1st Edition

Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma

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ISBN 9780849393051
Published October 25, 1993 by CRC Press
304 Pages

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Book Description

Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma describes the basic physical processes defining the properties and characteristics of SHF-discharges at pressures from 100 Pa to atmospheric. It provides a detailed analysis of propagation mechanisms of the discharge front in atomic and molecular gases, and it examines specific forms of discharges in external magnetic fields and under conditions of combined effect by SHF- and dc-electric fields. Methods for calculating the intensity of electric SSHF-fields and their energy efficiency in a plasma for different schemes of SHF-plasma generators are described. The book incorporates examples demonstrating the possibilities of utilizing SHF-discharges in modern technology, including one illustrating the preparation of finely divided powders of titanium, zirconium, and hafnium nitrides. Superhigh Frequency Generators of Plasma will benefit researchers and engineers dealing with the physics of plasma and plasma technologies, in addition to students interested in the topic.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Notation. Introduction. References. MOVING SHF-DISCHARGES. GENERAL INFORMATION ON MOVING SHF-DISCHARGES. MECHANISMS OF NOTION. Methods of Generation and Investigation. Idealized Structure of Moving Discharges. Classification of the Mechanisms of Motion. SHF-DISCHARGES PROPAGATING IN WAVEGUIDES IN MOLECULAR GASES. Model of Discharge Moving in the Air. The Results of Experimental Investigations at Pressures of 103-104 Pa. Analysis of the Mechanism of Discharge Motion in Molecular Gases at pressures of 103-104 Pa. SHF-Discharge Moving in the Air at Atmospheric Pressure. SHF-DISCHARGES PROPAGATING IN WAVEGUIDES IN INERT GASES. SHF-Discharges Propagating as a Result of Resonance Radiation Diffusion. The Results of Experimental Investigations of SHF-Discharges Moving in Argon at Pressures of 103-105 PA. Analysis of the Mechanism of Discharge Motion in Inert Gases. Singularities and Mechanism of Motion of SHF-Discharges in Helium. SHF-DISCHARGES PROPAGATING ALONG ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION BEAM IN MOLECULAR GASES. Discharge in Air at Atmospheric Pressure. Discharge in Nitrogen. STATIONARY SHF-DISCHARGES. Parameters of the Plasma of Stationary Equilibrium SHF-Discharges. Basic Assumptions Used. DC Analogy. Experimental Investigation of the Parameters of the Plasma of Equilibrium SHF-Discharge in Nitrogen. SHF-Discharge in Hydrogen. STATIONARY NONEQUILIBRIUM SHF-DISCHARGES IN INERT GASES. Discharges at Low Pressure. Discharges in Helium at Atmospheric Pressure. Discharge in Argon/Hydrogen Mixture. Stationary Combined Discharge in Argon/Hydrogen Mixture. SHF-DISCHARGE IN EXTERNAL MAGNETIC FIELD. Stabilization of Moving SHF-Discharge by External Magnetic Field. Suppression of Corkscrew Instability of Arc Discharge by SHF-Field. SHF-PLASMA GENERATOR ENGINEERING. INTEGRAL ELECTRODYNAMIC CHARACTERISITICS OF SHF-PLASMA GENERATORS. Basic Characteristics and Schemes of SHF-Plasma Generators. Equivalent Circuits of SHF-Plasma Generators. On the Stability of the Operating Mode of SHF-Plasma Generators. ELECTRIC FIELDS AND ENERGY RELEASE IN PLASMA COLUMN. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in a Cylindrical Waveguide with Plasma Column. Electric Fields in a Plasma Column and the Peculiarities of Energy Input for Waves of Different Types. Experimental Investigation of Electric Fields in SHF-Discharge. FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGNING SHF-PLASMA GENERATORS. Conditions for the Formation of Plasma Column in Gas-Discharge Chamber. Comparison of Main Types of SHF-Plasma Generators. Possibility of Developing High-Power SHF-Plasma Generators. PREPARATION OF ULTRADISPERSE NITRIDES IN THE PLASMA OF SHF-DISCHARGE. MODERN METHODS OF SYNTHESIZING NITRIDES. Solid- and Gas-Phase Reactions. Low-Temperature Plasma in the Technology of Preparation of Nitrides. Thermodynamic Analysis of the Chloride Processes of Preparation of Nitrides. TECHNOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF PLASMOCHEMICAL SYNTHESIS OF NITRIDES. The Scheme of the Technological Process for the Preparation of Nitrides in the Plasma of SHF-Discharge. The Effect of Technological Characteristics of the Plasmochemical Process on the Dispersity of Nitride Powders. The Synthesis of Composite Nitrides in the Plasma of SHF-Discharge. THE PROPERTIES OF ULTRADISPERSE NITRIDES POWDERS. The Physical and Chemical Properties. The Technological Properties. References. Index.

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