1st Edition

Suffering Psychological and Social Aspects in Loss, Grief, and Care

    Learn to help others understand, cope with, and even overcome emotional and physical suffering. Suffering: Psychological and Social Aspects in Loss, Grief, and Care is a unique and insightful volume of observations, anecdotes, and case studies about suffering. In this important book, doctors, nurses, teachers, funeral directors, and members of the clergy discuss the crucial physical, emotional, and psychological issues that patients and their families must confront when death is imminent. They address a variety of topics including terminal illness, chronic illness, loss, grief, and pain. Ideal for professionals who work with dying people and their families, Suffering highlights topics that are particularly common when working with AIDS patients, cancer patients, children, the elderly, and the mentally ill.

    Contents Patients’ Wants and Needs: The Physicians’ Responses
    • Suffering and Autonomy
    • The Dying Patient: Physician’s Suffering
    • Suffering, Thanatology, and Whole-Person Medicine
    • The Pain of the Physician
    • Repetitive Existential Plight: The Emotional Impact of Recurrent Serious Illness
    • Suffering in Chronic Mental Illness
    • Reflections on Suffering Prompted by ALS
    • Suffering and End Stage Renal Disease
    • Cancer Patients and Radiotherapy: Close Encounters of a Third Kind
    • AIDS Patient Suffering
    • Suffering
    • Home Care for the Dying Child With Cancer: Feasibility and Desirability
    • Euthanasia and Moral Stress
    • On the Value of Suffering in the Shadow of Death
    • Suffering and Pain
    • Death and Growth: The Problem of Pain
    • The Child and Suffering: The Role of the School
    • Spiritual Support for the Suffering: Clergy Attitudes Toward Bereavement
    • A Pastoral View of Widowhood
    • Push Back the Curtain of Darkness
    • Aspects of Anxiety: Financial Concerns When Death Is Imminent
    • Suffering and the Quest for Meaning
    • “And Day Brought Back My Night”


    Robert DeBellis, Eric Marcus, Austin H. Kutscher, Carole Smith Torres, Virginia Barrett, Mary-Ellen Siegel