Sustainable Bioprocessing for a Clean and Green Environment : Concepts and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Sustainable Bioprocessing for a Clean and Green Environment
Concepts and Applications

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ISBN 9780367459086
April 19, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
336 Pages 74 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Sustainable Bioprocessing for a Clean and Green Environment: Concepts and Applications highlights the importance of waste to health in which waste is safely converted to value-added products via bioprocess technologies. Providing fundamental concepts and applications, this book also offers readers the methodology behind the operation of a variety of biological processes used in developing valuable products from waste.

  • Discusses synthesis and use of environmentally friendly biobased materials, such biopolymer films and biobased plasticizers
  • Highlights nanotechnology applications in the treatment of pollution and emphasizes the synthesis of biogenic nanomaterials for environmental remediation
  • Describes the use of biosurfactants and emerging algal technologies, such as applications of microalgae in nutraceuticals and biofuel production
  • Details delignification for lignocellulosic biomass

This interdisciplinary book offers researchers and practitioners in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and related fields a broad perspective on fundamentals, technologies, and environmental applications of sustainable bioprocessing.

Table of Contents

1. Waste Utilization for Bioenergy Production. 2. Biohydrogen Production From Various Biomass Feedstocks: A Sustainable Alternative to Gaseous Fuel-an Overview. 3. Energy Production From Industrial Wastewater Using Bioelectrochemical System. 4. Biopolymers Based Nanoparticles: Sources, Formulation and Its Applications. 5. Environment Friendly Starch Based Edible and Biodegradable Films for Packaging of Food Materials. 6. Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Thermal Inactivation of Partially Purified Bacteriocin From Pseudomonas Aeroginosa. 7. Probabilistic Model Prediction and Optimization of Bioethanol Production From Waste Ipomoea Batatas Peels. 8. Environment Friendly Starch Based Edible and Biodegradable Films for Packaging of Food Materials. 9. An Insight Into Bioelectricity Generation Through Waste Valorization Technique for Clean and Green Environment. 10. Bioethanol Production Using Various Methods - a Review of Sources, Pretreatment, Strains and Fermentation Processes. 11. Economic Aspects in Pretreatment Strategies of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Production of Bioethanol. 12. The Role of Nanomaterials in Wastewater Treatment. 13. Microbial Biosurfactants: Advances in Sustainable Production, Application and Their Commercial Potential. 14. Application of Biogenic Nanoparticles for Clean Environment Nutraceutical Prospects of Green Algal Resources in Sustainable Development. 15. Importance of Green Algae as Bioenergy Resources for the Ecotechnological Means to Sustainable Development. 16. Bio-based Coagulants for the Remediation of Environmental Pollutants. 17. Pre-treatment of Paddy Straw for Sustainable Bioethanol Production

