2nd Edition

Structured Catalysts and Reactors

ISBN 9780824723439
Published November 2, 2005 by CRC Press
856 Pages 378 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Interest in structured catalysts is steadily increasing due to the already proven, as well as potential, advantages of these catalysts. Updating the comprehensive coverage of the first edition published in 1998 with the latest science and applications, Structured Catalysts and Reactors, Second Edition gives detailed information on all aspects of structured catalysts and reactors, including: materials, mass transfer, selectivity, activity, and stability; catalyst preparation, design, and characterization; process development; modeling and optimization; reactor design; and operation costs and considerations.

The book first examines how monolithic catalysts are used to clean exhaust gas from gasoline engines, treat industrial off-gases, burn fuels in commercial settings, and synthesize chemicals in two- and three-phase processes. It discusses configurations, microstructure, physical properties, and manufacture of ceramic and metallic monoliths before directing its focus to arranged catalysts and structured packings in terms of mass transfer. The book then explores catalytically active membranes and filters, featuring metallic membranes, permeation mechanisms, preparation and modeling, commercial membranes, and the latest applications, such as zeolitic membranes. Finally, several chapters present techniques for incorporating catalytic species into the structured catalyst support and controlling catalyst nanoporosity.

This book conveys the scientific as well as economic advantages of using these unconventional catalytic techniques. With over 1500 references, tables, drawings, and photographs, as well as in-depth discussions and a new approach to catalytic processes, Structured Catalysts and Reactors, Second Edition is an essential reference for anyone working with or studying catalysis.

Table of Contents



The Present and the Future of Structured Catalysts – An Overview; Andrzej Cybulski and Jacob A. Moulijn
Part I. Reactors with Structured Catalysts Where no Convective Mass Transfer Over a Cross Section of the Reactor Occurs (Monolithic Catalysts = Honeycomb Catalysts)
Ceramic Catalyst Supports for Gasoline Fuel; S.T. Gulati
Metal and Coated Metal Catalysts; M. V. Twigg and D.E. Webster
Autocatalysts: Past, Present, and Future; M.V. Twigg and Anthony J.J. Wilkins
Treatment of Volatile Organic Carbon (VOC) Emissions from Stationary Sources: Catalytic Oxidation of the Gaseous Phase; S. Kolaczkowski
Monolithic Catalysts for NOx Removal from Stationary Sources; I. Nova, A. Beretta, G. Groppi, L. Lietti, E. Tronconi, and P. Forzatti
Catalytic Fuel Combustion in Honeycomb Monolith Reactors; A. Ersson and S.G. Järås
Monolithic Catalysts for Gas-Phase Syntheses of Chemicals; G. Groppi, A. Beretta and E. Tronconi
Modeling of  Automotive Exhaust Gas Converters; Jozef H.B.J. Hoebink, Jan M.A. Harmsen, Karen M.L. Scholz, G.B. Marin, and J.C. Schouten
Monolithic Catalysts for Three-Phase Processes; A. Cybulski, R. Edvinsson-Albers, and J.A. Moulijn
Two-Phase Segmented Flow in Capillaries and Monolith Reactors; M. Kreutzer, F. Kapteijn, J.A. Moulijn, B. Andersson and A. Cybulski
Design and Modeling of Monolithic Reactors for Three-Phase Processes; M. Kreutzer, J.A. Moulijn, F. Kapteijn, R.f Edvinsson-Albers, and A. Cybulski
Film Flow Monolith Reactors; A. Heibel and P.M. Lebens
Part II. Reactors with Structured Catalysts Where Convective Mass Transfer Over the Cross Section of the Reactor Occurs
Parallel-Passage and Lateral-Flow Reactors; S.T. Sie and H.P. Calis
Structured Packings for Reactive Distillation; O. Bailer, L. Spiege,l and C. von Scala
Part III. Monolithic Reactors with Permeable Walls (Membrane Reactors)
Catalytic Filters for Flue Gas Cleaning; D. Fino, S. Specchia, G. Saracco and V. Specchia
Reactors with Metal and Metal-Containing Membranes; V.M. Gryaznov, M.M. Ermilova, N.V. Orekhova, and G.F. Tereschenko
Inorganic Membrane Reactors; S. Specchia, D. Fino, G. Saracco, and V. Specchia
Ceramic Catalysts, Supports and Filters for Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment;
S.T. Gulati, A. Setiabudi, and M. Makkee
Zeolite Membranes  - Modeling and Application; F. Kapteijn, T.Q. Gardner, W. Zhu, and  J.A. Moulijn

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Andrzej Cybulski, Jacob A. Moulijn