2nd Edition

Survey Sampling Theory and Methods, Second Edition

    414 Pages
    by CRC Press

    414 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Since publication of the first edition in 1992, the field of survey sampling has grown considerably. This new edition of Survey Sampling: Theory and Methods has been updated to include the latest research and the newest methods. The authors have undertaken the daunting task of surveying the sampling literature of the past decade to provide an outstanding research reference. Starting with the unified theory, the authors explain in the clearest of terms the subsequent developments. In fact, even the most modern innovations of survey sampling, both methodological and theoretical, have found a place in this concise volume.

    See what's new in the Second Edition:

  • Descriptions of new developments
  • A wider range of approaches to common problems
  • Increased coverage of methods that combine design and model-based approaches, adjusting for sample errors

    Covering the current state of development of essential aspects of theory and methods of survey sampling, the authors have taken great care to avoid being dogmatic and eschew taking sides in their presentation. They have created tool for graduate and advanced level students and a reference for researchers and practitioners that goes beyond the coverage found in most textbooks.
  • Estimation in finite populations: a unified theory. Strategies depending on auxiliary variables. Choosing good sampling strategies. Predictors. Asymptotic aspects in survey sampling. Applications of asymptotics. Design- and model-based variance estimation. Multi-stage, multi-phase and repetitive sampling. Re-sampling and variance estimation in complex surveys. Sampling from inadequate frames. Analytic studies of survey data. Randomized response. Incomplete data. An epilogue.


    Arijit Chaudhuri, Horst Stenger