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Dr. Jerold is an academician and researcher in the field of biochemical Engineering. His area interest includes biorefineries, waste valorization, and Algal bioremediation. He has embarked his research potential for the clean and green environment. His research is mainly focused on sustainable bioconversion. In particular his idea is to produce wealth from waste. He has been awarded with seed grant to execute a research on production of biodiesel from microalgae. He is a reviewer of many peer reviewed. He has Industrial, Teaching and research experience. He works on bunch of research areas like fermentation, Phytoremediation, Biological Wastewater treatment, Biosoprtion, Microbial Fuel Cells, Nanotechnology, Biosurfactant, Biocatayst, Biofuels, and Adsorption of Heavy Metals etc. His research is highly focused on problems related to environmental issues. Especially, on liquid and solid waste management. He has been awarded with research seed money project on Biodiesel Production using Enzymatic Catalyst by National Institute of Technology Warangal. He has identified the macroalgae as feedstock for the production of bioethanol at low cost. He has extensively worked on dye removal using algae for the prospect of textile Industry. He has developed a biocomposite for the removal of dye with maximum Biosorption capacity. Being an interdisciplinary area researcher he is working on hot topics related to Sustainable energy production from Microbial fuel cells, Algal lipid, Biohydrogen from Wastewater and so on. He is also involved in the extraction of various phytochemicals from Algae. In addition to his research, he is involved in teaching for Undergraduate Engineering students. He has handled various subjects related to Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Bioreactor Design and Analysis, Downstream Processing, Protein Engineering, Bioprocess Heat Transfer, Biofuel Technology and Engineering, Bioprocess Instrumentation, Environmental Biotechnology, Herbal Biotechnology, Introduction to Life science, Engineering Biology, Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess System, and Biochemical Thermodynamics. He has handled various laboratory courses for Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology Students like Bioprocess and Bioreaction Engineering lab, Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess System lab, Heat and Mass Transfer, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Environmental and Pollution Control Lab. He is a highly committed teacher and a researcher works with enthusiastically on cutting edge research areas of Biotechnology. He has been with Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran fellowship for his postgraduate education and MHRD Fellowship by Government of India for his Doctoral studies. In addition he has honoured with gold medals for his higher academic credentials by the University at his higher studies. He was the state rank holder during his Pre University level. Jerold has published 24 research and review papers at International and National peer reviewed Journals. In addition, Jerold has authored six Book chapters in reputed book publishers. He has guided 15 project students for their dissertation work. He is guiding one doctoral student in the area of bioprocessing and bioseparation. To his credit he has edited couple of the books and is published in CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group and Springer Nature. He is a reviewer for various peer reviewed Journals at international and national level. He is life member of Biotech research society of India (BRSI) and International Society for Technical Education (ISTE), India

Dr. Santhiagu completed Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) from Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai in 1998. Later, he did Master of Technology in Biochemical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU), Varanasi in 2001. Subsequently, he completed Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemical Engineering at Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Varanasi in 2006. Later, he joined as Assistant Professor at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Sivakasi and worked for two years. Later, he moved to Ultra College of Pharmacy, Madurai where he served as Head of Department for 1 year. Then, he joined as Assistant Professor at NIT Calicut, School of Biotechnology in the year of 2009. Presently, he is serving as Professor of School of Biotechnology, NIT Calicut. In addition to Teaching he has been deputed in various administrative positions like HOD, Associate Dean, Deputy Registrar and Chief Warden. He has published over 18 research papers in various peer reviewed International Journals and around 25 research Papers in various National and International Conferences. He has evidenced his subject knowledge in guiding 5 Ph.Ds, 4 Master Degree Scholars and many project students getting their degrees awarded. At present, he has 7 Ph.D. scholars pursuing their degrees under his guidance. He has drawn various funded projects from government funding agencies like DST, DBT, and KSCSTE in the tune of 10 billion for various research projects. He has organized one international and one National Conference Sponsored and supported by DBT, DST, ICMR, and CSIR. His key Research area includes Bioprocessing, Bioremediation & Controlled drug delivery systems. He is a Life member of Biotech Research Society of India. He and his team members are working in the field of Bioprocessing for last one decade. They have attributed their research finding in the field of Bioprocessing of various Biological Products. In their lab students are working on different products like Gellan production, Biofuel Production, Fibrinolytic Enzyme Production etc. They are developing various strategies for commercializing the products. They are still on the way of experimentation and most of our products are in pipeline. The most interesting part of their research finding is on gellan Gum production using recombinant strains. Secondly, they have isolated a novel strain from marine source for the production novel block buster enzyme.

Thus, he has proved his research on various perspectives on Science and Engineering. So, he is now interested in deliver his research finding and expertise via Books and Journals. Perhaps, he has various publications in peer reviewed international journals. He would like to step into authoring a book with the support of his colleagues who are working in the similar kind of discipline.

