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Structural Health Monitoring and Intelligent Infrastructure, Two Volume Set
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure, Nov. 16-18, 2005, Shenzhen, China

ISBN 9780415396523
Published December 15, 2005 by CRC Press
1760 Pages

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Book Description

SHMII-2’2005 provided international scientists, engineers, enterprisers and young researchers with a forum for  exchange about recent advances,  potential international cooperation and multi-disciplinary activities. Ideas were pooled about the state-of-the-art, state-of-the-practice, and future trends of smart sensors, advanced sensor networks and integrated systems for structural health monitoring of intelligent infrastructures, and "real-time monitored data" based damage identification and localization, model updating, safety evaluation and reliability forecast and also damage control, maintenance and retrofit decision-making, and life-cycle performance-based design of infrastructures.

Topics covered in these proceedings include: Smart and Advanced Sensors, Wireless and Advanced Sensor Networks, Data Acquisition, Processing and Management, Damage Identification and Localization, Model Updating, Safety Evaluation and Reliability Forecasting, Damage Control, Repair and Strengthening, Smart Materials and Structures, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Systems Analysing Wind and Earthquake, Hazard Mitigation of Civil Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring Systems, Integrated Systems and Implementations of SHM.

Table of Contents

Volume I
Keynote lectures
Reforming civil engineering education given the challenges related to infrastructure engineering and management
SHM technologies for civil engineering intelligent infrastructure
Distributed computing strategy for damage monitoring employing smart sensors
Structural monitoring for the diagnosis and the retrofitting of the monumental heritage
Monitoring of bridges and transportation infrastructures
The state-of-the-art and practice of structural health monitoring for civil infrastructures in the mainland of China
Technology issues in developing structural health monitoring systems for long-span bridges
Structural damage detection based on smart and distributed sensing technologies
Health monitoring and assessment of long-span bridges
Ambient vibration monitoring
Wireless systems for structural health monitoring
Pipeline condition monitoring on the basis of fiber optics
Applications and researches in bridge health monitoring systems and intelligent infrastructures in Korea
Application of distributed Fiber Optic Sensory for SHM

Invited papers
A comparison of local damage detection algorithms based on statistical signal processing of vibration measurements
An extreme-value-distribution-based method for dynamic reliability evaluation of infrastructures
Structural health monitoring of Syncrude’s Aurora II crusher in the Canadian oil sand industry
Qualitative and quantitative damage detection algorithm for structures using pattern classification and sensitivity analysis
System identification and structural damage detection: EMD _ HT approach
ARMarkov observers for structural damage detection
Hybrid structural identification strategy suitable for distributed computing
Nonlinear strain response of the concrete column to detect the de-bonding and cracks using distributed Brillouin sensor
Advances of structural health monitoring by fiber Bragg grating sensor in DUT
Conceptual design and key issues of structural health monitoring system for Donghai bridges
Experience with RTK-GPS system for monitoring wind and seismic effects on a tall building
Note on impact of SHM on structural reliability of bridges
SHM in the classroom: A unique educational opportunity
Embedded quasi-distributed fibre optic sensors for long-term monitoring of 4,500 kN rock anchors in the Eder Gravity dam in Germany
Applications of distributed fiber optic sensing technologies in geotechnical engineering monitoring
Design approach of health monitoring system for cable-stayed bridges
The monitoring of an extra-dosed bridge, the rationale and design
Sensing of low-frequency vibration using photogrammetric technique
Modeling of temperature-frequency correlation using long-term monitoring data: Methods and comparison
An overheight collision detection and evaluation system for bridge girder using piezoelectric transducer
An Angle-between-String-and-Horizon flexibility for structural damage detection
Experimental study of concrete damage evaluation based on acoustic emission technique
Influence of effect of creeping of the long span prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge on internal forces in structural health monitoring

