Thematic Keynote: Settlement effects on masonry structures
    M.J. DeJong

    Tremors & sinkholes: Unforeseen effects of mining in The Netherlands
    I.A.E. de Vent

    Structural damage assessment of Huaca de la Luna, Perú: Preliminary results from ongoing multidisciplinary study
    R. Aguilar, G. Zavala, B. Castañeda, S. Lopez, S. Retamozo, M. Montesinos, M.A. Pando, Y. Dong & R. Perucchio

    Structural and geotechnical diagnostic procedure for historical buildings exposed to the influence of deep excavations – a case study
    P. Berkowski, G. Dmochowski, M. Minch & J. Szołomicki

    Modelling the 3D brittle response of masonry buildings to tunnelling
    G. Giardina, S. Ritter, M.J. DeJong & R.J. Mair

    Friedrichswerder Church in Berlin – the response of the structure to the construction activities around
    W. Jäger, T. Bakeer, P. Schöps &T. Burkert

    Soil-structure interaction due to tunnelling in soft ground, an equivalent solid approach
    N. Losacco, L. Callisto &A. Burghignoli

    An integrated approach for geotechnical and structural analysis of the Nynphaeum of Genazzano
    A. Amorosi, D. Boldini, G. de Felice,W.G. Lasciarrea & M. Malena

    Settlement risk assessment by means of categorized surface infrastructure
    M. Obel , P. Mark, M. Neuhausen, M. König & S. Schindler

    Numerical methodology to assess the variation of the stiffness of damaged masonry structures
    J. Serhal, O. Deck, M. Al Heib, F. Hage Chehade & D. Abdelmassih

    Traditional and innovative construction materials and techniques

    The influence of dowel-bearing strength in designing timber pegged timber joints
    C. Ceraldi, C. D’Ambra, M. Lippiello &A. Prota

    Vaulting churches in China: True gothic or imitation?
    Th. Coomans

    The many faces of early 20th century stone imitations in Belgium
    Y. Govaerts, A. Verdonck, W. Meulebroeck & M. de Bouw

    Protection of architectural heritage in conservation practice by the use of flexible joints
    A. Kwiecie´n, T. Tatara, B. Zaja˛c & P. Pietrusi´nski

    Mechanical characterization of ancient pozzolanic mortars with additions of brick and tuff dust: A comparative investigation
    M. Lippiello, C. Ceraldi, C. D’Ambra & G.P. Lignola

    Confinement of brick masonry columns using basalt fibres ropes
    F. Monni, E. Quagliarini, F. Greco & S. Lenci

    Dieste, González Zuleta and Sánchez del Río: Three approaches to reinforced-brick shell structures
    D. López López, T. Van Mele & P. Block

    Low-pressure nano-silica injection on cement for crack-healing and water transport
    R. Maddalena, A. Hamilton &A.K. Mali

    Testing historic materials for redesign purposes
    M. Drdácký & B. Kasal

    Comparative study of restoration mortars: The role of aggregates, from the laboratory to the field
    A. Miltiadou-Fezans, S. Anagnostopoulou &A. Kalagri

    Overview of design guidelines for masonry arch bridges
    A.K. Tomor & S. McAulay

    On the evolution in design and calculation of steel structures over the 19th century in Belgium, France and England
    L. Schueremans, H. Porcher, E. Verstrynge, B. Rossi & I.Wouters

    Designing timber trusses in Belgium during the age of iron engineering
    L. Vandenabeele, I. Bertels & I.Wouters

    Non-destructive testing, inspection and structural monitoring

    Damage observation and settlement mechanisms in the naves of the Cathedral of Milan
    G. Cardani, D. Coronelli & G. Angjeliu

    Measurement of the vibration response of the medieval Maddalena Bridge (Italy)
    R.M. Azzara, A. De Falco, M. Girardi & D. Pellegrini

    Structural monitoring of and analyzing on a wall of main hall in the Buseoksa temple in Korea
    E. Cho, C. Park, H. You & J. Hwang

    Advanced techniques for monitoring of settlement-induced deformations and crack growth in historical masonry
    E. Verstrynge, K. DeWilder, L. Bejarano-Urrego, E. Voet & K. Van Balen

    Non-invasive techniques for the assessment of masonry structures: Experiences in the pillars of a gothic apse
    J. Lluis i Ginovart, A. Costa-Jover, S. Coll-Pla & R. Miralles-Jori

    Use of acoustic emission to detect activity of common European dry-woodboring insects
    J.G.M. Creemers

    The scratching tomography, a technique to evaluate the effectiveness of consolidation treatments
    F. Dagrain

    Assessment of the dynamic behaviour of an ancient masonry tower in Lucca via ambient vibrations
    R.M. Azzara, G. De Roeck, E. Reynders, M. Girardi, C. Padovani & D. Pellegrini

