1st Edition

Telangana-Andhra Castes, Regions and Politics in Andhra Pradesh

By Inukonda Thirumali Copyright 2023

    This book is an attempt to present the inside story of the Telangana movement that developed due to historical reasons. The movement, in this work, has brought forward the Telangana lower class’s response to the established cultural hegemony of the Andhra linguistic elite and affluent agrarian communities who, in their perception, monopolized the political power and economic resources.

    The movement voices the democratic yearnings of service castes, artisans, Dalits and nomads who through their instant association with the movement expressed aspirations for their due share in political power and administrative structure. The leadership that has come from the regional elite has, however, articulated only the reasons of 'self-respect and regional autonomy'. This work brings out the two-fold character in the movement. It also gives insights into the possible need of remaking states in India in the interest of the inclusion of these social groups in political structures so that democracy might further percolate downwards.

    This book is co-published with Aakar Books. Print edition not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan)



    I. The Regions

    1. Telangana: A Regional Society

    2. Andhra: A Regional Syndrome

    II. The Political Factors

    3. Hyderabad: Politics of Indecision?

    4. Muslims: A Political Factor

    III. The Politics of Democracy

    5. The Politics of Guarantees and Safeguards

    6. The Provincial Politics

    IV. Politics from Below

    7. Social Exclusions and Para-Politics

    8. The Telangana Movement, 2001-11

    V. The Government Acts

    9. The Government Committee: Reality and Recommendations



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    Inukonda Thirumali has been teaching at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University since 1980. At present, he is Senior Fellow, ICSSR, New Delhi. Dr. Thirumali, an active member of the Telangana Movement, is exploring the socio-cultural reasons for the regional stand-off between Andhra and Telangana.