1st Edition

Television and Social Behavior Beyond Violence and Children / A Report of the Committee on Television and Social Behavior, Social Science Research Council

Edited By Stephen B. Withey, Ronald P. Abeles Copyright 1980
    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book, published originally in 1980, addressed the needs for a profile of televised violence which considered the advantages and disadvantages of various measures and for a furthering of research directions beyond the then-popular emphasis on children. The Committee on Television and Social Behavior was formed in1972 and stimulated new research in order to provide a multidimensional profile of the social effects of television programming. Chapters here look at the effect of television on adults as well as children, particularly special audiences such as the elderly and minority groups. An excellent summary of the various conceptual, substantive and methodological issues around television’s influence.

    Preface  1. Beyond Violence and Children Ronald P. Abeles  2. An Ecological, Cultural, and Scripting View of Television and Social Behavior Stephen B. Withey  3. On the Nature of Mass Media Effects Jack M. McLeod and Byron Reeves  4. The Audience for Television – and in Television Research Herbert J. Gans  5. An Organizational Perspective on Television (Aided and Abetted by Models from Economics, Marketing and the Humanities) Paul M. Hirsch  6. After the Surgeon General’s Report: Another Look Backward Leo Bogart  7. Social Influence and Television Hilde T. Himmelweit  8. The Influence of Television on Personal Decision-Making Irving L. Janis  9. When I Was a Child I Thought as a Child Aimée Dorr  10. Television and Afro-Americans: Past Legacy and Present Portrayals Gordon L. Berry  11. Social Trace Contaminants: Subtle Indicators of Racism in TV Chester M. Pierce  12. Psychological Effects of Black Portrayals on Television Sherryl Brown Graves  13. An Aerial View of Television and Social Behavior Stephen B. Withey Appendixes


    Stephen B. Withey, Ronald P. Abeles