1st Edition

Super-Resolution Imaging in Biomedicine

ISBN 9781482244342
Published October 14, 2016 by CRC Press
448 Pages 192 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

This book encompasses the full breadth of the super-resolution imaging field, representing modern techniques that exceed the traditional diffraction limit, thereby opening up new applications in biomedicine. It shows readers how to use the new tools to increase resolution in sub-nanometer-scale images of living cells and tissue, which leads to new information about molecules, pathways and dynamics. The book highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the techniques, and gives state-of-the-art examples of applications using microscopes currently available on the market. It covers key techniques such as stimulated emission depletion (STED), structured illumination microscopy (SSIM), photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM), and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM). It will be a useful reference for biomedical researchers who want to work with super-resolution imaging, learn the proper technique for their application, and simultaneously obtain a solid footing in other techniques.

Table of Contents


In the Realm of Super-Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
Alberto Diaspro, Paolo Bianchini, Giuseppe Vicidomini, Colin J.R. Sheppard, Luca Lanzano, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, and Lauretta Galeno

Super-Resolution in a Standard Microscope: From Fast Fluorescence Imaging to Molecular Diffusion Laws in Live Cells
Carmine Di Rienzo, Enrico Gratton, Fabio Beltram, and Francesco Cardarelli

Photoswitching Fluorophores in Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy
Ulrike Endesfelder

Image Analysis for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy
Martin Ovesny, Pavel Krˇižek, Josef Borkovec, Zdeneˇk Švindrych, and Guy M. Hagen

Deconvolution of Nanoscopic Images
Hans van der Voort


Re-Scan Confocal Microscopy
Giulia M.R. De Luca, Ronald M.P. Breedlijk, and Erik M.M. Manders

Structured Illumination Microscopy
Sara Abrahamsson, Graeme Ball, Kai Wicker, Rainer Heintzmann, and Lothar Schermelleh

Correlative Nanoscopy: AFM Super-Resolution (STED/STORM)
Jenu Chacko, Francesca Cella Zanacchi, Benjamin Harke, Alberto Diaspro, and Claudio Canale

Stochastic Optical Fluctuation Imaging
Simon Christoph Stein, Anja Huss, Ingo Gregor, and Jorg Enderlein

Super-Resolution Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy Utilizing Transmissive Liquid Crystal Devices
Kohei Otomo, Terumasa Hibi, Yuichi Kozawa, Sari Ipponjima, Shunichi Sato, and Tomomi Nemoto

Fluorescent Nanodiamonds in Biological and Biomedical Imaging and Sensing
Metin Kayci, Flavio M. Mor, and Aleksandra Radenovic


Optical Nanoscopy with SOFI
Xuanze Chen, Zhiping Zeng, Xi Zhang, Pingyong Xu, and Peng Xi

Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy of the Nanoscale Organization of RNAP and DNA in E. coli
Christoph Spahn, Ulrike Endesfelder, and Mike Heilemann

Correlative Live-Cell and Super-Resolution Microscopy and Its Biological Applications
Melike Lakadamyali

SAX Microscopy and Its Application to Imaging of 3D-Cultured Cells
Katsumasa Fujita, Kentaro Mochizuki, and Nicholas I. Smith

Quantitative Super-Resolution Microscopy for Cancer Biology and Medicine
Alec Peters, Andrew Nickerson, Li-Jung Lin, and Xiaolin Nan

Distribution, Organization, and Dynamics of EGF Receptor in the Plasma Membrane Studied by Super-Resolution Imaging
Susana Rocha, Herlinde De Keersmaecker, Eduard Fron, Mitsuhiro Abe, Asami Makino, Hiroshi Uji-i, Johan Hofkens, Toshihide Kobayashi, Atsushi Miyawaki, and Hideaki Mizuno

Super-Resolution Microscopy: The Dawn of a New Era in Cardiovascular Research
Marc A.M.J. van Zandvoort

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Alberto Diaspro, Ph.D, is a professor of applied physics and head of the Nanophysics Unit of the Italian Institute of Technology. He also founded the Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy, Bioimaging, and Spectroscopy (LAMBS).

Marc A.M.J. van Zandvoort, Ph.D, is the leader of the Two-Photon Core Facility in Aachen and head of the Advanced Microscopy Unit in the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology at Maastricht University, Netherlands.


"an outstanding book suitable for people with interests in the biomedical applications of super-resolution microscopy…. The chapter on structured-light microscopy is another gem, with its exposition of theory, instrumentation and limitations. The warning of artifacts in the specimen preparation, the image acquisition, as well as image analysis and interpretation, permeate the book’s content…. The figures are all high quality"
Optics & Photonics News (Mar 2017), review by Barry R. Masters