Smart and advanced sensors
The maturing of optical sensing technology for commercial applications
Health monitoring of a full-scale tunnel model using BOCDA-based fiber-optic distributed sensor
Prediction of pipeline buckling using distributed fiber Brillouin strain sensor
Analysis and experimental study on force balance accelerometer
A study on damage detection system using smart AE sensor
Comparison of recoated fiber Bragg grating sensors under tension on a steel coupon
Monitoring system for a cable-stayed bridge using static and dynamic fiber optic sensors
Development and implementation of FBG sensors for bridge health monitoring
Assessment of the safety of continuous steel beams based on average strains from long gage optic sensors
Research on the FBG stress automatic monitoring system of prestressed reinforcement based on the virtual instrument technology
Advanced fiber grating corrosion sensors for structural health monitoring
Crack detection using distributed fiber Brillouin strain sensor with coherent probe-pump technique
A network sensing system for the structural health of infrastructure and facilities utilized of optical fiber sensor
Internal strain monitoring of filament wound pressure tanks using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors
Cure monitor of concrete cylinder by using fibre optic sensors
Applications of a fiber optic crack sensor in concrete structures
Pulse pre-pump-BOTDA technology for new generation of distributed strain measuring system
Performance of Bragg-grating FOS in bridge application
Fiber optic tiltmeter based on total internal reflection phenomenon
Various types of optical FBG sensors and their applications in SHM
State-of-the-art of self-sensing cement composite materials and its sensors
Health monitoring of buried pipelines using Brillouin scattering FOS
Early-age performance monitoring of cement-based materials by using optical FBG sensors
Crack geometry measurement of steel fiber reinforced concrete based on image analysis
Strain sensing property of carbon black filled cement-based composites
Active sensing for multi-scale sensor and structural diagnosis
Impact echo scanning for imaging of grout defects to mitigate corrosion in post-tensioned bridge ducts
Interface transferring mechanism and error modification of FRP-OFBG strain sensors based on Findley’s power law creep model
Evaluation of seismic response of bridge piers by surface mounted optical fiber sensors
Corrosion monitoring of PC beams with a novel type of HCFRP
A feasibility research on foundation pit monitoring using BOTDR
An experimental study on thermal state monitoring for permafrost roadbed of Qinghai-Tibet Railway using DTS
Calibration test researches on distributed optical fiber strain sensors
Compensation technique for the structural health monitoring system
Fiber optic method for pipeline integrity control

Wireless sensors and sensor networks
Validation case studies of wireless monitoring systems in civil structures
Design of wireless monitoring system for health diagnosis of structural
Design and laboratory performance verification of a wireless transmitting system for structural health monitoring
Development of monitoring techniques for concrete structures using self-diagnosis materials and wireless measurement systems
Multi-scale wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring
Multi-channel wireless network based vibrational sensing technology
In-service inspection based on wireless sensors
Field measurements of a cable-stayed bridge by using wireless sensors
The design and implementation of wireless sensor network node
Integration and tests of wireless strain sensor applied to structure local monitoring

Global position system (GPS) and related systems for wind and earthquake hazard mitigation of civil infrastructure
Analysis and design of double friction pendulum systems for seismic isolation
Implementation of real-time and vision-based structural health monitoring on long-span bridges
Seismic early warning systems: Some insights for the process industry
Bridge monitoring: External and internal sensing issues
Pounding analysis methods and control of highway bridges under seismic excitations
Accuracy analysis of deformation monitoring results of quay platform
Measurement of wind-induced response of tall building based on RTK GPS technology
Design of magnetorheological dampers for stay cables of Zhaobao Mountain Bridge

Data acquisition, processing, management and mining
Data acquisition system and fast-efficient processing method for great capacity data in structural health monitoring
Application of Hilbert-Huang transform analysis to health monitoring of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge
Structural health monitoring using artificial neural network and statistical process control in a changing environment
Wavelet-aided frequency domain decomposition method for dynamic monitoring of bridge structure
Research of deflection data compensation by applying artificial neural networks