    The Prussian Cap ceiling of the Cologne Cathedral – non-destructive investigations for the state of preservation
    S. Hutt, A. Asgharzadeh, M. Bastgen, M. Raupach & P. Füssenich

    The restoration project of the three storied stone pagoda in Bulguksa temple in Korea
    S. Ji, J. Lee & D. Kim

    Life expectation of wooden foundations – a non-destructive approach
    R.K.W.M. Klaassen, A. Jorissen & H. Keijer

    Structural health monitoring of the Athenian Acropolis’Walls via optical fibre sensors, accelerographs and numerical simulations
    E. Kapogianni, I. Kalogeras, P.N. Psarropoulos, S. Giokaris & M.G. Sakellariou

    Investigation of the Bear tower within the complex of the Old town of Jajce
    S. Kulukˇcija, M. Humo, E. Mandži´c, B. Padovan & K. Mandži´c

    Optimal sensor placement for modern heritage spatial structures
    E. Lenticchia, R. Ceravolo & C. Chiorino

    Three key points for a large-scale seismic assessment of masonry architectural heritage
    C. Limoge Schraen, C. Giry, F. Ragueneau, C. Desprez & P. Gueguen

    Tube-jack testing: Semi-irregular masonry wall testing
    E.C. Manning, L.F. Ramos & F.M. Fernandes

    Probabilistic NDT data fusion of Ferroscan test data using Bayesian inference
    M. Mishra & C. Grande

    Structural health monitoring of heritage sites: The tower of David in Jerusalem
    F. Lorenzoni, C. Modena, M. Caldon, M. Cohen, R. Kislev &Y. Schaffer

    Numerical and operational modal analyses of the “Ponte delle Torri”, Spoleto, Italy
    G. De Canio, M. Mongelli, I. Roselli, A. Tatì, D. Addessi, M. Nocera & D. Liberatore

    Control of structural intervention by using operational model analysis. San Juan de los Caballeros church (Cádiz, Spain)
    P. Pachón, V. Compán, M. Cámara & F. Pinto

    Application of a partially destructive mini shear index test on historical masonry buildings
    B.Y. Pekmezci & F. Guler

    Comparison of MDT techniques for mechanical characterization of historical masonry
    L. Pelà, P. Roca &A. Aprile

    Applications of the hole-drilling technique in timber structures. Case studies
    M. Crespo de Antonio, D. Luengas-Carreño & S. Sánchez-Beitia

    Seventeenth and eighteenth century timber roof structures in Scotland: Design, pathologies and conservation
    A. Serafini & C. González-Longo

    Construction history and structural assessment of historic roofs – an interdisciplinary approach
    G. Eßer, G. Styhler-Aydın & G. Hochreiner

    System identification and model updating of theWatts Towers of Los Angeles: The Gazebo
    F. Abazarsa, F. Preusser, B. Kielb, E. Taciroglu, R. Nigbor & S.F. Ghahari

    Determination of modal properties and FE model updating of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago de Chile
    W.R. Torres, J.L. Almazán, C. Sandoval & R.L. Boroschek

    Automated post-earthquake damage detection in a monumental bell tower by continuous dynamic monitoring
    F. Ubertini, N. Cavalagli, G. Comanducci, A.L. Materazzi, A.L. Pisello & F. Cotana

    The historical centre of Marignane (France). Survey, diagnostic campaign and structural assessment
    M.R. Vitale, M. Salerno, B. Billeci, M. Dessì & L. Callea

    Assessing historic bridge bearings – the potential of hardness measurements for characterizing cast steel
    V.Wetzk & P. Schüle

    Analysis of sample size for on-site inspection of concrete strength by Monte-Carlo method
    W.P. Zhang, H. Li & X.L. Gu

    Adobe and vernacular constructions

    Traditional architecture in extreme climates of Chile. Methodology for analysis, assessment and intervention
    M. Hurtado & N. Hormazábal

    In situ testing and modeling of cultural heritage buildings in Peru
    P.B. Lourenço, G. Karanikoloudis & F. Greco

    Research on structural stability of the traditional timber houses in Bursa-Turkey
    A. Saydamer & M.B. Ba˘gbancı

    Use of traditional building construction techniques for restoring vernacular heritage in Pakistan
    S. Muhammad,W. Ali, S. Ghazi & F.Wenzel

    Conservation of the 20th century architectural heritage

    Prefabrication “made in Italy”. Preservation versus transformation
    F. Albani

    The Kresge Auditorium: Conserving structurally expressive modern concrete buildings
    S. Barry

    Durable consolidation by cathodic protection of steel elements in historical concrete and masonry buildings
    K. Brosens, D. Van Gemert & K. Verreydt

