Technical and Geoinformational Systems in Mining: School of Underground Mining 2011, 1st Edition (Paperback) book cover

Technical and Geoinformational Systems in Mining

School of Underground Mining 2011, 1st Edition

Edited by Genadiy Pivnyak, Volodymyr Bondarenko, Iryna Kovalevs'ka

CRC Press

360 pages

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New trends of mineral deposits mining in the world consist of intensifying and concentration of mining operations. This is achieved with the help of new technical equipment that is more reliable, having greater service life and more available power. Consideration is given to quantity reduction of stopes and development workings together with their geometrical dimensions growth; also length increase of longwalls and extraction panels is examined.

Innovative technologies helping to increase technical-economic indices, extraction volume, working efficiency and safety rules are presented in the book. Specific attention is given to unmanned mineral extraction technologies development using electro-hydraulic management systems of machinery. Plough systems are examined for coal extraction from thin and very thin seams (ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 m of thickness with gaining of stable daily output equal to 2.5-3 thousand tons).

Analytical models describing geomechanical interaction between "massif-support" system elements are presented, finite-element method use for research and simulation of stress-strain state around stopes and development workings at coal, ore and other mines are also given.

The borehole underground coal gasification technology is introduced with receiving technical gas for electricity generation, and syngas for usage in the chemical industry. Also research of gas hydrates and development of technologies for their extraction from the Black sea bottom is further scrutinized in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. V. Bondarenko, G. Symanovych, Y. Cherednichenko

    Roof management experience by full caving at high advance rates of the stopes.

  2. V. Okalelov, L. Podlipenskaya, Y. Bubunets

    Identifying method for abnormal values of methane release in mining level blocks

  3. A. Bulat, V. Lukinov, V. Perepelitsa.

    Results of realized new concept of complex coal-gas deposit development

  4. V. Byzylo, A. Koshka, A. Yavorskyy

    Bolt-pneumatic support of big cross-cut workings development faces.

  5. I. Kovalevska, A.Laguta

    Analysis of combined support behavior of development openings with criteria of resource-saving technologies

  6. Gayko. G., Zayev V.

    Estimation of economic effect from utilization of thermal energy

  7. V. Bondarenko, K. Ganushevych, K. Say

    The Black Sea gas hydrate deposits and ways of their extraction.

  8. V. Fal’shtyns’kyy, R. Dychkovs’kyy, M. Illyashov

    Technological provision of underground coal gasification process at Solyonovskoye deposit.

  9. I. Kovalevs’ka, V. Chervatyuk, V. Fomychev

    The problem with increasing of metal content of development workings’ combined support.

  10. M. Lubryka, J. Lubryka

    The top caving system with roof fall for excavation of thick coal seams

  11. V.Buzilo, T. Savelieva, V. Saveliev, T. Morozova

    Substantiation of chamber parameters using combined open-cast and underground mining methods of graphite ores development

  12. P. Dolzhikov, N. Paleychuk

    About influence of intensively cracks on the stability of horizontal workings of mines eastern donbass

  13. V. Perepelitsa., L. Shmatovskiy., A. Kolomiets

    Interval hydraulic fracturing used to increase the well gas-recovery in the coal massif with fractures filled by loose gas-conducting materials.

  14. T. Reshetilova, S. Dovgan’

    Economic rent of mineral resources and taxation in Ukraine

  15. Y. Kyrychenko, V. Shvorak, V. Kyrychenko, A. Romanyukov

    Mathematical support for calculating the dynamics of multiphase flows

  16. A.Dolgov, I.Dolgova

    Differential equations of vibration of the mining and processing equipment’s sieving surfaces

  17. A.Antsiferov, V. Kanin, M. Dovbnich, I. Viktosenko

    The nature and prediction of dynamic phenomena regional zones in mines of the Donets Coal Basin

  18. L. Shyrin, E.A. Korovyaka, L.A. Tokar

    Justification of design parameters of compact load-haul dumper to mine narrow vein heavy pitching deposits

  19. V. Falshtyns’kyy,R. Dychkovs’kyy, Zasedatelev

    Economical indices of underground gasification at an experimental area under conditions of OJSC "Pavlogradugol’".

