1st Edition

Studying British Cultures An Introduction

Edited By Susan Bassnett Copyright 1997

    Studying British Cultures is a lively and provocative volume of essays which offers the ideal introduction to a contentious area. The contributors, who have been instrumental in establishing the discipline of British Cultural Studies, explore a wide range of critical debates on cultural identity and explode the myth that Britain is made up of a homogenous people.
    The first half of the book traces examines the theory and methodology of studying British cultures, in disciplines variously known as British Studies, Cultural Studies or British Cultural Studies. The second half of the book turns to key topics in those fields, looking in turn at developments in Scottish, Welsh and Irish Studies and the roles of Shakespeare and West Indian literature in the study of British cultures. In vivid and often entertaining essays, the authors demonstrate that 'culture' is a plurality of discourses, not a fixed, unitary concept.

    Introduction. Studying British Cultures Susan Bassnett Part I. 1. But what is Cultural Studies Anthony Easthope 2. Facts and Meaning in British Cultural Studies Alan Durant 3. British Studies: An Educational Perspective Christopher Brumfit 4. Cultural Studies and Foreign Language Teaching Michael Byram 5. Fictional Maps of Britain David Punter Part II. 6. Redefining Scotland Robert Crawford 7. Cymru or Wales: Explorations in a Divided Sensibility Katie Gramich 8. A View of the Present State of Irish Studies Sabina Sharkey 9. Teaching West Indian Literature in Britain David Dabydeen 10. Shakespeare in Quotations John Drakakis Bibliography.


    Susan Bassnett is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Warwick. She has published extensively on translation, and her best known books include Reflections on Translation (2011), Constructing Cultures written with Andre Lefevere (1996) and Post-Colonial Translation co-edited with Harish Trivedi (1999). She translates from several languages and lectures on aspects of translation all over the world.