    Conserving the Socks: Diagnosing and treating deterioration of the Sydney Opera House roof pedestals
    C. Logan &A. McLaurin

    Prefabricated concrete facades and their existing condition: Case study of New Belgrade’s residential buildings
    N. Macut &A. Radivojevi´c

    Early concrete structures: Patented systems and construction features
    I. Marcos, J.T. San-José, J. Cuadrado, A. Santamaría, L. Garmendia & J. Díez

    Rehabilitation of RC buildings from the late 19th–early 20th centuries – methodological discussion
    E. Paupério & X. Romão

    From tradition to modernization – building techniques in Serbia during 19th and early 20th century
    A. Radivojevi´c, Lj. -Dukanovi´c & M. Roter-Blagojevi´c

    Interwar garden district ‘Klein Rusland’ (Zelzate-Belgium): Living lab project
    A. Verdonck & H. Schroyen

    Structural assessment of light ceiling and vault constructions of the late 19th/early 20th century
    D. Richter & S.M. Holzer

    Ringers; rise, decline and reuse of a chocolate factory
    A.F. Thomsen & E. Carels

    3D Variel modules in precast concrete in Belgium (1969–1981): The work of Fritz Stucky and Willy Van Der Meeren
    I.Wouters, S. Van de Voorde & E. De Kooning

    Structural assessment and intervention of archaeological sites

    Conserving the tomb chamber complex in the Midas Mound at Gordion in Turkey
    D. Biggs, R. Liebhart & S. Gönen

    The conservation of the government complex in Caesarea Maritima (IL)
    C. Marson, S. Taffarel, F. da Porto, M.R. Valluzzi, C. Modena, M. Cohen, Y. Schaffer & L. Sukhanov

    Vulnerability analysis of two Mayan vaulted structures aided by a genetic algorithm tool
    C. Flores Espino & H. Orea Magaña

    Ethical questions around structural interventions in archaeological sites
    P. Smars &T. Patrício

    Structural strengthening of the adobe ceremonial building in North Sudan
    R. Tarczewski

    Theory and practice of conservation

    On the definition of the line of thrust
    O. Gaspar & I. Sajtos

    Conservation theory for enhanced craft practice
    G. Almevik & K.-M. Melin

    When can we claim to know and be able to assess the structures of an ancient building?
    P. Matracchi

    Physical and measurement models for structural analysis – an endangered part of historical constructions
    E. Möller

    Between engineering and architecture in the conservation process of historical buildings
    A. Mosseri

    The problem of maintenance of historical arched lintels
    R. Nowak

    Conservation of timber structures in Istanbul: Problems and proposals
    I. Polat-Pekmezci, K.K. Eyüpgiller, C. Üstünda˘g & B.Y. Pekmezci

    Repair and strengthening techniques

    Out-of-plane behavior of masonry walls strengthened by FRCM composites
    A. Bellini, A. Incerti & C. Mazzotti

    The role of adhesive stiffness on the FRP-masonry bond behavior: A round robin initiative
    F. Ceroni, A. Kwiecie´n, C. Mazzotti, A. Bellini, E. Garbin, M. Panizza & M.R. Valluzzi

    Diagonal compression tests on masonry panels strengthened by FRP and FRCM
    C. Mazzotti, F. Ferretti, B. Ferracuti &A. Incerti

    Strengthening of masonry vaults through a thin extradoxal layer of fiber reinforced lime mortar
    N. Gattesco & I. Boem

    Developments and experimentations of the “Reinforced Arch Method”
    L. Jurina

    Studies on pull-out resistance of reinforcement in bed-joint of brick masonry
    S. Mehendale, A. Bambole & S. Raghunath

    In-plane shear behaviour of earthen materials panels strengthened with polyester fabric strips
    L. Miccoli, P. Fontana & U. Müller

    Analytical solution of bending of viscoelastic timber beam reinforced with FRP sheet
    Y. Ouyang, X. Yang, Q. Fu, X.L. Gu & P.Wang

    Experimental study on retrofitting earth block masonry
    I. Papayianni, M. Drygiannakis, G.-M. Zarmpoutis, G. Mitolidis & K. Katakalos

    Strengthening of the north dome in the “Four Domes Pavilion” using FRCM system
    J. Jasie´nko, Ł. Bednarz, K. Raszczuk &W. Misztal

    San Giovanni Battista church: Operational modal analysis after injected anchors strengthening
    F. Silveri, P. Riva, G. Profeta, A. Belleri, E. Poverello & P. Panzeri

    Flexural resistance of longitudinally cracked wood beams retrofitted by self-tapping screws
    X.B. Song, Y.J.Wu, X.L. Gu &Y.M. Jiang

