1st Edition

Teaching Intercultural Rhetoric and Technical Communication Theories, Curriculum, Pedagogies and Practice

    In today's integrated global economy, technical communicators often collaborate in international production teams, work with experts in overseas subject matter, or coordinate documentation for the international release of products. Working effectively in such situations requires technical communicators to acquire a specialized knowledge of culture and communication. This book provides readers with the information needed to integrate aspects of intercultural communication into different educational settings.

     Thinking Globally, Teaching Locally: Understanding the Changing Nature of Technical Communication in an Age of Globalization Kirk St.Amant

    SECTION I Teaching Approaches: Introducing Intercultural Communication to Classroom Situations

     CHAPTER 1. An Integrated Framework for Teaching International Communication Yvonne Cleary

     CHAPTER 2. Seeing Difference: Teaching Intercultural Communication through Visual Rhetoric Charles Kostelnick

     CHAPTER 3. Technical Communication in India: Through the Lens of Intercultural Rhetoric Poornima Padmanabhan

     CHAPTER 4. Globalizing the Technical Communications Classroom: Killing Two Birds with One Stone Emily A. Thrush and Angela Thevenot

    SECTION II Curricular Perspectives: Designing and Developing Courses and Programs in Intercultural Communication

     CHAPTER 5. Incorporating “Shock and Aha!” into Curriculum Design: Internationalizing Technical Communication Courses Shelley L. Smith and Victoria M. Mikelonis

     CHAPTER 6. Teaching Technical Communication to American Students in a Study-Abroad Program Deborah C. Andrews and Brent Henze

     CHAPTER 7. Global Revisions: (Re)Thinking the Future of Technical and Professional Communication Competencies James Melton

     CHAPTER 8. Teaching Technical Communication in France: Challenges and Prospects Dacia Dressen-Hammouda

     CHAPTER 9. Teaching Technical Communication in India Makarand (Mak) Pandit

    SECTION III Connecting Instruction to Professional Practices: Merging the Workplace with the Classroom

     CHAPTER 10. Between the Lines: Reading Contextually in the International Internship Lyn F. Gattis

     CHAPTER 11. ISO Standards and Cross-Cultural Communication: Materials for Teachers Thomas L. Warren

     CHAPTER 12. Technical Communication in Israel: Training for the Bleeding Edge Leah Guren

     CHAPTER 13. An Overview of Technical Communication Education in New Zealand Richard Draper




    Barry Thatcher, Kirk St. Amant, Charles Sides