Systems and Computer Technology : Proceedings of the 2014 Internaional Symposium on Systems and Computer technology, (ISSCT 2014), Shanghai, China, 15-17 November 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Systems and Computer Technology
Proceedings of the 2014 Internaional Symposium on Systems and Computer technology, (ISSCT 2014), Shanghai, China, 15-17 November 2014

ISBN 9781138028722
Published September 17, 2015 by CRC Press
226 Pages

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Book Description

This volume consists of papers presented at the 2014 International Symposium on Systems and Computer Technology (ISSCT 2014, Shanghai, China, 15-17 November 2014). The demand for systems and informatics have been constantly increasing, as more and more computer applications have been built. Great efforts have been made to improve the state of the art in the technologies for computer-based applications. ISSCT 2014 aimed to advance these technologies to a new level and to encourage development of computer-based applications to be more reliable and efficient. The submissions, from all parts of the world, cover a variety of areas, including Control and Automation Systems, Power and Energy Systems, Intelligent Systems, Computer Systems and Applications, Communications and Networking, Image, Video, and Signal Processing, Data Engineering and Data Mining, and Software Engineering.

Table of Contents

A measuring study of luminosity & chromaticity performance for laser display systems
H. Liu & W.S. Wang
A multi-sensor fusion solution for mobile robot simultaneous localization and mapping
Q. Sun & W. Zhang
Sliding mode observer based sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor
Z. Jin, C. Guo, H. Liu, Y. Lu, B. Zhang & X. Yao
Investigation of the modified Skyhook vibration control method
H. Zheng, Y. Xiang & L. Zhu
A control system using parallel pulse width modulation inverter
G.H. Thi Thu, H.W. Xiao, F.L. Tian, F.Z. Ren & C.C. Wei
Energy sensor on the horizon: An accurate, agile and scalable energy metering framework
for large-scale wired computing resources
J. Li, C. Ji & X. Wang
Realization of dielectric loss angle tester based on embedded system
X. Gao & Q. Zhou
Design and research on a new type of wind/solar hybrid generation system
L. Zhang, T. Liu, Q. Xu, R. Li & Q. Zhu
Remote wireless condition monitoring system of offshore wind
Y. Xie, Y. Xu & Z. Gao
A field modulated magnetic gear and its finite element method calculation
S. Du
The development of miniaturized seismic data acquisition unit—using flash disk for storage
X.X. Hu & Y.T. Teng
Fault diagnosis of gear box based on the information fusion and fault
tolerance technique
J. Yuan, X. Zeng & G. Gao
A survey on concepts and the state of the art of functional programming languages
S.-L. Jian, K. Lu & X.-P. Wang
Medical image processing system design for MISS
Y. Chen & P. Sun
Modeling mobile camera-based absolute mode cursor input using Fitts’ law
L. Chen, D. Chen, W. Shi, S. Xiahou & J. Li
A novel RSSI-based wireless localization algorithm
Z. Chen, Y. Jiang, R. He & F. Yin
A second-feature extraction based High Frequency emitter direction finding cross
location algorithm
X. Shen, R. Liu, W. Ji, D. Liu & X. Zhang
Study on the mechanism for the resource-based industrial cluster ecological
transformation promoted by ecological information
A.P. Qiao
Energy information entropy model based on the information entropy measure
Q. Chen & Y. Chen
Speech signal acquisition methods based on compressive sensing
S.-F. Xu & X.-B. Chen
A brief analysis of histogram based image enhancement techniques
Y. Ren & Z. Lin
Color contrast enhancement method in Lab space for color night vision
W. Guo, X. Qian & T. Zhang
Composite ridgelet transform for image denoising
Y. Chen & J. Xiao
FPGA-based Multifunctional Timing and Control Unit (MTCU) for range-gated imaging
D. Lu, W. Cui, S. Fan, X. Wang & Y. Zhou
Fundus molecular imaging
T.-C. Wang, Z.-X. Xie, P. Zhang, Y. Hu, M.-X. Ji & D.-M. Xie
The Multi-objective Optimization based on a modified Genetic Algorithm
J. Hu & Y. Zhao
Application of data mining in industrial engineering
J. Liu, J. Xiao, X. Zheng & L. Li
Identifying changes of customer shopping patterns in retailing based on contrast sets
H.-Y. Zhu & L.-J. Zhang
Grape wine’s grade evaluation model on BP neural network
M. Sun, S. Yin, M. Zhang & M. Wu
An ontology-based approach to semantically integrating distributed information
J. Zhao & J. Dong
Exploring data governance in big data age
L. Gao
Identifying the intellectual structure of talent management studies
Y.-D. Lee, Y. McLee & S.-H. Chen
A strategy of manufacturing information technology orienting capability-building competition
Y. Dai
Economic development and government management of the information age
Y. Qin
Information asymmetry, opportunism, goal inconsistency, and ethical behavior intention
—a study of Taipei City real estate agents
C.C. Lee, C.H. Tung, Y.L. Wu, S.R. Lee, Y.T. Luo & Y.S. Yang
The effect of conflict and self-efficacy on job performance
C.C. Lee, C.H. Tung, Z.C. Chen, G.R. Chen, T.Y. Chen & L.R. Yong

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