1st Edition

Structure and Properties of Cell Membrane Structure and Properties of Cell Membranes Volume III

By Gheorghe Benga Copyright 1985

    This book provides in-depth presentations in membrane biology by specialists of international repute. The volumes examine world literature on recent advances in understanding the molecular struc-ture and properties of membranes, the role they play in cellular physiology and cell-cell interactions, and the alterations leading to abnormal cells. Illustrations, tables, and useful appendices com-plement the text. Those professionals actively working in the field of cell membrane investigations as well as biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, physicians, and academicians, will find this work beneficial.

    1. Quantum Chemical Approach to Study the Mechanisms Of Proton Translocation Across Membranes Through Protein Molecules 2. Monomolecular Films as Bio Membrane Models 3. Planar Lipid Bilayers in Relation to Bio Membranes 4. Relation of Liposomes to Cell Membranes 5. Reconstitution of Membrane Transport System 6. Structure-Function Relationships in Cell Membranes as Revealed By X-Ray Techniques 7. Structure-Function Relationships in Cell Membranes as Revealed by Spin Labelling EPR 8. Structure And Dynamics Of Cell Membranes As Revealed By NMR Techniques 9. The Effect of Dietry Lipids on The Composition and Properties of Biological Membranes


    Gheorghe Benga