Volume II

Damage identification and localization
MAC-like damage detection indicator based on strain frequency response function
Damage identification in double-crack concrete beams through resonance and anti-resonance information
Damage localization based on the residual wavelet force
Two-stage damage detection to a benchmark structure using ambient data
Damage identification of steel structures based on changes in the curvature of power spectral density
Damage diagnosis to a two-story steel braced-frame model structure
Research on damage detection of reticulated shell
The research of structural damage detection using high order local modes
Structural damage identification under strong earthquake excitation
Dynamic behavior of fracture piles of vertical oscillations
A neural network approach to detect local structural damage for wooden houses
A damage detection approach considering the stiffness and mass variations
Tendon breakages effect on static and modal parameters of a post-tensioned concrete girder
Damage detection and localization algorithms for continuous static monitoring of structures
Application of improved stabilization diagram in modal parameter identification by stochastic subspace identification
Bridge damage identification by dynamic response of the passing vehicle based on response sensitivity
Structural damage analysis for SHM system design of bridge
Element level system identification for structural damage assessment
Damage indices for monitoring longitudinal cracks in steel-free bridge decks
A new method for bridge structure health monitoring
Identifying and localizing distributed cracks in a complex continuum
Damage location for offshore structures with mass elimination algorithm
Instantaneous identification of rigid bodies on nonlinear support based on Volterra series representation
Improved damage detection algorithms for offshore jacket platforms based on partial measurement
Evaluation of self-contained seismic sensors for bridge earthquake damage detection
Development of a finite element system for vibration based damage identification in structures
Signal energy based index for structural damage detection
Damage research of steel tube concrete arch bridges
A combined method of wavelet and ANN for damage detection of structure
An optimal sensor placement algorithm for structural health monitoring
Damage identification utilizing harmonic excitation in static-like frequency-based inverse analysis
Atmospheric corrosion damage to steel space structures
Optimal placement of sensors for structural health monitoring
A dynamic model for delamination identification using MFRC patch
Damage identification of structures based on stochastic models
Damage identification based on test of even change point and homotopy continuation algorithm
Parameter identification and qualitative sensitivity analysis of hysteretic model by particle swarm optimization
Damage identification of multi-storey buildings based on modal sensitivity analysis and genetic algorithm
Probabilistic identification of structural parameters using an integrated perturbation and Bayesian method
Structural damage detection using wavelet approach for two kinds of spike in the wavelet details
Damage detection and bridge classification by ambient vibration monitoring
Structural health monitoring of huge traditional timber structure in Japan
Damage detection via genetic algorithms
Identification of structural parameters and damage characteristics based on the time domain matrix reconfiguration method
Identification of structural damage location based on BP neural network and Dempster-Shafter evidence theory
A damage identification method based on time series analysis and multi-hierarchical improved BP network
ANN-based damage detection technique using acceleration response of nonlinear structural systems
Identification of site structure
Comparison on variations of natural frequencies for wooden structural models with and without damages part 1, ANSYS based results
Comparison on variations of natural frequencies for wooden structural models with and without damages part 2, shaking table based results
Damage locating based on dynamic measurements from long-gage fiber optic sensors
Three dimensional hybrid model for analysis of wave scattering in infinite plates
Measurement of the frequency-dependant wave velocity in NDT methods based on wave propagation
Data fusion technique and its application in structural health monitoring
An application of infrared CT simulation based on LM neural network for damage detection of concrete slabs

Model updating, safety evaluation, reliability and decision making
Impacts and mitigation of uncertainty for improving reliability of field measurements
SHM through optimization using mode shape sensitivities
Identification and model updating of the UCLA Louis Factor building
System identification of multi-site pseudo-dynamic experiment using NEESgrid
System fatigue reliability assessment of existing steel bridges
Health condition assessment of concrete cable-stayed bridges based on ANN
Methodology for assessing global structural condition of highway bridges
Rapid scoring of seismic safety index for high-rise buildings in Shenzhen
Maintenance scenario models for reliability index profile of deteriorating structures
Output-based modal parameters identification of a three dimensional structure
An improved coupled local minimizers technique for finite element model updating
Model updating of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge based on the structural health monitoring signals
Intelligent evaluation model of rock slope stability
FE model and model updating of Runyang suspension bridge
A dynamic model for dam monitoring
Health monitoring of prestressed concrete bridges using artificial neural networks
Health monitoring system using AdaBoost technique
Optimal sensor placement for space structures based on wavelet intelligent methods and graph theory
Estimating strength demand in displacement-based seismic design
A system of safety evaluation for concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge based on GIS
A practical analytical method to solve equivalent fracture toughness of concrete based on fictitious crack model
Combined numerical simulation method and its application in probability assessment of Runyang bridge
Health monitoring oriented modeling of long cable-stayed bridge
Finite element modeling and model updating for a cable-stayed bridge
A quantitative risk-based maintenance strategy for coastal RC structures
Experimental study of joint characteristics of traditional wooden frame

