Studies on Greek Law, Oratory and Comedy  book cover
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Studies on Greek Law, Oratory and Comedy

ISBN 9781472458179
Published October 2, 2017 by Routledge
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Book Description

Douglas M. MacDowell (1931–2010) was a scholar of international renown and the articles included here cover a significant area of classical scholarship, discussing Athenian law, law-making and legal procedure, Old Comedy, comedy and law, politics and lexicography. All of these articles, published between 1959 and 2010, bear the characteristic marks of his scholarship: precision, balanced judgement, brevity and deep learning; they are rational and sober accounts of complicated and controversial issues. Many of these essays are virtually inaccessible as they were originally published in celebratory volumes or article collections which are now out of print or difficult to find outside major libraries. This collection of MacDowell’s articles will make these works available to a broad scholarly audience, and make it easier to bring this scholarship to the classroom as part of courses in Classics, ancient history, legal history and theatre studies. The volume includes a biography of MacDowell by Christopher Carey, based on the testimony of his closest colleagues and personal friends, which was presented to the British Academy.

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Christopher Carey (Proceedings of the British Academy 172 [2011] 233-48)

Part I: Drama and Comedy

"Aristophanes and democracy"

(in Sakellariou, M. B. (ed) Democratie athenienne et culture, 189-97, Athenai 1996)

"The number of speaking actors in old comedy"

(CQ 44 (1994) 325-35)

"Clowning and slapstick in Aristophanes"

(in Redmond, J. (ed) Themes in drama, X: Farce, 1-13, Cambridge 1988).

"The nature of Aristophanes’ "Acharnians"

(G & R 30 (1983) 143-62)

"Aristophanes and Kallistratos"

(CQ 32 (1982) 21-26)

Aristophanes, Lysistrata 277-80

(CQ 30 (1981) 294-5)

The Frogs' chorus

(CR 22 (1972) 3-5)

"Clowning in Aristophanes"

(PCA 65 (1968) 30-31)

"Aristophanes, Peace 16-18"

(CR 15 (1965) 17)

"Aristophanes, Frogs 1407-67"

(CQ 53 (1959) 261-8. (= "Aristophanes. "Frogs" 1407-67" in Newiger, H.-J. (ed) Aristophanes und die alte Komödie, 364-75, Darmstadt (Wege der Forschung 265)))

"Aristophanes and Athenian law"

(in Harris, E. M. & L. Rubinstein (eds) Law and drama in ancient Greece, 147-57, London 2010)


Part II: Law, institutions and oratory

"The Athenian penalty of epobelia"

(in Harris, E. & G. Thür (eds) Symposion 2007. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Durham, 2–6 September 2007), 87–94, Wien 2009)

"Hereditary sitesis in fourth-century Athens"

(ZPE 162 (2007) 111-3)

"Mining cases in Athenian law"

(in Thür, G. & H.-A. Rupprecht (eds) Symposion 2003. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Rauischholzhausen, 30 September – 3 October 2003), 121-40, Wien 2006)

"The Athenian procedure of dokimasia of orators"

(in Wallace, R. W. & M. Gagarin (eds) Symposion 2001. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Evanston, Illinois, 5-8 September 2001), 79-87, Wien 2005)

"Epikerdes of Kyrene and the Athenian privilege of ateleia"

(ZPE 150 (2004) 127-33)

"Athenian laws about homosexuality"

(RIDA 47 (2000) 13-27)

"The length of trials for public offences in Athens"

(in Flensted-Jansen, P. et al. (eds) Polis and Politics. Studies in ancient Greek history presented to M. H. Hansen on his sixtieth birthday, 563-8, Copenhagen 2000)

"Foreign birth and Athenian citizenship in Aristophanes"

(in Sommerstein, A. H., Halliwell, J., Henderson, J. & B. Zimmermann (eds) Tragedy, Comedy and the Polis, 359-71, London 1993)

"The Athenian procedure of phasis"

(in Gagarin, M. (ed) Symposion 1990. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Pacific Grove, California, 24-26 September 1990), 187-98, Köln 1991)

"The oikos in Athenian law"

(CQ 39 (1989) 10-21)

"The authenticity of Demosthenes 29 (Against Aphobos III) as a source of information about Athenian law"

(in Thür, G. (ed) Symposion 1985. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Ringberg, 24-26 Juli 1985), 253-63, Köln 1989)

"Athenian laws about choruses"

(in Fernández Nieto, F. J. (ed) Symposion 1982. Vorträge zur griechischen und hellenistischen Rechtsgeschichte, (Santander, 1-4 September 1982),65-78, Köln 1989)

"The law of Periandros about symmories"

(CQ 36 (1986) 438-49)

"The length of the speeches on the assessment of the penalty in Athenian courts"

(CQ 35 (1985) 525-6)

"Athenian laws about bribery"

(RIDA 30 (1983) 57-78)

"Love versus the law: An essay on Menander’s Aspis"

(G & R 29 (1982) 42-52)

"Hybris in Athens"

(G & R 23 (1976) 14-31)

"Bastards as Athenian citizens"

(CQ 26 (1976) 88-91)

"Law-making at Athens in the fourth century B.C."

(JHS 95 (1975) 62-74)

"The chronology of Athenian speeches and legal innovations in 401-398 B.C."

(RIDA 18 (1971) 267-73)

"Unintentional homicide in the Hippolytos"

(RhM 111 (1968) 156-58)

Part III: Varia philologica et historica

"Demosthenes 21.126"

(ZPE 99 (1993) 10)


(CQ 59 (1965) 41-51)

"An expansion of the Athenian navy"

(CR 15 (1965) 260)

"Piso's face"

(CR 14 (1964) 9-10)

"Ἀρετὴ and generosity"

(Mnemosyne 16 (1963) 127-34)

"Gorgias, Alkidamas, and the Cripps and Palatine manuscripts"

(CQ 55 (1961) 113-24)

"Theagenes of Peiraieus"

(RhM 104 (1961) 229-36)

"Aigina and the Delian League"

(JHS 80 (1960) 118-21)

"Leogoras at Hennea Hodoi"

(RhM 102 (1959) 376-8)


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Konstantinos Kapparis is Associate Professor of Classics and Director of the Center for Greek Studies at the University of Florida, USA. He has published four books and numerous articles, book chapters and book reviews. His research interests include the Attic orators, the history of gender and sexuality, and the history of medicine and medical ethics.

Ilias Arnaoutoglou is a graduate of the Faculty of Law (Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, 1987) and a Doctor of Classical Studies (Glasgow, 1993). He has been an assistant editor of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, a researcher in the Research Centre for the History of Greek Law at the Academy of Athens since 2000, and a contributor in the Copenhagen Associations Project. He is the author of Ancient Greek Laws: A Sourcebook (1998) and Private Religious Associations in Hellenistic Athens (2003).

Dimos Spatharas is Assistant Professor of Greek Literature at the University of Crete, Greece. His recent publications include a commentary on Isocrates’ Against Lochites and a co-edited volume on private life and public discourse in ancient Greece and the Enlightenment. His published articles focus on the Attic orators, social history in classical Athens, the Sophists and the social construction of emotions.