Synthesis of Porous Materials : Zeolites: Clays, and Nanostructures book cover
1st Edition

Synthesis of Porous Materials
Zeolites: Clays, and Nanostructures

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ISBN 9780824797591
Published September 12, 1996 by CRC Press
744 Pages

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Book Description

"Based on the American Chemical Society's Symposium on the synthesis of zeolites, expanded layered compounds, and other microporous solids held recently in Anaheim, California. Describes up-to-date advances in porous materials preparation. Integrates numerous new results in a single-source volume."

Table of Contents

A perspective on zeolite synthesis: how do you know what you'll get? influence of physicochemical and structural properties of aluminosilicate gel precursors on the kinetics of crystallization zeolites A and X; homogeneous versus heterogeneous zeolite nucleation: a SAXS-WAXS study; synthesis and characterization of UTD-1: a novel neolite molecular sieve; the synthesis of omega zeolite from a TMA-free system which uses p-dioxane as a co-solvent; the structure directing effect of fluoride in the AL2O3-P2O5-HF-TEAOH-H2O system; the deposition of zeolites from gas phase; stable suspensions of colloidal silicalite-1 crystals free from organic materials; factors affecting the MTW zeolite crystallization process; semi-batch synthesis of sillicalite-1 alkaline aqueous solutions by monitored addition of an acid or an alcohol; flux growth of millimetre-sized single crystal aluminate sodalite; synthesis of aluminophosphates in the presence of metal-chelate complexes; synthesis of octahedral molecular sieves and layered materials; preparation of two cobalt-substituted zincophosphate molecular sieves; synthesis of VPI-8: the first large pore zincosilicate; template directed synthesis of the high-silica microsporous materials RUB-3, RUB-10 and RUB-13; synthesis and characterization of several gallium-containing molecular sieves with the offretite structure; synthesis and characterization of Ga-substituted zeolite ZSM-20; ferrierite: as synthesized and dealuminated with a Si/AI ration from 10 to infinity; kilogram scale production of EMT zeolite: optimization of the synthesis conditions; the kinetics of solid-state ion exchange between CuCI and sodium forms of zeoliotes; heteropolytungstates with cavities: the influence of the template on the structure; the synthesis and reactivity of zeolite NaX encapsulated ruthenium perfluorophthalocyanines; self assembly silica-surfactant liquid crystals during mesophase materials synthesis; a simple geometric modelling of the porosity of MCM-41 type materials. (Part contents).

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