Subtlety in Relativity  book cover
1st Edition

Subtlety in Relativity

ISBN 9789814774444
Published December 13, 2017 by Jenny Stanford Publishing
462 Pages 10 Color & 18 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Subtlety in Relativity is the only book that has been written after the author’s discovery of a new way in which wave phenomena occur—the emission origin of waves. This drastically changes most issues of the old debate over the world being either deterministic or probabilistic. The emission origin of waves is not incompatible with the ideas of quantum theory; rather, this new and novel way in which waves can be generated justifies the use of mathematical and probabilistic methods of quantum theory. However, the emission origin of waves shows that quantum theory is statistically incomplete in, precisely, Einstein’s sense. There exists, then, a certain, previously unexplored, conceptual framework underlying the ideas of quantum theory. Whether this is the theory that Einstein and others were looking for then, how this way of thinking is related to the ideas of relativity, and whether this is a relativistic theory in the usual sense of this word are questions this book answers.

The book demonstrates how the Doppler effect with acceleration is essential to interpreting astronomical observations. It also offers a detailed and self-sufficient technical background of mathematical ideas of category theory. The book is divided into two parts. The first is less mathematical and more conceptual in its orientation. The second focuses on mathematical ideas needed to implement physical concepts. The book is a great reference for advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students of physics and researchers in physics, astronomy, and cosmology, who will gain a deeper understanding of relativity from it.

Table of Contents

Concepts Are Free Creations of the Human Mind; Wave Theory of Light; Electromagnetism and Light; Atomic Theory of Matter; Radiation and Thermodynamics; What Is a Quantum?; Mysterious Quantum; The Idea of Relativity; What Is Relativity?; Problem of the Constancy of the Speed of Light; Einstein's Relative Time; Measuring the Speed of Light; Time Is Absolute; The General Principle of Relativity; The Universal Principle of Relativity; The Light Quantum in Universal Relativity; The Doppler Effect; Difficulty with Special Relativity; Doppler Analysis with Acceleration; What Is a Category?; Properties of Arrows and Objects; Functors; Adjoint Functors and Adjoint Situations; Categorical Measures; The Meaning of Universal Relativity; Physical Space is 3D, Always!; Categorical Dynamics; Emission Origin for a Wave of Quanta

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