Technology Drivers: Engine for Growth : Proceedings of the 6th Nirma University International Conference on Engineering (NUiCONE 2017), November 23-25, 2017, Ahmedabad, India book cover
1st Edition

Technology Drivers: Engine for Growth
Proceedings of the 6th Nirma University International Conference on Engineering (NUiCONE 2017), November 23-25, 2017, Ahmedabad, India

ISBN 9781138560420
Published October 28, 2018 by CRC Press
296 Pages

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Book Description

This volume of proceedings from the conference provides an opportunity for readers to engage with a selection of refereed papers that were presented during the 6th International Conference NUiCONE’17. Researchers from industry and academia were invited to present their research work in the areas as listed below. The research papers presented in these tracks have been published in this proceeding with the support of CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. This proceeding will definitely provide a platform to proliferate new findings among the researchers.

  • Chemical Process Development and Design
  • Technologies for Green Environment
  • Advances in Transportation Engineering
  • Emerging Trends in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Concrete and Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
  • Design and Analysis of Machine and Mechanism
  • Energy Conservation and Management

Table of Contents

Chemical engineering track

Studies on activity models to predict LLE for biodiesel system
M.H. Joshipura & K.J. Suthar

Biomethane and ammonia generation through treatment of rice mill wastewater
K. Raval & R. Raval

The Fresnel lens as a solar collector for various thermal energy applications
J. Ranparia & R.K. Mewada

Measurement and correlation of vapour-liquid equilibria for cyclopentylmethylether + acetic acid at atmospheric pressure
V.M. Parsana & S.P. Parikh

A review of greener aromatic/aliphatic separation using ionic liquids
R.C. Gajjar, S.P. Parikh & P.D. Khirsariya


Civil engineering track

Damage detection in structures using particle swarm optimization method
A. Mohan & S.V. Barai

Evaluation of mechanical properties and light transmission of light-transmitting concrete
E.K. Taneja, T.M. Joshi & U. Dave

Comparative study of compressive strength and durability properties of binary, ternary and quaternary mortar
R.S. Anjaria & U.V. Dave

Effect of freeze-thaw on K-based Geopolymer Concrete (GPC) and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC)
F. Belforti, P. Azarsa, R. Gupta & U. Dave

Project risk management by fuzzy EVM for elevated metro rail corridor projects
M. Singh & D. Sarkar

Investigation on mechanical properties of crushed sand concrete
A.A. Jadeja & U.V. Dave

Size effect and non-linear fracture behavior of fiber-reinforced self-compacting concrete
B.G. Patel, A.K. Desai & S.G. Shah

Farm level land suitability assessment for wheat and mustard crops using geomatics: A case study of Badipur village in Patan district, Gujarat
G. Dadhich, P.R. Patel & M.H. Kaluberne

Experimental investigation of reinforced concrete infill frames under pseudo dynamic loading
J.M. Popat, T.H. Bhoraniya, S.P. Purohit & S.A. Sharma

Effect of randomly distributed jute fibers on design of soil subgrade
H.M. Rangwala, H.M. Kamplimath, A. Kanara, M. Ratlami, M. Kothari & M. Khatri

Development of fragility curves for reinforced concrete buildings
D.K. Parekh & S.P. Purohit

Seismic performance evaluation of RC frame using incremental dynamic analysis
J.M. Suthar & S.M. Patel

Effect of temperature on the tensile strength of stainless steel wire mesh and fiber reinforced polymers
P.J. Shah, P.V. Patel & S.D. Raiyani

An analytical approach on the evaluation of stress distribution beneath plain rigid wheels on Tri-1 lunar soil simulant
P.G. Kumar & S. Jayalekshmi

Experimental study of seismic response of different structural systems
V. Kothari

Parametric study of multi-story buildings incorporating buckling-restrained braces
K. Parikh, P.V. Patel & S.P. Purohit

Parametric study of geopolymer concrete with fly ash and bottom ash activated with potassium activators
S. Thakkar & P. Joshi

Study of shear lag effect in a hybrid structural system for high-rise buildings
D. Modi, P.V. Patel & D. Joshi

Development of design aid for non-rectangular reinforced concrete column–C shape
A. Patel & R. Sheth


Mechanical engineering track

Dynamic modeling of a two-link flexible manipulator using the Lagrangian finite elements method
N. Mishra & S.P. Singh

Trajectory planning for a four-legged robot
M.M. Chauhan & M. Sharma

Modeling and experimental investigation of reciprocating vibro separator
J.V. Desai, V.B. Lalwani & D.H. Pandya

