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Studies in European Cultural Transition: Studies in European Cultural Transition

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The European dimension of research in the humanities has come into sharp focus over recent years, producing scholarship which ranges across disciplines and national boundaries. Until now there has been no major channel for such work. This series aims to provide one, and to unite the fields of cultural studies and traditional scholarship. It will publish the most exciting new writing in areas such as European history and literature, art history, archaeology, language and translation studies, political, cultural and gay studies, music, psychology, sociology and philosophy. The emphasis will be explicitly European and interdisciplinary, concentrating attention on the relativity of cultural perspectives, with a particular interest in issues of cultural transition.

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Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris Shifting Perspectives

Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris: Shifting Perspectives

1st Edition

Maria C. Scott
June 10, 2019

Maria Scott's study of the operation of irony in Baudelaire's Le Spleen de Paris contends that the principal target of the collection's spleen is its own readership. Baudelaire, as one of the most perceptive cultural commentators of the nineteenth century, was naturally very keenly aware of the ...

Ovid and the Cultural Politics of Translation in Early Modern England

Ovid and the Cultural Politics of Translation in Early Modern England

1st Edition

Liz Oakley-Brown
June 10, 2019

In Ovid and the Cultural Politics of Early Modern England, Liz Oakley-Brown considers English versions of the Metamorphoses - a poem concerned with translation and transformation on a multiplicity of levels - as important sites of social and historical difference from the fifteenth to the early ...

Baroque Self-Invention and Historical Truth Hercules at the Crossroads

Baroque Self-Invention and Historical Truth: Hercules at the Crossroads

1st Edition

Christopher Braider
June 06, 2019

In his monumental study, Christopher Braider explores the dialectical contest between history and truth that defines the period of cultural transition called the 'baroque'. For example, Annibale Carracci's portrayal of the Stoic legend of Hercules at the Crossroads departs from earlier, more static...

The Thriller and Northern Ireland since 1969 Utterly Resigned Terror

The Thriller and Northern Ireland since 1969: Utterly Resigned Terror

1st Edition

Aaron Kelly
June 06, 2019

For the past 30 years, the so-called 'Troubles' thriller has been the dominant fictional mode for representing Northern Ireland, leading to the charge that the crudity of this popular genre appropriately reflects the social degradation of the North. Aaron Kelly challenges both these judgments, ...

Proust at the Movies

Proust at the Movies

1st Edition

Martine Beugnet, Marion Schmid
May 22, 2017

Film established itself as an artistic form of expression at the same time that Proust started work on his masterpiece, A la recherche du temps perdu. If Proust apparently took little interest in what he described as a poor avatar of reductive, mimetic representation, the resonances between his own...

Tourism and Identity in Scotland, 1770–1914 Creating Caledonia

Tourism and Identity in Scotland, 1770–1914: Creating Caledonia

1st Edition

Katherine Haldane Grenier
May 16, 2017

In the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, legions of English citizens headed north. Why and how did Scotland, once avoided by travelers, become a popular site for English tourists? In Tourism and Identity in Scotland, 1770-1914, Katherine Haldane Grenier uses published and unpublished travel...

Perspectives on Travel Writing

Perspectives on Travel Writing

1st Edition

Glenn Hooper, Tim Youngs
February 27, 2017

Ranging from the early modern to the postcolonial, and dealing mainly with encounters in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, Perspectives on Travel Writing is a collection of new essays by international scholars that examines some of the various contexts of travel writing, as well as its ...

Philosemitism, Antisemitism and 'the Jews' Perspectives from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century

Philosemitism, Antisemitism and 'the Jews': Perspectives from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century

1st Edition

Tony Kushner, Nadia Valman
February 27, 2017

Philosemitism, Antisemitism and 'the Jews' both honours and carries on the work of The Rev. Dr. James Parkes (1896-1981), a pioneer in the many different fields involving the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations. The collection is designed to examine both the specific and broader themes of Parkes'...

Travels and Translations in the Sixteenth Century Selected Papers from the Second International Conference of the Tudor Symposium (2000)

Travels and Translations in the Sixteenth Century: Selected Papers from the Second International Conference of the Tudor Symposium (2000)

1st Edition

Mike Pincombe
March 31, 2017

In recent years the twin themes of travel and translation have come to be regarded as particularly significant to the study of early modern culture and literature. Traditional notions of 'The Renaissance' have always emphasised the importance of the influence of continental, as well as classical, ...

Authority, State and National Character The Civilizing Process in Austria and England, 1700–1900

Authority, State and National Character: The Civilizing Process in Austria and England, 1700–1900

1st Edition

Helmut Kuzmics, Roland Axtmann
November 30, 2016

This book presents a cross-disciplinary and methodologically innovative study, combining historical macro-sociology and a sociology of emotions with historical anthropology and cultural studies. Drawing on the concepts and theories of Norbert Elias on the Civilizing Process, it sets out to pin down...

Chaucer’s Dream Visions Courtliness and Individual Identity

Chaucer’s Dream Visions: Courtliness and Individual Identity

1st Edition

Michael St John
December 12, 2000

Chaucer used the dream device to engage with the work of French and Italian authors and to explore the philosophical content of their poetry. His four dream visions therefore represent an important conduit through which the influence of European writers was received into English, enabling a ...

Devolving Identities Feminist Readings in Home and Belonging

Devolving Identities: Feminist Readings in Home and Belonging

1st Edition

Lynne Pearce
July 28, 2000

There is no doubt that the political and cultural map of Europe is in the process of being radically redrawn. Alongside the major upheavals in continental Europe, the British Isles has undergone far-reaching constitutional reform. In Devolving Identities, feminist scholars explore their personal ...

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