1st Edition

Teams in Education
Creating an Integrated Approach

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ISBN 9781884015526
Published April 1, 1995 by Routledge
120 Pages

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Book Description

Easy to use and understand, Teams in Educa-tion: Creating An Integrated Approach is a tool for education professionals who need or want to develop cross-functional or departmental teams in education. This new handbook was specifically designed to provide education professionals with a practical, pragmatic way to create and manage quality teams.
Although there are many team handbooks available today, most are complex and difficult to follow for the average individual. In addition, these books are expensive and many schools or school districts cannot afford to purchase a copy for everyone.
Unlike these existing handbooks, Teams in Education is clearly written in straightforward language that simply describes how to create and manage teams. The reader quickly understands the processes to follow to ensure total participation in team activities and is given the tools to measure and document team progress. As one education professional explained, the reader develops the expertise and understanding necessary to eliminate and manage conflict.
This unique handbook also contains a simple process to encourage everyone to participate in the quality initiative. The 5+5 program outlined in this book is used to demonstrate to staff that no improvement is too small. This technique makes it easier for staff to show the added value of their quality activities to administrators and school board members. Special feature - this 5+5 program is the only program designed to collect the data education professionals need to show that they are making improvements in student and administrative outcomes.

Table of Contents

Why Total Quality Management?
Principles of Quality
Dr. Deming's Fourteen Points of Quality Adapted for Education
Quality Improvement Process
Getting Started
What are the Ingredients for a Successful Team
Stages of Successful Team Building
Quality Steering Committee
Problem Definition
Quality Task Teams
Team Constraints
Team Concept
Team Formation
Team Selection
Team Organization
Managing Team Meetings
Code of Conduct
Meeting Location
Meeting Attendance
Promptness and Attention
Agenda and Minutes
Roles and Responsibilities
Team Skill Assessment
Resource Requirements
Project Schedule
Characteristics of Effective Teams
Principles of Effective Team Management
Tools for Reaching Consensus
List Reduction Technique
Criteria Rating Forms
Weighted Voting
Basic Tools of Quality
Pareto Charts
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
Control Charts
Scatter Diagrams
Timeline Charts
Force Field Analysis
Affinity Diagrams
Process Modeling
Team Conclusion
5 + 5 Quality Team's Initiative
What Are the Objectives of the 5 + 5 Quality Initiative?
Does the 5 + 5 Quality Initiative Introduce Competition into the Environment?
What Are the Staff's Roles in the 5 + 5 Quality Initiative?
How Are the Results Measured?
How Is Progress Tracked?
Why Should the Staff Participate in the 5 + 5 Quality Initiative?
Reference Guide
Quality Terms
5 + 5 Worksheets
Team Worksheets
Appendix: Master Forms

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