Automation and standardization of processes used in packing and logistics
P. Kasarekar, N. Ghetiya & J. Baldania

Design of involute cam and follower mechanism for Frisbee-throwing machine
V.J. Vekaria, P.H. Prajapati, M.S. Pandya, M.M. Chauhan, A.I. Mecwan & D.K. Khothari

Tracking variations in the natural frequencies of a fixture-workpiece system during pocket milling
M.H. Yadav & S.S. Mohite

Design of a cost-effective fly ash brick manufacturing machine
S. Ponkia, S. Mehta, H. Prajapati & R. Trivedi

Design and development of thermal actuator for refocusing mechanism of secondary mirror of a space telescope
P. Patel, Y. Yadav, K.M. Patel & H. Jani

Identification of faulty condition of rolling element bearing with outer race defect using time and frequency domain parameters of vibration signature
S. Trivedi, D.V. Patel, V.M. Bhojawala & K.M. Patel

Identification of faulty condition of rolling element bearing with inner race defect using time and frequency domain parameters of vibration signature
S. Trivedi, D.V. Patel, V.M. Bhojawala & K.M. Patel

Performance investigation of a pulse-tube refrigerator with different regenerative materials
K.R. Parikh & B.A. Shah

Effect of various geometrical parameters on the thermal performance of an axially grooved heat pipe
A. Desai, V.K. Singh, R.R. Bhavsar & R.N. Patel

Development of activated TIG welding technology for low alloy steels: A step towards sustainable manufacturing
A. Naik, D. Kundal, S. Suthar, J. Vora, V. Patel, S. Das & R. Patel

Effect of surface roughness on working of electromagnets
C. Swamy & B. Mawandiya

Numerical investigation of a high-voltage circuit breaker
P. Kumar & S. Jain

Modeling and analysis of surface roughness in a turning operation using minimum-quantity solid lubrication
A.S. Patel, K.M. Patel & M.A. Makhesana

Synthesis of aluminum-based Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) and experimental study of their properties
A.M. Sankhla, B.A. Modi & K.M. Patel

Mechanics of Cooling Lubricating Fluid (CLF) through chip deformation in eco-friendly machining of Inconel 718
G.S. Kadam & R.S. Pawade

Design and analysis of centrifugal compressor
S. Dave, S. Shukla & S. Jain

The effect of laser engraving on L-shaped Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) components during the curing process
D. Shah, S. Joshi, K. Patel & A. Sidhapura

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Prof. (Dr) Alka Mahajan has done her graduation in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from A.U College of Engineering, Waltair in 1983 and her post-graduation leading to M Tech in Electronics Design Technology from CEDTI, Aurangabad. Dr Mahajan was a Member of the Standing Committee on the scheme of 'Development of Women's Studies in Indian Universities and Colleges and Capacity Building of Women Managers', constituted by the MHRD, New Delhi. She has been involved in developing and implementing innovative and meaningful programs that help student and faculty perform better in their chosen profession. Dr. Mahajan has over 29 years of teaching and administrative experience and has guided a number of undergraduate and postgraduate projects, with a number of publications in national and international journals and conferences to her credit. Her areas of interest, to name a few, include Digital Signal Processing, Embedded System Design, Soft Computing, Microcontrollers and Applications, and Power Electronics.

Dr. B. A. Modi, is Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department, Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Ahmedabad. He has 24 years of academic, industrial and research experience. He has received a Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for research in "Investigations on formability of AA5182 Aluminium alloy in hydroforming of square cups". He did his Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He has published 24 research articles in International/National journals and conferences. He has carried out 4 consultancy projects and 4 funded research projects in the area of sheet metal forming, welding and composites.

Dr. Parul Patel is working as Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, Nirma University. She is having more than 26 years of teaching experience. She has completed a B.E in Civil Engineering in 1990 and a M.E in Construction Technology and Management in 2000 from S.P.University, Vallabh Vidyanagar. She has completed her Ph.D in Civil Engineering from IIT, Bombay in 2009. She has presented and published more than 45 papers/posters in national and international conferences and in journals. She has completed a research project in collaboration with SAC ISRO and European Space agency on "SMOS" mission in 2012. She has carried out funded research projects with ISRO in the area of Soil Moisture Measurement, Road Material, Material and Distress for Road Network and Perched Water Table Areas in Irrigated Tracts. She has carried out consultancy work in the field of surveying, Construction Management, GPS and GIS area. She is a life member of many professional bodies like ISTE, GRSS IEEE, ISG, IGS, GICEA, ISRS.