1st Edition

Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum in Secondary Schools A Reader

Edited By Steven Hutchinson, Bob Moon, Ann Shelton Mayes Copyright 2002
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    332 Pages
    by Routledge

    The articles which make up this reader provide both overview and analysis of the central issues in secondary education. Focused closely upon what it means to teach and learn in the modern secondary classroom, this book provides invaluable insight into the development of secondary education today. It is an ideal introduction to the task of teachers in secondary schools. Issues covered in the book include:
    the new agenda around teaching and learning
    effective pedagogy
    the teacher-student relationship
    teaching, learning and the digital age
    grouping by ability
    managing the curriculum change
    equal opportunities and educational change
    This is the lead book in a series which bring together collections of articles by highly experienced educators which introduce, explore and illuminate the issues surrounding teaching in secondary schools. They are invaluable resources for those training to become teachers, newly qualified teachers and more experienced practioners, particularly those mentoring NQTs.

    Section 1: Learners and Learning 1. Learning Perspectives on the Teachers Task 2. Tenets to Understand a Cultural Perspective on Learning 3. Ability, Intelligence and Attainment in Secondary Schools 4. How Children Learn: Implications for Practice 5. What do New Views of Knowledge and Thinking Have to Say About Research on Teacher Learning? Section 2: Teachers and Teaching 6. Teacher Effectiveness 7. What Do We Know About Effective Pedagogy? 8. New Understanding's of Teacher's Pedagogic Knowledge 9. 'He's such a nice man, but he's so boring, you have to really make a conscious effort to learn' 10. The Teacher-student Relationship in Secondary School: Insights from Excluded Students 11. The Many Roles of the Comprehensive Teacher Section 3: Classrooms 12. Life in Classrooms 13. Has Classroom Teaching Served its Day? 14. Teaching Learning and the Digital Age 15. Grouping By Ability - What Research Has To Tell Us? 16. How is Language used as a Medium for Classroom Education? Section 4: Curriculum 17. Understanding the Context of Curriculum 18. The Origins of the National Curriculum 19. Planning and Implementing Change 20. Assessment: A Changing Practice 21. Assessment and Gender Section 5: Schools 22. The Positive Effects of Schooling 23. Transitions between Primary and Secondary Schools 24. The Intelligent School 25. Equal Opportunities and Educational Performance: Gender, Race and Class 26. Home-School links 17. Policy Alternatives to Exclusion from School


    Steven Hutchinson, Bob Moon, Ann Shelton Mayes

    'I enjoyed reading the contributions in this book. Some of the articles, and most of the ideas were familiar, but I still felt there was a wealth of useful material covered. I would certainly recommend this book to trainee and new teachers, to education tutors, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of schooling.' - Dr Keith Taber, Escalate