1st Edition

Tale Of Four Indian Cities Consequences of British Empire on Native Centres of Prosperity

By Vijay K. Seth Copyright 2025
    312 Pages
    by Routledge India

    Tale of Four Indian Cities presents a vivid picture of how the British political regime reorganized the structure of Indian economy to suite its own objectives. While doing so, the regime also affected the geographical distribution of economic activities. This resulted in the decline of native cities and prosperities of colonial cities. To reveal how British colonial power brought about such changes in the Indian subcontinents, the book narrates the account of two pairs of native and colonial cities – Dacca and Calcutta from the Indian Coast, and Surat and Bombay from the Western coast. These were major centers of manufacturing, shared a common history and experience the consequences of three different political dispensation – the Mughal Empire, the East India Company and the British Raj.

    Accessibly written, the volume will be of great interest to students, scholars and researchers of Indian colonial business and economic history. It will also be of interest to the general reader.

    Introduction 1. Economic Environment During the Mughal Empire 2. Tale of Four Cities During the Mughal Empire 3. Economic Environment During the Rule of the East India Company 4. Tale of Four Cities and the East India Company 5. Economic Environment During the British Raj 6. Tale of Four Cities and the British Raj Epilogue


    Vijay K. Seth is a former Professor of the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and International Institute of Management, New Delhi. He has authored seven books, including The Story of Indian Manufacturing: Encounters with the Mughal and British Empires (1498–1947), published in 2018. He has also published around one hundred research papers, chapters in edited books, review articles and book reviews which have appeared in a number of Indian and foreign journals. He has presented several research papers in India and abroad. Dr Seth is the founding editor of Emerging Economy Studies, a journal published by SAGE India. Dr Seth has travelled widely across Europe and trekked in various parts of the Himalayas and the Eastern and Western Ghats of India.