  20. B. Bialecka, J. Grabowski

    Waste management model from mining industry of hard coal.

  21. V. Golinko, E. Yavorskaya, Y. Lebedev

    Substabtiation of the parameters of elements of mine vent systems while exploiting bedded deposits of horizontal occurrence

  22. O. Khomenko, D. Rudakov, M. Kononenko

    Blasting works passport design automation by means of the blast-holes dislocation optimization

  23. Belozertcev O.V

    Formation of development strategy of coal mining enterprises

  24. K. Ziborov, G.Vanza, S. Fedoryachenko, T. Morozova

    Designing a new wheel support of mine tubs

  25. I. Shayhlislamova, S. Alekseenko

    The complex system of the air cooling of deep mines

  26. S. Cheberyachko, Y. Cheberyachko & М. Naumov

    Respirators selection considering of the working conditions

  27. Koshka D. O.

    Environmental risks of underground coal gasification in Western Donbass.

  28. M. Turek, I.Jonek-Kowalska

    Financial conditions of mining enterprises activities in Poland, years 2003-2009

  29. S. Cheberyachko & D. Radchuk

    Research of the electrets’ effect on the fibers of the polypropylene filtering materials

  30. M.Turek, A. Michalak

    The influence of performance funding strategy on capital cost of mining enterprises in Poland

  31. O.A. Muha, I.I. Pugach

    Determination of rational parameters of ventilation and degassing at coal mines’ extraction areas

  32. A. Vladyko

    Possibility of system approach to mine workings protection

  33. Y. Sherstuk, T. Perkova & U. Demchenko

    Three-dimensional model creation of ground water seepage in mining zones (Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin).

  34. O. Glukhov, A. Aantsyferov, M. Pedchenko, V. Trofymov

    Methods and practical results of using GeoMark geoinformation system in underground mining

  35. Meshcheryakov, A. Shyrin

    Intellectual identification of above-the-bottom rope-way exploitation parameters

  36. S. Vlasov & A. Sidelnikov

    The results of the convergence researching along the longwall.

  37. S. Cheberyachko, Yu. Cheberyachko, М. Naumov

    Use of dust masks at coal enterprises

  38. S. Vlasov & T. Iamnych& M. Evsyukov

    The information system of simulation and appraisal ecological and economic risks caused by underworking of earth surface at mining.

  39. Svetkina E.Y.

    Selective flotation mechanism of ores containing micro-amounts of gold and platinum.

  40. Andrzej Krowiak, Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Poland

    Features of the resources of the hard coal covering in thin coal-seams in Poland

  41. J. Grabowski, B. Białecka

    Model of waste management from hard coal mining industry in Poland

  42. E.Kyrychenko, V. Kyrychenko, V. Shvorak, A. Taturevych, N. Khvorostyanoy

    Advanced method for calculation of deep-water hydraulic hoistings and the special software

  43. V.V. Sobolov, N.V. Bilan, A.O. Filippov, A.S. Baskevich

    Electric stimulation of chemical reactions in coal

  44. Sunjay Sunjay

    Geophysical techniques for exploration and production of gashydrate

About the Editors

Prof. Volodymyr Bondarenko is the Head of the Department of Deposit Mining of the National Mining University of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Honoured Scientist of Science and Engineering and Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology.

Volodymyr Bondarenko is a famous specialist in the field of underground mining of coal and ore deposits and author of a scientific discovery in mining providing new fundamental knowledge describing artificial diagenesis of sedimentary rocks and their influence on rock massif state around openings.

Prof. Bondarenko is the chairman of the Methodological Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukraine.

He is one of the authors of "Development strategies of coal industry of Ukraine until 2030 as part of a single work "Strategy of energy development of Ukraine until 2030" and founder of the International School of Underground Mining. The School’s format – holding annual international scientific and practical conferences with presence of well-known specialist-miners from the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and other countries.

20 candidate dissertations and 6 doctoral dissertations have been defended under the direction of Volodymyr Bondarenko and he is author of 245 scientific works, including 15 textbooks, tutorials and monographs, 37 patents are registered in his name, 33 scientific articles have been pubished internationally in recognized publications in Germany, England, USA, Canada, Poland and Russia.

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