Studies in Perception and Action II : Posters Presented at the VIIth international Conference on Event Perception and Action book cover
1st Edition

Studies in Perception and Action II
Posters Presented at the VIIth international Conference on Event Perception and Action

ISBN 9780805814057
Published July 1, 1993 by Psychology Press
412 Pages

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Book Description

This volume offers a comprehensive view of posters presented at the VIIth International Conference on Event Perception and Action. Arranged in order of appearance of their corresponding symposia on the conference program, this collection of 80 miniature articles on event perception and action represents the work of 136 researchers from 13 countries.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Perceptual Learning in Infants. G.J.P. Savelsbergh, J. van der Kamp, Infants' Exploration of the Perceptual-Motor Workspace: Evidence for the Laws of Possibility and Stability. M. Odfjell, M.A. Eppler, Infants' Exploratory Behavior During an Object Search Task Which Requires Crawling Around a Barrier. M.A. Eppler, M.A. Wechsler, M.S. Gendron, D.A. Vineberg, The Exploratory Behavior of 8.5-Month-Old Crawlers in Response to Alterations in Ground Surfaces. P. Rochat, R. Morgan, Self-Perception by 3-Month-Old Infants. Part II: Dynamics of Movement Disorders. M.J.M. Volman, R.H. Geuze, Bimanual Rhythmic Coordination in Children: A Dynamical Approach. R. Geuze, A. Kalverboer, Bimanual Rhythmic Coordination in Clumsy and Dyslexic Children. Part III: Event Recognition: Current Perspectives. P. Rochat, M.J. Wraga, Postural Determinants of Perceived Reachability. T.A. Stoffregen, S.B. Flynn, Identification Versus Discrimination in the Perception of Dynamics. C.W. Henderson, J. Bush, T.A. Stoffregen, Visual Perception of Caught Weight. E.H. Yilmaz, W.H. Warren, Jr., Visual Control of Braking from 2nd-Order Relative Optical Expansion. N. Abu-Obeid, L.G. Tassinary, Memorableness of Architectural Elevations Is a Function of Distance from Prototype. S. Sumi, Biological Motion Perception of the Moving Point-Lights Generated by Human Hand Movements. T.R. Alley, Recognizing Faces Following Natural or Reverse Growth. S. Han, L. Chen, The Effects of Central and Peripheral Cues on Visual Discriminability: A Topological Explanation. S. Han, Attention and the Detection of Color and Orientation. C. Cai, L. Chen, Attention Directed by Precues Has Different Effects on Discrimination of Target Lines Presented Alone and Connected to a Context. A.N. Sokolov, Pointing the Perceived Center of a Flat Figure: Physical Versus Phenomenal Determinants. M.A. Pavlova, Dynamics of Abstract Static Figure and Emotion Perception. Part IV: Ecological Psychology and Human Factors. J. Meyer, An Ecological Approach to Performance Rating. J.R. Pijpers, F.C. Bakker, Perceiving Affordances in Climbing: Skill Effects. B. Anderson, Graphical Interfaces Considered as Representations of the Real World: Implications of an Affordances-Based Model. Part V: Velocity Control in Action. F.T.J.M. Zaal, R.J. Bootsma, The Control of Hand Deceleration in Prehension. G.J.P. Savelsbergh, Time-To-Contact Judgments Based on Haptic Information. M. Laurent, G. Montagne, Effects of Temporal Constraints on the Kinematics of One-Handed Ball Catching. L.F. Sardinha, R.J. Bootsma, Controlling Hand Velocity in Spiking a Ball. F.T.J.M. Zaal, P.C.W. van Wieringen, A First Step Toward a Virtual Prehension System. G.P. Bingham, J. Romack, M. Stassen, Optical Information in Visually Guided Reaching with Perturbation of Optical Direction. Part VI: The New Artificial Intelligence. J. Pickering, The New Artificial Intelligence and Biological Plausibility. M. Kalish, Affordance Learning as a Problem in Information Integration. Part VII: Ecological Approaches to Intersubjectivity. A. Fogel, Development of Perception and Action in the Social Context in Infancy: Object Exploration During the Transition to Reaching. R.C. Schmidt, N. Christianson, C. Carello, Effects of Social