99th Edition

Technology Management, 1999 Edition

Edited By

Robert Szakonyi

ISBN 9780849399732
Published December 18, 1998 by Auerbach Publications
568 Pages

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Book Description

In this new and exciting seventh edition, Technology Management continues to provide R&D managers with essential insight and information to address the most important challenges and opportunities of their profession. Divided into six sections, with contributions from experts in their field, this book is a current, complete reference guide into the ever-changing landscape of technology management.

Table of Contents


Section 1: Linking Technology to Business Goals
1 Creating a Strategic Technology Plan by Adreain Timms and William D. Torregrossa
2 Aligning R&D Project Portfolios with the Organization's Business Strategy by Hugo Patino
3 How a President Can Manage Technological Innovation by Robert Szakonyi
4 Developing an Exploratory and Fundamental Research Strategy by Michael W. Schoonover
5 One Corporation's Strategy and Technology Alignment: A Case Study by John Peterson
6 Core Technological Competencies by William J. Walsh
7 American Industry and the Management of Technology by Robert Szakonyi

Section 2: Management of R&D
8 Developing a R&D Strategy and Strengthening R&D Administration and Development by Robert Szakonyi
9 R&D Management: A Balancing Act by Mank R. Dustoor
10 The Balanced Scorecard by Alan L. Frohman
11 The 12 Critical Activities of R&D Management: A Comparison of Two Cases by Robert Szakonyi
12 Setting R&D Priorities: A Customer-Driven Process by John J. Moran
13 Improving R&D Operations by Robert Szakonyi
14 R&D Strategy and Coordination in Multinational Settings by Stephen Hellman
15 A Decade of Progress in R&D Management: An Overview of Six Companies by Robert Szakonyi
16 R&D Cost Accounting by Stephen Hellman
17 Improving R&D Management: A Comparison of Two Cases by Robert Szakonyi
18 Recognizing and Rewarding R&D Personnel by Timothy J. Kriewall

Section 3: Project Management and Teamwork
19 Establishing Discipline in the Selection, Planning and Carrying Out of R&D Projects by Robert Szakonyi
20 Establishing a Cross-Disciplinary Team for Developing a New Product by Robert Szakonyi
21 Motivating R&D Teams by Ronald A. Martin
22 What You Measure is What You Get by James A. Ward
23 Using Groupware in Quality Management Programs by Nereu F. Kock, Jr. and Robert J. McQueen

Section 4: New Product Development
24 Organizing for Effective Product Development by Scott Schafer
25 Joint Ventures: Issues and Opportunities by Ronald A. Martin
26 Public-Private Research Partnerships in Agriculture by C. Andrew Watkins and Peter B. Johnsen
27 A Strategy for Product Design Evolution by John L. Schlafer
28 Reducing New Product Development Risks by Colin MacPhee
29 The New Product Idea Paradox by Timothy H. Bohrer
30 Using Focus Groups to Capture the Voice of the High Technology Customer by John J. Moran
31 Making Concurrent Engineering Happen by Philip R. Taylor

Section 5: Technology Transfer
32 Reengineering the Technology Delivery Process by Michael W. Schoonover
33 Inbound Technology Transfer
34 Laying the Groundwork for Technology Transfer by James R. Key
35 International Technology Transfer: A Case Study by Robert Bond
36 Technology Transfer for Small Companies by Glenn Dugan

Section 6: Nurturing Innovation
37 Establishing a Scientific Network by Gerald L. Majewski
38 The Culture That Fosters Innovation by Alan L. Frohman
39 How a Leader Can Create a Culture for Innovation by Alan L. Frohman
40 Using Creativity Techniques in the Product-Innovation Process by Horst Geschka
41 Managing Innovation in Start-up Versus Established Environments by Russell Horres
42 Scenarios for Innovation Strategies by Horst Geschka, Monique Verhagen, and Barbara Winckler-Rub
43 Achieving Product Innovation by Reducing Variability by John Schlafer
44 Small Company Intrapreneurship: Developing a New High-Tech Product by Thomas J. Kotsch and Bernard A. Rausch

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