Life-cycle performance-based design
Performance based bridge design by infusion
Bridge maintenance system based on asset management
Variation in vibration characteristics of retrofitted timber-framed house
Long-term structural health monitoring on concrete structures
Reliability analysis based identification for bridge assessment
The effect of different location of steel bar corrosion on RC beams’ dynamic performances
Relationship between early-age autogenous shrinkage and cement hydration of concrete
A new method to determine the Thermal Dilation Coefficient (TDC) of cement-based material at early-age
Will sustainable development objectives increase the need for structural health monitoring in civil engineering?
Whole life assessment of coastal RC structures
Evaluation of shrinkage and cracking in modern concrete structures at early-age
Sectional damage coefficient of R.C. beam with corroded steel bar in compressive area
Dependency of dynamic characteristics on environment temperature in cable-stayed bridge
Research framework of life-cycle performance based bridge design method

Smart materials and structures
Composite materials, damping, monitoring: A comprehensive approach
to the safety of civil engineering structures at EMPA
Design of seismic arrays for structural systems
Smart sensing of bridge deformation
Safety campus: Significance, management & structure
Chloride permeability of concrete containing nano-particles for pavement
Load bearing capacity investigation of multibarrel tube-confined concrete
Investigation of interfacial resistance of the interface between concrete and polymer-cement mortar in tile applications
Statistical analysis for divergence of specific resistance of carbon fiber reinforced cement
Structure self-diagnosing of asphalt-based composites
Self-monitoring of deformation of bituminous composite materials containing conductive fillers
Smart cement paste stress/strain sensors and self-sensing concrete structural members
Experimental study of simple concrete and reinforced concrete beams monitored and driven by shape memory alloy
Loop shaping control of a model story building using smart materials
SMA adaptive tuned vibration absorber
Sensing properties of carbon fiber and hybrid fiber reinforced polymer bars as strain sensors
An innovative pre-stressed method by anchored CFS underside the removed bridge beams
Structural health monitoring of structures repaired with wrapped and sprayed fibre reinforced plastics
Structural configuration and analysis of Kiewitt single layer CFRP reticulated domes
Intelligent control on long-run deflection for prestressed concrete bridges
The wind-induced multi-responses of high-rise buildings and intelligent vibration control

Remote monitoring systems
Real Time Monitoring and Alert in excavation works using Machine-to-Machine technologies
Telecommunication technologies in real-time centralized structural health monitoring
Remote safety monitoring management information system for dam group
Development of an integrated remote monitoring technique and its application to para-stressing bridge system

Integrated systems, test beds and full implementations of SHM
Monitoring the movement of the bearings at the Ponte 25 de Abril
Structural monitoring and identification approaches
Integrated design of long-term health monitoring system and routine bridge management system
The research and application of temperature monitoring and warning system of large volume concrete
Monitoring the behaviour of the Traneberg Bridge during retrofitting
An opening system monitoring dam health
Real-time analysis expert system for concrete dams
Long-term structural health monitoring of the Crowchild Trail Bridge
Integrating structural health monitoring and information technology for efficient bridge management
Fuzzy intelligent system of safety assessment for river-way levee
Guidelines for monitoring and assessment – A SAMCO initiative as a basis for the international standardization
An improved vibration method in the applications of arch bridge suspender tension tests
Health monitoring of stay cables by using optical FBG Technology
Research on health monitoring of Harbin Sifangtai Bridge in China
Intelligent sensor system for the structural health monitoring
Calculation and field monitoring on ground settlement caused by groundwater pumping


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Professor Zhongdong Duan, School of Civil Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology, P.R. of China