and Physical Variables on Between-Person Coordination. D. Vedeler, Intentionality and Intersubjectivity. S.S. Valenti, K. Wagner, P.M. Grehan, Perception of Children's Intention: Adults See More Than They Say. G.A. Kidorf, S.S. Valenti, P.M. Grehan, The Role of Expressiveness in Interpersonal Synchrony and Rapport. Part VIII: Illusions and Reality. J.M. Kennedy, C.H. Liu, E. Reith, Are Illusory Effects Cumulative? Or Just Affirmative? A. Yonas, D.C. Knill, M. Sen, K.A. Bittinger, The Development in Human Infants of Sensitivity to Surface Contour Information for 3-D Layout. Part IX: Navigation and Environmental Cognition. M.J. Farrell, J.A. Thomson, Direct and Computational Mechanisms in Spatial Updating. B.G. Bardy, J-P. Collegia, The Role of Visual Orientation in the Control of Goal-Directed Actions. M. Sasaki, H. Mishima, Effect of "Visibility" and "Invisibility" on Geographical Representation. C. Baldwin-Stewart, Y. Jiang, L.S. Mark, The Effects of Goal-Directedness and Task Constraints on Perception and Action. A. Bk, Goal-Directed Walking as Reinstatement of Perceptual Views. Part X: Dynamical Themes in Perception and Action. K.G. Holt, M.T. Turvey, A. Salo, J. Obusek, Evidence for an Adiabatic Invariant in Walking. C.C. Pagano, M.T. Turvey, The Role of the Inertia Tensor in Proprioception. C.E. Peper, P.J. Beek, P.C.W. van Wieringen, Training Effects on Coupling Strength in Bimanual Rhythmic Performance. W.D. Byblow, R. Chua, D. Goodman, Asymmetries and Anchoring in Unimanual Perception-Action Coupling. R. Chua, W.D. Byblow, D. Goodman, Control Parameter Dynamics Influence Perception-Action and Action-Action Couples. M.A. Scott, A.M. Williams, K. Davids, Perception-Action Coupling in Karate Kumite. M.F. Levin, A.G. Feldman, Y. Lamarre, Implications for One-Trial Learning from Studies of Error Correction. R. Bongaardt, O.G. Meijer, Taking Bernstein Seriously. O.G. Meijer, R. Bongaardt, Toward an Ecological Biology of Action. Part XI: Ecological Acoustics. W-D. Heine, R. Guski, Can Listeners Catch Approaching Sound Sources? H. Fitch, I. Kessler, J. DeLucia, A Tau-Like Quantity for Vocal Tract Closure. P.A. Cabe, A Meta-Invariant for Event Endpoints. R. Hoeger, The Influence of Visual Texture on Perceiving the Location of Auditory Events. A.P. Wuestfeld, L.D. Rosenblum, Hearing What Is Reachable. W-D. Heine, R. Guski, J.B. Pittenger, Auditory Perception of Numbers. G. Jansson, Perception of the Amount of Fluid in a Vessel Shaken by a Hand. T. Schinauer, A. Hellmann, R. Hoeger, Perceived Egomotion Enhanced by Auditory Information. Part XII: Surface Perception. G. Burton, Minimal Probes for Texture Perception. T.F. Shipley, D.W. Cunningham, P.J. Kellman, Spatiotemporal Stereopsis. B. Baumberger, M. Flckiger, Bisection from Different Heights of Observation in an Optical Flow. A. Yonas, M. Sen, D.C. Knill, Reconceptualizing Accretion and Deletion of Texture. Part XIII: Affordances and Task Constraints in Intentional Systems. V. McDonald, Adaptation Through Exploratory Behavior. K.M. Newell, P.V. McDonald, R. Baillargeon, V.A. Whyte, Affordances for Prehension in Young Infants. J. Konczak, M. Borutta, J. Dichgans, Development of Reaching: Contrasting Movement Structure with Its Underlying Dynamics. G. Riccio, D. Lee, E. Martin, Task Constraints on Postural Control. P. Haggard, J. Richardson, Spatial Patterns in the Control of Human Arm Movement. A.A.M. van Santvoord, P.J. Beek, Optical Information for Cascade Juggling. A.A.M. van Santvoord, Video-Juggling: A Computer-Implemented Task Space for Studying the Control of Action. B. Steenbergen, R.G. Marteniuk, L.E. Kalbfleisch, The Relational Influence of Constraints on the Coordination of a Natural Prehension Action. J. van der Kamp, B. Steenbergen, A.W. Smitsman, Preliminaries for a Natural Physical Approach to Tool-Use in Children. Y. Jiang, L.S. Mark, D. Anderson, A. Domm, The Effect of Viewing Location and Direction of Gaze in Determining Whether a Gap Is Crossable. Part XIV: Optical Informati

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