1st Edition

Syria Modern State in an Ancient Land

By John F. Devlin Copyright 1983

    First Published in 1983, Syria: Modern State in an Ancient Land presents a concise profile of Syria in which the author depicts the factors that shaped modern Syria, introducing its land, people, and culture and explaining how it moved from being the coup - prone cockpit of inter-Arab politics to the relative stability in the 1980s. He discusses how its political system functions, the development of its moderate socialist economy, the nation's external affairs (particularly within the Middle East), and issues for the future-the last of particular interest because Syria is in a process of change in its politics, society, and international relationships. Throughout he provides a framework within which to understand and assess the developments in Syria in the 1980s. This is a must read for students of Middle East studies and Middle East history.

    List of Illustrations Acknowledgements 1. Introduction 2. The Past 3. The Environment 4. The People and their Culture 5. The Formation of the Modern Syrian State 6. Political Dynamics 7. A Changing Economy 8. External Affairs 9. Syria in the 1980s: Some Issues Notes Suggested Readings Index


    John F. Devlin