1st Edition

Supported Housing Past, Present and Future

By Yoric Irving-Clarke Copyright 2019
    118 Pages
    by Routledge

    118 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book covers the history of supported housing provision in the context of the broader political and theoretical considerations of the time in which the respective policies were being implemented. The book takes an historical perspective using path dependency as an analytical framework. Particular attention is paid to the critical junctures in the path of supported housing provision and how these limited and continue to limit the policy choices available. The book concludes with a look at the current state of supported housing policy with a view to making recommendations for how policy in this area could be carried forward. The hope is that readers of this book learn the lessons of previous policy initiatives in this area and, by looking at the philosophical underpinning for supported housing can make recommendations for how it can be funded and provided in the future.

    This book provides a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners seeking to both provide and influence policy in this area. It is also a useful source for students studying housing and urban policy.

    Chapter 1 – Introduction

    Chapter 2 – Looking at Policy – a toolkit


    History Matters

    Explaining Path Dependency



    Limits of Path Dependency

    How is policy implemented?

    Top Down Implementation

    The Bottom Up Approach

    The Synthesizers

    Policy Networks

    Assessing Policy Success

    Process Success

    Programme Success

    Political Success

    Limits of the Heuristic



    Chapter 3 – Philosophy, Ideology and Supported Housing


    Philosophy and Housing

    The Social Contract

    A Theory of Justice

    Equality of Opportunity and the Difference Principle

    Nozick & Liberty

    The Post-War Consensus or First Way

    Thatcher, New Public Management and the Second Way

    New Labour and the 3rd Way

    The Social Investment State

    Criticisms of the Third Way

    Ideology, Philosophy and Supported Housing

    Rawls, Nozick and Supported Housing

    The Third Way and Supporting People


    Chapter 4 – Supported Housing – Past & Present

    The Poor Law – Old and New to the Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution to World War 2

    The Post War Consensus to Thatcher

    Thatcherism & New Public Management

    The Role of Housing Policy

    New Labour & the Supporting People Programme

    Accommodation-based Services

    Non-Accommodation-based Services

    The Coalition and Conservative Policy (2010 to the present)

    Sheltered Rent

    Sector Concerns

    Short Term/Transitional housing

    Sector Concerns

    Long Term Services


    Chapter 5 – Supported Housing – The Future

    Supported Housing and Policy Success

    Where we go from here – A Blueprint…



    Yoric Irving-Clarke (PhD) is a researcher for the Chartered Institute of Housing in the UK. He has worked in the provision and management of supported housing for around 20 years.