1st Edition

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Music A Tribute to Karl Geiringer on his Seventieth Birthday

Edited By H. C. Robbins Landon Copyright 1970
    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1970 this collection of essays by a renowned international musicologist is both imaginative in scope and authoritative in scholarship. The works of such famous composers as Joseph Haydn, Handel, J.S. Bach and C.P.E. Bach are discussed in detail, as are the achievements of other composers of that era – Lenoardo Leo, Johann Mattheson, Piccinni, Clementi and so on. The book includes essays by Gerald Abraham, Robert Donington, Putnam Aldrich and William G. Waite, among others. These essays are also of wide biographical, sociological and historical interest. Studies in Eighteenth-Century Music is a major contribution to aesthetics in music.

    1.Some Eighteenth-Century Polish Symphonies Gerald Abraham 2. English Pre-Romantic Poetry in Settings by German Composers Otto E. Albrecht 3. ‘Rhythmic Harmony’ As Taught by Joahann Philipp Kirnberger Putnam Aldrich 4. Clementi’s ‘Musical Characteristics’ Opus 19 Eva Badura-Skoda 5. Joseph Hayden’s Ave Regina in A Irmgard Becker-Glauch 6. On Vulgar Music and Poetry Found in Unexplored Minor Sources of Eighteenth-Century Lute Tablatures Wolfgang Boetticher 7. The Early Zürich Neujahrsblätter Andres Briner 8. An Evaluation of Johann Mattheson’s Opera, Cleopatra George J. Buelow 9. The Chorale in the Baroque Era and J.S. Bach’s Contribution to It Walter E. Buszin 10.Joseph Haydn and the Freemasons Jacques Chailley 11. Some Observations on Liturgy, Text and Structure in Haydn’s Late Masses Martin Chusid 12. Tonal Expoloitation in the Later Quartets of Haydn Louise E. Cuyler 13. Vocal Embellishment in a Handel Aria Winton Dean 14. Amore Traditore: A Problem Cantata Robert Donington 15. Johann Adam Hiller’s ‘Critical Prospectus for a Music Library’ Vincent Duckles 16. Similarities in the Works of Haydn Georg Feder 17. Eighteenth Century Litaniae Laretanae From the Repertory  of the Viennese Province of the Franciscan Order Hellmut Federhofer and Renate Fedehofer 19. The Problem of Heritage in the Musical Life of the Present K. G. Fellerer 20. Arietta Variata Kurt von Fischer 21. Geog Benda, the Pioneer of the Melodrama Edith Vogl Garrett 22. The Keyboard Sonatas of Félix Máximo López John Gillespie 23. J. S. Bach and the Tradition of Keyboard Transcriptions Theodor Göllinger 24. Progressive and Conservative Tendencies in the Violoncello Concertos of Leonardo Leo Douglass Green 25. BWV 131. Bach’s First Cantata Gerhard Herz 26. A Rare Contemporary Edition of Haydn’s ‘Hymn for the Emperor’ Anthony Van Hoboken 27. Weber on Opera Dolores Menstell Hsu 28. Haydn Listings in the Rediscovered Leuckart Suppleements Jan Larue 29. The Closing Numbers of Die Schöpfung Siegmund Levarie 30. Haydn As Student and Critic of Fux Alfred Mann 31. Modulaiton in C.P.E. Bach’s Versuch William J. Mitchell 32. Ars Combinatoria Leonard G. Ratner 33. Father and Son: Some Attributions to J.S. Bach by C.P.E. Bach Gloria Rose 34. A Bold Enharmonic Modulatory Model in Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet László Somfai 35. Mozart’s Gagliarda Bence Szabolcsi 36. Bernard Lamy William G. White 37. A Homage of Piccinni to Gluck Emanuel Winternitrz 38. The Fairy-Tale of the Neapolitan Opera Hellmuth Christian Wolff 39. A Selected Bibliograhy of the Works of Karl Geiringer Martin A. Silver


    H.C. Robbins Landon (1926-2009) was an acclaimed American musicologist, journalist and broadcaster and an authority on Joseph Haydn. 

    Original Reviews of The Bach Family:

    ‘He has written a valuable work, which is also very readable…An enthralling recondite, and well-constructed volume.’ Scotsman

    ‘Well and often entertainingly set out in what will surely become one of the classics of musical history.’ Christian World