1st Edition

Structural Geology and Geomechanics Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 14

Edited By Zheng Yadong, Davis, Au Yin Copyright 1997
    324 Pages
    by CRC Press

    322 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The 30th International Geological Congress was held in Beijing, China in August 1997. Leading scientists convened to present their findings and views to the international geological research community. Volume 14 of 26 focuses on structural geology and geomechanics. All articles in the proceedings have been refereed and keynote papers have been included in Volume 1. These proceedings aim to present a view of contemporary geology and should be of interest to researchers in the geological sciences.

    Preface PART 1: MECHANISM OF DEFORMATION Netlike and homogeneous plastic flows in the crust and mantle and the flow law Sheng-Zu Wang Rheology of ancient middle-lower continental crust in the Qinling Orogenic Belt, central China Shutian Suo and Zhengqiu Zhong Fluidization and rapid injection of crushed fine-grained materials in fault zones during episodes of seismic faulting Aiming Lin Dynamic fault motion under variable normal stress condition with rate and state dependent friction Changrong He and Shengli Ma The tectonic significance of active middle crust Zhu'en Yang, Zongxu Wu, Wancheng Bai and Min Qing Study on the mylonite of the shallow structure level in southeastern China Y. Sun, L. Wan and L.Zh. Guo PART 2: TECTONOPHYSICAL SIMULATION AND DIGITAL MODELLING Simulation of some geological structures Zuoxun Zeng, Lilin Liu, Sitian Li, Yongtao Fu and Shigong Yang Mechanical behavior of halite and calcite shear zones from brittle to fully-plastic deformation and a revised fault model Eiko Kawamoto and Toshihiko Shimamoto The effect of anisotropy on the shape of fault-bend folds Labao Lan and P. Hudleston PART 3: EXTENSIONAL TECTONICS Mechanisms of extension and their influence on basin geometry: the St. George's Channel Basin, Offshore UK M.J. Welch Mesozoic geothermal anomaly in Western Hills of Beijing and origin of Fangshan metamorphic core complex Honglin Song and Ning Zhu The Xiaoqinling detachment fault and metamorphic core complex of China: structure, kinematics, strain and evolution Jinjiang Zhang, Yadong Zheng, Quanzeng Shi, Xiangdong Yu and Liangwei Xue Ductile extension and uplift of granulites in the Datong-Huaian area, North China J.S. Zhang, P.H.G.M. Dirks and C.W. Passchier PART 4: STRIKE-SLIP AND TRANSPRESSION TECTONICS Diachronous uplift along the Ailao Shan-Red River left-lateral strike-slip shear zone in the Miocene and its tectonic implication, Yunnan, China Wenji Chen, Qi Li, Yipeng Wang, Jinglin Wan and Min Sun A new model deduced from Ka


    Yadong, Zheng; Davis, ; Yin, Au