1st Edition

Taking the Liberal Challenge Seriously Essays on Contemporary Liberalism at the Turn of the 21st Century

Edited By Sirkku Hellsten, Marjaana Kopperi, Olli Loukola Copyright 1997
    329 Pages
    by Routledge

    330 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1997, this collection offers a critical view of modern liberal theory and attempts to present some signposts that could show a way towards a new form of liberal individualism. The first part takes a look at the theoretical aspects of contemporary liberalism. It analyses certain classics whose ideas have once again become central to the new formulation of liberal theory. The second part brings the discussion from theory to practice and to actual policies adopted in liberal Western welfare states. Its main interest is in the economic doctrines which have formed an essential part of classical liberal thought. The third part moves yet another step further in its analysis of contemporary liberal challenges. It concentrates on the problems of the liberal requirement of freedom, neutrality and tolerance.

    Part 1. New Interpretations: Liberal Theory at the Crossroads. 1. Classical vs Modern Liberalism: Advantage, Classical. Jan Narveson. 2. Why Not Liberal Utilitarianism? Matti Häyry. 3. Kant and Liberalism. Ruth Chadwick. 4. Hume on the Laws of Nations and the Relaxation of Rulers’ Morality. Arto Siitonen. 5. Rorty on Liberalism and Postphilosophy. Arto Tukiainen. 6. G.H. von Wright’s Critique of Liberal Society. Mikko Salmela. 7. In Defense of a Moral Concept of Democracy. Tapio Puolimatka. 8. Liberal Identity and Moral Individualism. Sirkku Hellsten. 9. Women vs Emotions, Community and the Moral Law or Why Would Any Sensible Woman Want to Uphold Communitarian Ideals? Heta Häyry. Part 2. Facing the World: The Liberal State and Its Policies. 10. Limits of Corporate Personhood: a New Philosophy of the Corporation. Jukka Kilpi. 11. Insiders and Outsiders – Ethical Theorising in Concrete Business Life. Marjaana Kopperi. 12. The Background Requirements of Markets. Olli Loukola. 13. Moral and Immoral Views on Paying Taxes. Bruno S. Frey & Manfred J. Holler. 14. Technology Policy in a Democratic State. Ilkka Niiniluoto. 15. Technology, Complexity, and Social Decision. Nicholas Rescher. Part 3. Beyond Good and Evil: Neutrality, Tolerance and Individual Morality. 16. Truth and Toleration. Jonathan L. Gorman. 17. When Tolerance is Too Much to Ask. Katri Kaalikoski. 18. Taking Friendship Seriously. Shyli Karin-Frank. 19. Reflections on the Value of Freedom. John T. Sanders. 20. In the Prison of Freedom: Human Action and its Praxiological Explanation. Wojciech W. Gasparski. 21. Evil: a Shining in Blackness. Martin A. Bertman. 22. Choosing Coercion and Subordination: a Preliminary Moral Study of Academic Life. Jay L. Garfield.


    Sirkku Hellsten, Marjaana Kopperi, Olli Loukola