1st Edition

Successful Seed Programs A Planning And Management Guide

By Johnson E. Douglas Copyright 1980

    This book provides the administrator with a basic reference for assessing the stage of development of the seed program, identifying needs, developing plans, and taking actions necessary to build a successful seed program to help managers and leaders to plan and implement successful activities.

    Foreword -- Preface -- Overview: Successful Seed Programs in Brief -- Seed Supplies Today and Tomorrow -- The Genesis: Crop Breeding Research -- The Seed Program Starts: Initial Seed Multiplications -- Building the Seed Supply -- Seed Quality Control -- Getting Seed of Improved Varieties Used -- Personnel Development and Staffing -- Resources -- Appendixes -- : Three Case Histories -- : Contract Information and Sample Forms -- : Model Seed Legislation -- : International Seed Organizations -- : The Break-Even Chart -- : Training in Seed Technology in Developed Countries -- : Useful Addresses


    Johnson E. Douglas