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    A fresh look at school improvement from the perspective of professional development.
    There are many things that teachers can do to improve the conditions for learning and teaching in their own schools. This book shows how staff can take the initiative and identify areas in their school in need of attention, and tackle them. It provides case-study accounts of schemes in a number of schools, together with accounts of the action research based development work undertaken by teachers to improve their schools. The studies illuminate issues such as: improving the quality of learning and teaching; developing an effective school council; building partnerships and community schemes; developing economic and industrial understanding.

    Introduction 1.School Improvement: The Centrality of the Teacher's Tale 2.Beyond Staff Development: Relevance and Impact 3.Establishing School-University Partnerships for School Improvement 4.Reflective Action Planning: A Model for Teacher-Led School Improvement 5.Reflections on Collaborative Inquiry 6.Working with the Model: One School's Story 7.The Teacher as Change Agent: Andrew's Story 8.Developing Teacher Professionalism Through School-Based Inquiry: Penny's Story 9.Developing Teacher Professionalism Through Networking: The CANTARNET Story 10.Teachers 'Making a Difference': The Question of Impact Conclusion: Teachers and the Creation of Professional Knowledge


    Judith Durrant, David Frost, Michael Head, Gary Holden

    '... read this book. It's positive and optimistic - cardinal values of the old profession.' - Michael Duffy, Times Educational Supplement