1st Edition

System Safety, Maintainability, and Maintenance for Engineers

By B.S. Dhillon Copyright 2023
    204 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The safety, maintainability, and maintenance of systems have become more important than ever before. Global competition and other factors are forcing manufacturers to produce highly safe and easily maintainable engineering systems. This means that there is a definite need for safety, maintainability, and maintenance professionals to work closely during the system design and other phases of a project, and this book will help with that.

    System Safety, Maintainability, and Maintenance for Engineers presents, in a single volume, what engineers will need when designing systems from the fields of safety, maintainability, and maintenance of systems when they have to all work together on one project and it provides information that the reader will require no previous knowledge to understand. Also offered are sources in the reference section at the end of each chapter so that the reader is able to find further information if needed. For reader comprehension, examples along with their solutions are included at the end of each chapter.

    This book will be useful to many people including design engineers; system engineers; safety specialists; maintainability engineers; maintenance engineers; engineering managers; graduate and senior undergraduate students of engineering; researchers and instructors of safety, maintainability, and maintenance; and engineers-at-large.

    1. Introduction. 2. Safety, Maintainability, and Maintenance Mathematics. 3. Introduction to Safety. 4. Safety Analysis Methods. 5. Safety Management and Costing. 6. Maintenance, Software, and Robot Safety. 7. Introduction to Maintainability. 8. Maintainability Tools and Specific Maintainability Design-Related Considerations. 9. Maintainability Management and Human Factors in Maintainability. 10. Maintainability Testing and Demonstration. 11. Introduction to Engineering Maintenance. 12. Maintenance Management and Control. 13. Preventive and Corrective Maintenance. 14. Software and Robotic Maintenance. 15. Reliability-Centered Maintenance.


    Dr. B.S. Dhillon attended the University of Wales where he received a BS in electrical and electronic engineering and an MS in mechanical engineering. He received a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the University of Windsor. He is currently a professor of Engineering Management in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa, where he has served as a Chairman/Director of the Mechanical Engineering Department/Engineering Management Program for over 10 years at the same institution. He is the founder of the probability distribution named Dhillon Distribution/Law/Model used by statistical researchers in their publications around the world and he has published over 373 journals, conference proceedings, and articles combined on reliability engineering, maintainability, safety, and engineering management. Dr. Dhillon has served as General Chairman of two international conferences on reliability and quality control and has also served as a consultant to various organizations and bodies and has many years of experience in the industrial sector. At the University of Ottawa, he has been teaching reliability, quality, engineering management, design, and related areas and he has also lectured in over 50 countries.