1st Edition

Teachers and Teacher Unions in a Globalised World History, theory and policy in Ireland

By John Carr, Lori Beckett Copyright 2018
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    242 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Teachers and Teacher Unions in a Globalised World asks a series of pressing questions of teacher educators, teachers and teacher unions worldwide in this era of global capitalism. As governments around the world support austerity politics in the face of financial meltdowns, social inequalities, terrorist threats, climate catastrophe, wars and mass migrations, the book questions whether practitioners in teaching and teacher education are succumbing to pressures to dismantle their nation-state systems of education.

    The authors present a clearly argued case in Ireland for teachers and teacher educators organising to realise their moral and social responsibilities of free and fair schooling for all when it is most needed, as well as insisting on policy debates about a free publicly funded school system. At a time when teachers are feeling overwhelmed with workload and frustrated by the visible turning of events away from the historical record, the book emphasises the importance of practitioner research in informing decisions about a strategic and democratic way forward for education around the globe.

    Teachers and Teacher Unions in a Globalised World will be of great interest to academics and researchers in the field of education, as well as teacher educators, practitioners and policymakers.

    Foreword chapter by Gary McCulloch (UCL Institute of Education)

    Co-authors’ Introduction: Ireland as a prima facie case

    Section Essay for Part 1: the history of teachers’ organising

    1. Historical revisions
    2. Introducing Vere Foster [a key figure in Ireland’s struggle]

    Section Essay for Part 2: Theories of teachers organising: The options in edu-politics

    1. The INTO & activist teachers
    2. Irish national schools

    Section Essay for Part 3: the practical politics of teachers’ organising

    1. Ireland in the global neoliberal policy regime
    2. Teachers’ case for the defence

    Co-authors’ Conclusion: The rebuttal

    Afterword chapter by Bob Lingard (University of Queensland)

    List of references


    Lori Beckett, PhD was the inaugural Winifred Mercier Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, now retired, and works with the Vere Foster Trust.

    John Carr, MA (Ed) is the immediate past General Secretary of the Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO), now retired, and chairs the Vere Foster Trust.

    "In the whirlwind of educational policy changes, teacher union histories such as this one provide critical explanations for why teachers are caught in the web of the state apparatus, and how they worked to get out of them. Carr and Beckett have produced a very readable and important contribution to educational history with this work on the Irish National Teachers' Organization."

    Nina Bascia, Professor & Chair, Leadership, Higher & Adult Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

    "Carr and Beckett have created a treasure trove of artefacts, analyses, and articulations of the trajectories of teachers and a teacher union over time that is a major ‘glocal’ contribution to scholarship on the profession and its union representation. The text is at once empowering and enlightening, as well as a call to arms to teachers and their representatives ‘to strive, to seek to find and not to yield’, but to pursue and promote an education system that fosters the public good, raises the morale of the profession by releasing its agency and its professional soul from the de-professionalising shackles of ‘regimes of control’ to the detriment of teaching and learning, by cultivating an enabling sense of professional responsibility. Read it, be empowered and join the effort."

    Ciaran Sugrue, Professor of Education, School of Education, University College Dublin

    "This scholarly and innovative publication interweaves history, theory and politics to analyse the policies adopted by the INTO and places them in a global context. It takes contemporary issues of accountability, teacher status and professionalism and shows how the Irish experience has relevance for modern debates."

    Pamela Munn, Professor Emerita of Curriculum Research, University of Edinburgh.

    "All teachers, regardless of their union involvement, will find much in this book to stimulate intellectual and political conversation. Carr and Beckett use the anniversary of the Irish National Teachers Organisation to skilfully tease open connections between history, theory and politics which influence teachers’ work today. Of significance in this archival documentary are the accounts of teachers’ disquiet, resistance, protests and challenges. These provoke all of us involved in the teaching profession to consider the authors’ ‘rebuttal’ of extant school policies which regulate and sideline teachers’ professional work."

    Amanda Nuttall, formerly research-active teacher at White Laith Primary School Leeds now Senior Lecturer and Programme Coordinator in Primary Education at Leeds Trinity University.