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Studies in Perception and Action X
Fifteenth International Conference on Perception and Action

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ISBN 9781848728806
Published June 26, 2009 by Psychology Press
188 Pages

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Book Description

This volume is the 10th in the Studies in Perception and Action series and contains research presented at the 15th International Conference on Perception and Action (ICPA) meeting in the summer of 2009.

ICPA provides a forum for presenting new data, theory, and methodological developments relevant to the ecological approach to perception and action. The forty papers presented in this volume are divided into five Parts and represent the latest developments in ecological psychology research from four continents. In many instances, the contributions to Studies volumes reflect the first appearance of new ideas in a scientific venue. As a result, this book contains the most recent and cutting-edge research in perception and action.

This volume will appeal to individuals who follow the research literature in ecological psychology, as well as those interested in perception, perceptual development, human movement dynamics, and social processes.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Part 1. Action and Coordination. J.J.C. Blau, D.G. Stephen, T.D. Frank, M.T. Turvey, C. Carello, Nonlinear Attractor Dynamics and Symmetry Breaking in Prism Adaption and Re-adaption. B. Bril, R. Rein, T. Nonaka, Functional Tuning of Action to Task Constraints in Tool-Use: The Case of Stone Knapping. D.G. Dotov, D.G. Stephen, T.D. Frank, M.T. Turvey, Variability of Uni-Manual Pendulum Oscillation at and away from Resonance. S. Hirata, H. Okuzumi, M. Kokubun, M. Kumai, Comparison of Performance of Tray-Carrying Task by Persons with Down Syndrome and Those with Other Forms of Mental Retardation. N. Hirose, Observation of Action Slips in a Young Child. Y. Ikeda, S. Hirata, H. Okuzumi, M. Kokubun, Relationship between Attention and Stepping. Y. Kamiyama, S. Hirata, H. Okuzumi, M. Kokubun, Relationship between Stepping and Its Tempo. N.A. Kuznetsov, M.A. Riley, Dynamics of Motor Performance in Visually Guided Force Production. K. Yoshida, T.A. Stoffregen, Microslips in a Manual Placing Task.  Part 2. Interpersonal Coordination. T.J. Davis, M.A. Riley, K. Shockley, K. Capehart, J. Fine, Perceiving Affordances for a Dyad. R.W. Isenhower, K.L. Marsh, P. Silva, M.J. Richardson, R.C. Schmidt, Inter- and Intra-personal Coordination in Autistic and Typically-Developing Children. M. Varlet, L. Marin, J. Lagarde, B.G. Bardy, The Influence of Interpersonal Interaction on Postural Coordination Dynamics in a Suprapostural Task. H. Inou, M. Sawada, H. Mishima, Gaze Coordination between Car Drivers and Passengers: An Observation. A. Smith, C. Pelzer, M.R. Giveans, K. Shockley, T.A. Stoffregen, Target Distance Influences Interpersonal Postural Coordination.  Part 3. Perception and Perceptual Learning. N. Furuyama, H. Mishima, S. Maruyama, M. Takiyama, Discrimination of Surfaces by Touching: Impact of Obstacles Attached to the Fingertip upon Performance. C.H. Lu, J. Aman, J. Konczak, Integration of Visuo-Haptic Information for Judging Object Size. Z. Palatinus, C. Carello, M.T. Turvey, Perceiving by Dynamic Touch with and without Hands. L. Bachus, K. Shockley, M.A. Riley, Apparent Point of Rotation Manipulation Affects Multimodal Heaviness Perception. R. Flom, M. Wright, A. Phillippi, T. Beckstead, J. Jones, H. Allen, D. Boysen, Twelve-Month-Olds' Discrimination of Monkey Faces: Evidence for Perceptual Narrowing? N.G. Kim, K. Shin, Human Sensitivity to Local Taus. R. Mizuno, K. Ito, M. Okamoto, Analysis of User's Action for Perceiving Shapes Using an Active Perception Device. J.B. Wagman, D.M. McBridge, Improvements in Perceptual Accuracy Scale to Frequency of Feedback about Task Performance. J. Shook, E.J. White, K. Shockley, The Influence of Eyeheight and Optic flow on Egocentric Distance Perception.  Part 4. Perception of Affordances. D.N. Athreya, M.A. Riley, T.J. Davis, V.C. Ramenzoni, Sensitivity to Changes in Action Capabilities. S.M. Lopresti-Goodman, T.D. Frank, M.J. Richardson, M.T. Turvey, Understanding the Dynamics of Behavioral Transitions in Affordance Experiments. L. Ye, W. Cardwell, S. Karges, M. Petrovic, L.S. Mark, Differences between American and Chinese Students in Perceiving Multiple Affordances for Common Objects. M. Petrovic, A. Strang, L.S. Mark, Changes in Anterior Deltoid Muscle Activity at the Preferred Critical Boundary for Reaching. P.B. Pufall, K. Hobbs, Development, Balance and Flexibility as Constraints on Perceiving Affordances. M. Ueno, S. Hirata, H. Okuzumi, M. Kokubun, Ecometrics of Step-Over Height. Q. Zhu, G. Bingham, Investigating the Information Used to Detect an Affordance for Maximum Distance Throws.  Part 5. Posture. V. Bonnet, B. Bardy, P. Fraisse, N. Ramdani, J. Lagarde, S. Ramdani, A Closed-Loop Controller to Model Postural Coordination. F.C. Chen, Y. Yu, S. Villard, T.A. Stoffregen, Postural Stabilization of Visual Performance at Sea. M. Inagami, R. Ohno, Immediate Awareness of the Surrounding Environment in the Form of Optical Pushes. A.J. Jor'dan, M.G. Wade, K. Yoshida, T.A. Stoffregen, Postural Response to a Suprapostural Task in Children at Risk for Developmental Coordination Disorder. E. Littman, E.W. Otten, L.J. Smart, Jr, Consequence of Internally Versus Externally Generated Visual Motion on Postural Regulation in a Virtual Environment: The Importance of Perception and Action Rather than Perception and Reaction. E.W. Otten, L.J. Smart, Jr, The Effect of Open vs. Closed-Loop Optic Flow on Visually Induced Motion Sickness. T.A. Stoffregen, Y. Yu, F.C. Chen, S. Villard, Preferred Stance Width at Sea. A. Tsuruhara, Y. Katsumata, M. Kitazaki, A. Hanazawa, S. Kanazawa, M. Yamaguchi, Infants' Visually Induced Postural Sway: The Effect of the Attractiveness of Fixation Mark. C.M. Yang, C.C. Huang, Body Sway in the Processes of Perceiving Various Visual Environmental Structures. Y. Yu, Y. Katsumata, T.A. Stoffregen, Body Sway and Visual Performance at Sea. Author Index. Keyword Index.

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