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TACTYC: Research informed professional development for the early years

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The books in this series each focus on a different aspect of research in early childhood which has direct implications for practice and policy. They consider the main research findings which should influence practitioner thinking and reflection and help them to question their own practice alongside activities to deepen knowledge and extend understanding of the issues. Readers will benefit from clear analysis, critique and interpretation of the key factors surrounding the research as well as exemplifications and case studies to illustrate the research-practice or research-policy links. Supporting the development of critical reflection and up to date knowledge, the books will be a core resource for all those educating and training early years practitioners.

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Children's Empowerment in Play Participation, Voice and Ownership

Children's Empowerment in Play: Participation, Voice and Ownership

1st Edition

By Natalie Canning
March 19, 2020

Children's Empowerment in Play is an accessible insight into the vital place of play in children’s development. The book focuses on three main themes of participation, voice and ownership, and explores ways to positively and naturally develop play in early years settings. Drawing on primary ...

Racialisation in Early Years Education Black Children’s Stories from the Classroom

Racialisation in Early Years Education: Black Children’s Stories from the Classroom

1st Edition

By Gina Houston
September 25, 2018

This timely book explores the unique experiences of young black children during their first year of school and supports an understanding of how entry into the early years environment impacts on identity. Their stories emphasise the importance of listening to the voices of children themselves. A ...

Places for Two-year-olds in the Early Years Supporting Learning and Development

Places for Two-year-olds in the Early Years: Supporting Learning and Development

1st Edition

Edited By Jan Georgeson, Verity Campbell-Barr
December 13, 2017

Grounded in recent research on the challenges of working with two-year-olds, Places for Two-year-olds in the Early Years explores how this often overlooked age group is presented in policy and practice, and discusses why working with two-year-olds can be both exciting and highly rewarding. The book...

Early Childhood Education and Care for Sustainability International Perspectives

Early Childhood Education and Care for Sustainability: International Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Valerie Huggins, David Evans
November 09, 2017

This innovative and timely book explores issues and concerns surrounding Education for Sustainable Development in early childhood, providing a range of perspectives on how we can live and promote more healthy, just and sustainable lives. It examines the professional responsibility of Early Years ...

Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education Young Children Are Researchers

Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education: Young Children Are Researchers

1st Edition

By Jane Murray
April 27, 2017

A focal point of early childhood education is how young children build knowledge and the ways that practitioners, parents and carers can help them to do so. Many adults find it challenging to identify what knowledge young children are building and how they do so, making it difficult to support ...

Exploring the Contexts for Early Learning Challenging the school readiness agenda

Exploring the Contexts for Early Learning: Challenging the school readiness agenda

1st Edition

By Rory McDowall Clark
September 19, 2016

The concept of ‘readiness for school’ is attractive to policy-makers, but many academics, researchers and practitioners argue that an early start to formal learning may be misguided. This book introduces readers to an increasing body of evidence which demonstrates that young children need ...

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