Dr. Satish Babu is presently serving as Associate Professor and Head in the Department of Biotechnology. He has completed B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Warangal, M.Tech and Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. His area of research includes Bioprocess Engineering Environmental Biotechnology Modeling and Simulation of Bioprocesses Metabolic Engineering Bioinformatics. He has more than 14 years teach experience handled various subjects like Bioprocess Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemical reaction Engineering, Downstream Processing. Bioinformatics, Heat Transfer in Bioprocess, Mass Transfer operations in Bioprocess, Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess, Process Engineering Principles, Microbial Bioreactor Design, Microbial Engineering. He has also handled various labs like Bioprocess Engineering Lab Bioreaction Engineering Lab Bioinformatics Lab Downstream Process Lab for B.Tech students. In addition to teaching and research In addition to Teaching he has been deputed in various administrative positions like HOD, Warden, and Security officer. He has published over 26 research papers in various peer reviewed International Journals and around many research Papers in various National and International Conferences. He has evidenced his subject knowledge in guiding 3 Ph.Ds, several Master Degree Scholars and project students getting their degrees awarded. He has organized various workshop and National Conferences to deliver his expertise to the academicians, researchers and students. He has received funded project from Council of Scietific and Industrial research (CSIR) to the tune of 23 Lakhs and also research grant 3 Lakhs from the Institute. His research league is aimed in the development of low cost method to remove the pollutants from the ground water. His research group is working on isolation of novel enzymes and its application cancer cells studies. They have developed a low cost ultrafiltration membrane for the removal fluoride from ground water. In his past more than one decade of research his research group has done significant work for the benefit of the research community. He has published a chapter in CRC Press in the book entitled Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering: Trends and Developments (2015): 185. To his credit he has one patent (Continuous solution phase production of beta peptide using spiral copper channel microreactor, Application No.: 635/CHE/2015, Publication Date: 9/02/2015). He has Received Best Poster award in 3rd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology organised by Elsevier @ Gran Canaria, Spain. He has honored by Venus International Society in the year 2016 for his outstanding performance as Bioprocess Engineering Faculty. He is a academic fellow at Telangana Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Narasimhulu Korarapati is currently at National Institute of Technology Warangal as Associate Professor in the Department of Biotechnology. He has 20.2 years of teaching experience. He was Visiting Researcher at Rice University, USA in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He has completed B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at NIT Warangal, M.Tech at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India. Later, Dr. Narasimhulu Korarapati completed his Doctor of Philosophy at NIT Warangal. In addition he has Diploma in Sugar Technology. His areas of research are Environmental Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Modelling and Simulation of Bioprocesses, Biofuels, Systems Biology. He is expert in teaching various subjects like Biochemical Thermodynamics, Bioprocess Calculations, Bioprocess Engineering, Bioreaction Engineering, Modelling and Simulation of Bioprocesses, Bionanaotechnology, Bioprocess Plant Design. He is actively guiding research students for the award of Ph.D degree. He has successfully guided 3 Ph.D students in the field of Biotechnology. He has guided several Undergraduate and Master students for the dissertation work. He has received various sponsored funded projects from DST, SERB, MHRD to the tune of 36 Lakhs for conducting research works and other academic activities. He has published around 28 research papers in various peer reviewed International Journals and around many research Papers in various National and International Conferences. In addition to teaching and research he has been deputed in various administrative positions for the prospective of the institute developments. His research group aimed in the production of biofuel from ligocellulosic feedstock using enzymatic hydrolysis. Also, his team is working on the bioremediation of organic pollutants. Dr. Narasimhulu Korarapati has conducted various workshops, FDPs, and conferences to deliver his expert to the young students, researchers and engineers. He is Senior Member of Asia Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES) and life member of various professional bodies. He has visited USA, Thailand, Australia and Dubai for attending conferences and other academic works. He has awarded International travel award by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, for attending International Conference on Tissue Science and Engineering. He has been awarded with Young Faculty and Young Scientist Award Award by Venus International Foundation, Chennai, India.