1st Edition

Studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy In Honor of Professor Anthony Preus

By D. M. Spitzer Copyright 2023
    306 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Spanning a wide range of texts, figures, and traditions from the ancient Mediterranean world, this volume gathers far-reaching, interdisciplinary papers on Greek philosophy from an international group of scholars.

    The book’s 16 chapters address an array of topics and themes, extending from the formation of philosophy from its first stirrings in archaic Greek as well as Egyptian, Persian, Mesopotamian, and Indian sources, through central concepts in ancient Greek philosophy and literatures of the classical period and into the Hellenistic age. Studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy offers both in-depth, rigorous, attentive investigations of canonical texts in Western philosophy, such as Plato’s Phaedo, Gorgias, Republic, Phaedrus, Protagoras and the Metaphysics, De Caelo, Nichomachean Ethics, Generation and Corruption of Aristotle’s corpus, as well as inquiries that reach back into the rich archives of the Mediterranean Basin and forward into the traditions of classical philosophy beyond the ancient world.

    Studies in Ancient Greek Philosophy is of interest to students and scholars working on different aspects of ancient Greek philosophy, as well as ancient philosophy, more broadly.

    Foreword, Voula Tsouna; Introduction, D. M. Spitzer; 1. Discovering φύσις: Reductive Materialism, the Emergence of Reflexivity, and the First Secular Theories of Everything, Gerard Naddaf; 2. Archaic Images of Totality, D. M. Spitzer; 3. The Gnomon of Thales and Anaximander: A technique is always an application that is enveloped by a theory, Robert Hahn; 4. On the Binding of Ares and Aphrodite: The Twofold Meaning of τὸ καλόν in Ancient Greek Philosophy and Poetry, Lewis Trelawny-Cassity; 5. Philosophia in Plato’s Gorgias, Christopher Moore; 6. Meanings of εἰκός in Plato´s Phaedrus: criticisms and appropriations of a rhetorical device, María Angélica Fierro; 7. Consuming Knowledge, Anne Ashbaugh; 8. Souls within a Soul: The City-Soul Analogy Revisited, Carlos Cortissoz; 9. Explanation in the Phaedo: An Argument against the Metaphysical Interpretation of the Clever αἰτία, Betsy Jelinek; 10. Aristotle’s De Caelo between mathematics and physics, Pierre Pellegrin; 11. Aristotle’s Critique of the Proof of Indivisible Magnitudes, Fred Miller; 12. Aristotle on Women, Thomas Olshewsky; 13. εἶδος as Species in Aristotle's Metaphysics Z, Andrey Darovskikh; 14. Πολιτεία in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, J. J. Mulhern; 15. Assertoric Truth and Falsehood in the Categories, Mark Wheeler; 16. The Gods of the Garden, John Thorp. 


    D. M. Spitzer is an independent scholar (USA). His work on early Greek thinking has appeared in journals such as Research in Phenomenology, Epoché, Ancient Philosophy. Spitzer has published two other anthologies: Transfiction and Bordering Approaches to Theorizing Translation (with Paulo Oliveira) and Philosophy’s Treason.

    "This engaging set of papers on ancient thought, from the period of the Presocratics through Plato, Aristotle, and Epicurus, comes at its topics from interesting and surprising perspectives. Several chapters raise questions of particular interest: What is philosophy? How did it arise? How has it reshaped human life?

    Ronald Polansky, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Duquesne University

    "Anthony Preus, a stalwart champion of Ancient Greek Philosophy, has fostered an invaluable community for thousands of scholars in Ancient Philosophy. Everyone currently working in Greek Philosophy is in his debt. The range of this collection’s sixteen chapters offers a fitting tribute to Preus' ongoing presence in Ancient Philosophy."

    Michael M. Shaw, Professor of Philosophy, Utah Valley University, Co-Director, Ancient Philosophy Society