Teaching for Learning : 101 Intentionally Designed Educational Activities to Put Students on the Path to Success book cover
1st Edition

Teaching for Learning
101 Intentionally Designed Educational Activities to Put Students on the Path to Success

ISBN 9780203111031
Published August 27, 2015 by Routledge
356 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Despite a growing body of research on teaching methods, instructors lack a comprehensive resource that highlights and synthesizes proven approaches. Teaching for Learning fills that gap. Each of the one hundred and one entries:

  • describes an approach and lists its essential features and elements
  • demonstrates how that approach has been used in education, including specific examples from different disciplines
  • reviews findings from the research literature
  • describes techniques to improve effectiveness.

Teaching for Learning provides instructors with a resource grounded in the academic knowledge base, written in an easily accessible, engaging, and practical style.

Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables



Chapter 1: The Lecture Method

1 Guided Note-taking

2 Pause Procedure

3 Punctuated Lecture

4 Wake-Up Call

5 Interpreted Lecture

6 Responsive lecture

7 Socratic Seminar

8 Take a Guess

9 Lecture Bingo

10 Find the Flaw

11 Field Lecture

Chapter 2: The Discussion MEthod

12 Snowball

13 What If

14 Scored Discussion

15 Think-Pair-Share

16 In the News

17 Formal Argument

18 Circle of Voices

19 Can We Have Class Outside?

20 Seeded Discussion

21 Observation Team Discussion

22 Campus and Community Events

23 Journal Club

24 Case Study

Chapter 3: Reciprocal Peer Teaching

25 Note-Taking Pairs

26 Pairs Check

27 Milling

28 Gallery Walk

29 Anonymous Cards

30 Each One, Teach One

31 Jigsaw

32 Microteaching

33 Panel Presentation

34 Clustering

35 Speed Interviews

Chapter 4: Academic Games

36 Crossword Puzzles

37 Scavenger Hunt

38 Who Am I?

39 Pictionary

40 Trivia

41 Hollywood Squares

42 Houston, We Have a Problem

43 Monopoly

44 Role Play

45 Taboo

46 Icebreakers

47 Top 10

48 Pic of the Day

49 Webquest

Chapter 5: Reading

50 Anticipation Guide

51 Experience-Text-Relationship

52 Directed Reading and Thinking

53 SQ3R

54 What Counts as Fact?

55 Problematic Situation

56 Text Coding

57 Question-Answer Relationship

58 Three Level Reading Guide

59 What Would You Ask?

60 Research Paper Reviewer

61 Select a Sentence

Chapter 6: Writing to Learn

62 Brainstorming

63 Freewriting

64 Speak-Write Pairs

65 Graffiti Board

66 Journaling

67 Reader Response Paper

68 Journals

69 Sentence Passage Springboard

70 Interviews

71 Wikipedia Article

72 Annotations

73 Yesterday’s News

74 Field Notes

75 Interview Protocols

76 Critical Book Review

Chapter 7: Graphic Organizers

77 Hypothesis Proof Organizer

78 Venn Diagrams

79 Concept Maps

80 Main Idea-Detail Chart

81 Timeline

82 Visual Lists

83 3-2-1 Process

84 Matrix

85 Cause & Effect Chains

86 K-W-L Chart

87 Zone of Relevance

88 Force Field Analysis

89 Author Charts

Chapter 8: Metacognitive Reflection

90 Today I Learned

91 Shadow a Professional

92 Wrappers

93 Visible Classroom Opinion Poll

94 140-Character Memoir

95 Self Assessment

96 Group Assessment

97 Elevator Pitch

98 Learning Log

99 Cultural Encounters

100 Post Hoc Analysis



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Claire Howell Major is Professor of Higher Education Administration at the University of Alabama, USA.

Michael S. Harris is Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Southern Methodist University, USA.

Todd Zakrajsek is Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, and President of the International Teaching Learning Cooperative, USA.


"What a valuable catalog of 101 learning activities! And they adapt easily to almost any course. Each activity is an evidence-based variation on one of eight major instructional methods (e.g., lecture, discussion, graphic organizers, academic games). An instructor need never run out of effective teaching and learning strategies."

Linda B. Nilson. Director, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, Clemson University, USA

"This expertly catalogued book provides an impressive number of well-planned, evidence-based teaching and learning approaches along with references to the research that confirms their outcomes. Instructors will be excited to apply these strategies to the teaching challenges and opportunities that they encounter."

Milton D. Cox, Director of the Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching, and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching and the Learning Communities Journal