    Structural safety of masonry walls during the work: Considerations from practice
    S.P. Sparks

    Research on restoration scheme ofYing-Xian Timber Pagoda
    J. Yuan, S. Peng, Y. Shi & J.Wang

    Analytical and numerical approaches

    Thermomechanical model updating of the world’s largest oval dome
    R. Ceravolo, M.A. Chiorino, G. De Lucia, G. Grasso & M.L. Pecorelli

    Structural analysis methodology for old masonry vault
    N. Domede &A. Sellier

    Dynamic response of a monumental apartment building to paraseismic loadings
    J.M. Dulinska & I.J. Murzyn

    Excess capacity in steel columns
    D. Friedman

    Simple homogenization-topology optimization approach for the pushover analysis of masonry walls
    G. Milani & M. Bruggi

    Rocking and kinematic analysis of two masonry church façades
    L. Giresini, P.B. Lourenço, M.L. Puppio & M. Sassu

    Safety evaluation of inner gallery in Bayon temple by DEM with preliminary experiments
    T. Hironaka, T. Maeda, M. Araya & N. Ejiri

    Analysis of historical timber structures
    S.M. Holzer

    Qualitative and quantitative approaches to highly local behaviors of historical masonry structures
    D. Mencías, J. García & F. Magdalena

    Nativity Church narthex: A non-linear FEM procedure for the diagnosis of a structural damage
    G. Milani, M. Valente & C. Alessandri

    The application of a Bayesian approach to assess the seismic vulnerability of historical centers
    S. Taffarel, G.P. Campostrini, L. Rosato, C. Marson, F. da Porto & C. Modena

    Historical iron tie-rods within masonry vaults: Compared study of their structural behaviour
    J. Mora-Gómez

    A method for the analysis of masonry arches
    E. Ricci, E. Sacco & M.D. Piccioni

    Limit state analysis of historical structures using graphic statics related to the Principle of VirtualWorks
    J.F. Rondeaux & D. Zastavni

    Cantilevered staircase: Influence of building technology on the behavior
    I. Sajtos

    Effects of the thickness and angle of embrace uncertainties on the limit equilibrium of masonry arches under horizontal loads
    N. Cavalagli, V. Gusella & L. Severini

    Quality assessment of equivalent strut models for RC frames with URM infill walls
    N. Shetty, L. Abrahamczyk & J. Schwarz

    A discrete macro-model homogenized with a holonomic approach for the nonlinear static analysis of out-of-plane loaded masonry
    L.C. Silva, G. Milani & P.B. Lourenço

    In-situ and laboratory experimental results

    Unreinforced vs. strengthened stone masonry walls: Experimental study of their out-of-plane behaviour
    A. Arêde, A. Gomes, D. Marques &A.A. Costa

    Mechanical and metallographic characterization of iron tie-rods in masonry buildings: An experimental study
    C. Calderini, R. Vecchiattini, C. Battini & P. Piccardo

    Ties in historical constructions: Typical features and laboratory tests
    E. Cescatti, F. da Porto, C. Modena & F. Casarin

    Impact of the hot-driving process on the strength and ductility of steel rivets
    Q. Collette, I.Wouters, M. D’Aniello & R. Landolfo

    Mohr-Coulomb failure domain of rural masonry through slightly-destructive tests
    F. Ferretti, C. Mazzotti, B. Ferracuti &A.R. Tilocca

    A simplified model to assess out-of-plane response of rubble masonry walls derived from experimental evidence
    R. Fonti, R. Barthel, A. Borri, R. Savelli & M. Candela

    Experimental investigation on hot riveted double shear connections, a friction analysis
    L. Gallegos Mayorga, S. Sire & B. Plu

    Salt crystallization damage: Understanding strain at the atomic scale
    A. Hamilton

    Seismic and wind performance of five-storied pagoda of timber heritage structure affected by Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and typhoon Jelawat of 2012
    T. Hanazato, Y. Niitsu, M. Morii, C. Minowa, K. Nitto &T. Yokoo

    Assessing the physical-mechanical properties of ferruginous sandstone
    R. Hayen, L. Fontaine & H. De Clercq

    Long-term effects of water on the mechanical properties of brick masonry
    D.H. Jing, H. Chen, S.Y. Cao & K.Q. Sun

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    Koenraad Van Balen is full professor in construction materials at the KU Leuven, director of the Raymond Lemaire International Center for Conservation (RLICC) and holder of the Unesco chair on preventive conservation, monitoring and maintenance of monuments and sites (PRECOM3OS). He was the first Secretary-General of the International Scientific ICOMOS Committee on Structures (ISCARSAH). He has numerous publications and managed different research projects dealing with heritage preservation, ancient and new sustainable construction materials and is actively involved in research strategies on Cultural Heritage at European level.