1st Edition

Teresa of Avila's Autobiography Authority, Power and the Self in Mid-sixteenth Century Spain

By Elena Carrera Copyright 2005

    The Spanish mystic Teresa of Avila (1515-82) was the author of one of the most acclaimed early modern autobiographies - "Vida". This text examines the impact of textual models on Teresa's self-construction.

    Introduction, 1 The Background of Teresa’s Writing: Spirituality as a Subjective Form of Knowledge, 2 Experience versus Intellect: The ‘Will to Knowledge’ and the Practice of Recogimiento, 3 Redefining the Boundaries between Truth and Error (1525-1559), 4 Teresa’s Criticism of Confessors (1539-1554), 5 Practices of the Self: Mortification , Obedience and Genera Confession (1554 - 1559) 6 Subverting the Structure of Confession: Role Reversals (1560-1565), 7 Writing the Self (1562-1565), Conclusion.


    Elena Carrera