1st Edition

Teacher's Guide for in the Shadow of Race: Growing Up As a Multiethnic, Multicultural, and Multiracial American

By Christine Clark, Teja Arboleda Copyright 2000

    This Teacher's Guide accompanies In the Shadow of Race: Growing Up as a Multiethnic, Multicultural, and "Multiracial" American by Teja Arboleda. It has a twofold purpose. First, it facilitates K-12 and university faculty in situating Arboleda's book within the fields of race relations, multicultural education, and related disciplines. Second, it is intended to critique and problematize the book's content so that it can be used to stimulate critical thought, debate, and action oriented toward increasing social justice among its readers both inside and outside of the classroom. To facilitate use of In the Shadow of Race as a course text, topics for discussion included in this Teacher's Guide include the social construction of race; racial separatism versus diversity; racial, ethnic, and cultural identity development; the politics of racial categorization; mixed "race" peoples; cultural identity vs. identity by heritage; the concept of a "cultural home"; and changing identities within cultures.

    The Teacher's Guide is free to college faculty who adopt Arboleda's In the Shadow of Race.

    Contents: Preface. Part I: Situating the Research in the Fields of Race Relations and Multicultural Education. Introduction. Language, Terms, and Concepts. Race and Identity. Critique and Problematization of Voice in In the Shadow of Race. Part II: Using ^IIn the Shadow of Race^R in Courses. Implications of In the Shadow of Race for Multiculutral Education. Suggestions for How to Use In the Shadow of Race in the Multicultural Education, Race-Related Education, and General Studies Classroom. Part III: Bibliography. References and Additional Resources.


    Christine Clark, Teja Arboleda