1st Edition

System Engineering Planning and Enterprise Identity

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ISBN 9780849378324
Published February 22, 1995 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

This book shows the reader how to write a system engineering management plan (SEMP) that reflects the company's identity and is appropriate to most customers' requirements, e.g., MIL-STD-499, ISO 9001, the U.S. Air Force Integrated Management System, and EIA STD 632.
The first section of this book provides a brief introduction to the process of developing a SEMP. The remainder contains a source model of a SEMP that is generic in nature. A computer disk is included with the book to provide the SEMP in a form (Microsoft Word) that can be used for the reader's own plan.

Table of Contents

What Is the Purpose
Where Are We Going
Why Plan?
When Plan?
One Man's Axioms of System Engineering
The Importance of Enterprise Identity
It Works for People
What Constitutes an Identity for an Enterprise?
Customer Standards, Tailoring, and Enterprise Identity
Sources of Inspiration
AFSCM 375 Series
SAMSO and BMO Standards
U.S. Army Field Manual
NASA System Engineering Manual
Commercial and Societal Standards
International Organization for Standardization
DSMC Systems Engineering Mangement Guide
Books In Print and Otherwise
Organizational Structures
Updating Matrix Management
A Model Program Organization Structure
Physical Collocation Options
Resistance to PDT
Model Matrix For This Book
Enterprise Integration Team (EIT)
Integrated Program Planning
The Ultimate Requirement and Program Beginnings
Program Plan Tree
Know Thyself Through Generic Program Planning Data
Integrated Management System Overview
Generating the Six Primary Documents
Work Responsibility
Who Plans the Program?
A Generic SEM/SEMP For You
Rapid Identity Documentation
Continuous Process Improvement and Process Audit Provisions
Is a Static Identity Adequate?
Procedures Media
Continuous Improvement Process
Process Audit
SEM/SEMP Implementation
First Things First
Process Definition and Improvement
SEM/SEMP Development
Organizational Structure Changes
Re-Education of Your Work Force
The Database Approach
Good Luck
Document Purpose
Functional Management Responsibility
Continuous Process Improvement
Application On Programs
Technical Objectives
Technical Plan Summary
Applicable Documents
Government Documents
Non-Government Documents
Development Environment
Program Development Environments
Phasing Correlation
Product Composition
Sequence Model Alternatives
Encouraged Environments
Program Information Environment
Management Style and the Working Environment
Technical Program Planning and Control
Precedence of Controlling Documentation
Company Organizational Structure
Generic Company Process Documentation
Program Planning Transform
Program Planning Documentation
Program Work Definition and Authorization
Performance Tracking and Reporting
Development Controls
Risk Management
Configuration Management
Data Management
Parts, Materials, and Process Standardization
Supplier Technical Controls
Associate Contractor Relationships
Customer Furnished Property
Systems Engineering Process
Process Overview
System Definition
Functional Decomposition
Requirements Analysis
Design and Integration
Test and Evaluation Development
System Analysis Development
Requirements Verification
System Test and Evaluation
Quality Assurance Support
Production Support
Computer Software Coding
Customer Readiness For Product Delivery
Post-Delivery Support
System Modifications
Design For Disposal
Material Control
Production Process Definition and Control
Inspection and Acceptance Testing Process Control
Logistics and Operational Support
Specialty Engineering Integration
Specialty Engineering Basis
System and Specialty Engineering Discipline Summaries
Generic Specialty Engineering Process Description
Specialty Engineering Tools
PIT Integration Work
Concurrent Development Team Activity
Concurrent Development Aids
Special Terms
Appendix A, Traceability to External Standards
Appendix B, Program System Engineering Assessment Criteria
Appendix C, Company Process Diagram
Appendix D, Task Descriptions
Main Body Index

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