1st Edition

Success in Evaluation Focusing on the Positives

    Success in Evaluation takes a fundamentally different approach to the mainstream supply side discussion of evaluation quality, utilization, and learning. The contributors believe that a systematic focus on success will lead to increased awareness of evaluation and its findings, a more positive attitude, and a greater chance of actual evaluation use.

    This book offers many different lessons on how to improve evaluation design, research processes, and reporting. It is a realistic look at performance management, the evidence movement, and the demand barriers that so often block the role evaluators can play in organizational learning and decision-making.

    International case studies and lessons are included that both explain success-oriented methods and share insightful lessons from the real world. Together, they present a convincing case that evaluation for success allows for increased constructive interaction amongst both stakeholders and evaluators and, as a result, learning processes and outcomes will improve.

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    Foreword, Ray C. Rist


    1. Introduction
    Rudi Turksema, Peter van der Knaap, and Steffen
    Bohni Nielsen

    Part One: Evaluative Approaches to Find Success

    2. Positive Thinking and Learning from Evaluation
    Nicoletta Stame and Veronica Lo Presti

    3. Structuring Evaluations and Monitoring for Learning
    John Mayne

    4. Using Big Data to Identify Success
    Jonathan D. Breul

    5. What Public Sector Organizations Can Learn from the Private Sector Evaluative Practices: The Case of the Balanced Scorecard
    R. Pablo Guerrero O.

    6. Focusing on Success: A Review of Everyday Practices of Organizational Learning in Public Administration
    Karol Olejniczak

    Part Two: Case Studies in Finding Success

    7. Building on Success to Succeed: The Role of Evaluation in Evidence-Based Policymaking in Denmark
    Daniel Schwartz Bojsen and Line Dybdal

    8. Managing Evaluative Knowledge: The Case of Mothers' Aid
    Steffen Bohni Nielsen

    9. Indicators of Success: Using Information and Learning to Support an Effective Performance Audit Function
    Jeremy Lonsdale and Ruth Stewart

    10. Conditions for Evaluation Success in the Education Sector
    Claus C. Rebien and Andreas Hougaard

    11. Sustaining the Success of Sustainable Road Safety: The Contributions of Responsive Evaluation and Performance Indicators
    Peter van der Knaap

    12. The Power of Positive Evaluation: Bridging Evaluative Inquiry, Learning, and Success
    Peter van der Knaap, Steffen Bohni Nielsen, and
    Rudi Turksema

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    Rudi Turksema