1st Edition

Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening Metacognition in Action

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This reader-friendly text, firmly grounded in listening theories and supported by recent research findings, offers a comprehensive treatment of concepts and knowledge related to teaching second language (L2) listening, with a particular emphasis on metacognition.

    The metacognitive approach, aimed at developing learner listening in a holistic manner, is unique and groundbreaking. The book is focused on the language learner throughout; all theoretical perspectives, research insights, and pedagogical principles in the book are presented and discussed in relation to the learner.

    The pedagogical model─a combination of the tried-and-tested sequence of listening lessons and activities that show learners how to activate processes of skilled listeners ─ provides teachers with a sound framework for students’ L2 listening development to take place inside and outside the classroom. The text includes many practical ideas for listening tasks that have been used successfully in various language learning contexts.

    Preface  Prologue: Reflection on Issues Related to Teaching and Learning Listening  I. Learning to Listen  1. Challenges and Opportunities in Listening Instruction  2. Listening Competence  3. A Model of Listening Comprehension  4. Factors that Influence Listening Success  II. A Metacognitive Approach to Listening  5. A Metacognitive Approach to Listening Instruction  6. A Metacognitive Pedagogical Sequence  7. Activities for Metacognitive Instruction  8. Developing Perception and Word Segmentation Skills  9. Task-Based Listening Lessons  10. Projects for Extensive Listening  III. Listening in Other Contexts  11. Listening in Multimedia Environments   12. Assessing Listening for Learning  Epilogue: Synthesis of Issues Related to Teaching and Learning Listening  Appendices  References  Index


    Larry Vandergrift is Professor, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa, Canada.

    Christine C. M. Goh is Associate Professor, English Language & Literature Department, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

    "This book has much to recommend it. It has summaries of relevant up-to-date research, a variety of theoretical perspectives on listening, as well as excellent teaching plans and ideas for developing listening skills and strategies inside and outside the classroom." — Lawrence Jun Zhang, University of Auckland, System

    "This text can be used as a reference book for teachers and professionals in the field as well as a textbook for teacher education courses at the MA and PhD levels. The book will be of great value to scholars interested in the metacognitive development of a language skill as well as those focusing on learner strategy development." Maren Uggen, Kalamazoo College, SSLA

    "A great resource to be used in teacher education programs as well as by current teachers who may be less familiar with explicit and structured metacognitive listening instruction in their classroom." Caroline Payant, University of Idaho, TESL Canada

    "This comprehensive work delivers what it promises: a thorough examination of listening comprehension, from theory to application, to implementation, and including descriptions of concrete class activities. Woven throughout is the informing thread of metacognition. This work would not only be appropriate as a textbook for a course on listening, it could well serve as its syllabus." Catherine C. Baumann, University of Chicago, The Modern Language Journal

    "Vandergrift and Goh’s book is an invaluable resource for L2 teachers and researchers who seek to understand the processes underlying L2 listening and how these processes feed into methods for enhancing instructional effectiveness and, ultimately, for optimizing learners’ L2 listening experiences." Talia Isaacs, University of Bristol, Canadian Modern Language Review

    "This volume offers a clear and informative account of the issues that arise when teaching L2 listening and some of the key considerations teachers need to make. In addition, the authors provide the readers with a well-developed pedagogical framework from which to approach this topic in the classroom and in essence make their volume an exercise in using this metacognitive framework as a means of presenting their materials and causing the readers to engage more fully with the text. The presentation of pedagogical tasks developed by the authors as well as the way that they situate these tasks and the subject matter of each chapter within the relevant literature is an asset of this book. By doing this, Vandergrift and Goh help the readers to make clear connections between the listening process, the metacognitive framework, and classroom application, something that could have potentially been very difficult to accomplish for those new to this topic without some sort of aid."  Justin Cubilo, University of Hawai‘i at Ma¯noa, Applied Linguistics

    "Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening should be read by teachers who want to teach their students how to listen rather than simply check their comprehension. Teachers will be delighted with the wealth of practical ideas, sample lesson plans, and accompanying worksheets. Students in teacher-training programs will also appreciate the classroom vignettes at the beginning of each chapter that bring the issues to life, and they will benefit from the questions and recommendations for further reading at the end of each chapter. This is an indispensable book for anyone interested in listening pedagogy or metacognition." Robby Caughey, Kanto International Senior High School, Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)

    "A welcome addition." — ELT Journal