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Tariff Levels and the Economic Unity of Europe
An Examination of Tariff Policy, Export Movements and the Economic Integration of Europe, 1913-1931

ISBN 9781138298514
Published May 9, 2019 by Routledge
428 Pages

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Book Description

The years between the Wars saw rapid and far-reaching changes to the character and distribution of the world’s trade. Governments of the world attempted to mould and control their own economies, and economic nationalism grew to unseen levels. This book, first published in 1938, is the comprehensive examination of the European tariffs of the time, and it traces their effects upon the actual course of trade, and in so doing, is one of the few factual studies on the reality of tariffs.

Table of Contents

1. Objects, Methods and Limits of the Investigation  1.1. The Objects of the Inquiry  1.2. The Methods of the Investigation  1.3. The Limits of the Inquiry  2. Outlines of European Tariff Policy and Development of Potential Tariff Levels between 1913 and 1931  2.1. Industrial and Agrarian States, Agrarian and Industrial Tariffs in Europe  2.2. Structure and Arrangement of the General Goods List (A-List)  2.3. Outlines of European Agrarian Tariff Policy and Development of Potential Agrarian Tariff Levels, 1913-1931  2.4. Outlines of European Industrial Tariff Policy and Development of Potential Tariff Levels Between 1931 and 1931  3. Actual Tariff Levels in Europe, 1913-1931  3.1. Details of the Methods of Calculating Actual Tariff Levels  3.2. Outlines of the Economic Integration of Europe  3.3. Limits of the Textual Analysis of the Actual Tariff Levels  3.4. Actual Tariff Levels for the Exports of Industrial Europe  3.5. Actual Tariff Levels for the Exports of Agrarian Europe  3.6. Summary: The Economic Integration of Europe up to 1931 as Affected by European Tariffs  3.7. Tendencies and Dangers of European Post-War Tariff Policy

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